Will the 2013 Shelby GT500 Smoke a Corvette ZR1?


Vicious rumors are swirling that new 2013 Shelby GT-500 is going to be one amazing piece of machinery. Not that the current one isn’t badass, but the future supposedly holds some awesome performance upgrades! We have heard that the new Shelby will be getting a nice 5.8-liter upgrade from the current 5.4, and a brand new Eaton TVS unit supercharger giving it a borderline-ridiculous 620 horses straight out of the gate! It is also rumored to have a little bit of that new look that is in store for the Ford Mustang coming in 2014 -2015.

This is amazing news since Chevrolet has released their brand new 6.2-liter V8 supercharged ZR1 Corvette, which is putting out about, hmmm, 620 horses. The 620 horsepower ZR1 comes at a sobering $50k price increase from the Shelby. Well, Chevy, that’s not bad but I think we may have one-upped you on this one! Although, we may be just a little biased, the rumor certainly seems to be in our favor!

We don’t know for sure, but if this is what the future looks like, I see some ‘Vette spankin’ coming soon to a drag strip near you.

So what do you think? Will the 2013 Shelby smoke the new Corvette? Comment below!

  • http://bowensgarageinc.com Jon

    Not unless the new chassis comes out. The current suspension can’t get the power to the ground now, the added power would make it worse. It will bring it a little closer but unfortunately it won’t smoke it. Also, how are we getting another .4 liters simply by doing a bigbore? that makes no sense to me as far as factory warranty is concerned.

    • Greg

      Might never know they may go aftermarket with the block with mustangs modular racing.

  • Evin

    It would be a good race. My girls brother has a blown Mach only makes about 520 to the wheels and he lost to a ZR1 by only a car length.

    • Neeravreddy

      that zr1 needs a driver mod than lol

    • Lanijoka

      In your dreams!!!

  • Pat

    Shelby should smoke the ZR1 hands down, but the new styling concept for ’14-’15 sucks. From the pictures, If i want to buy something that looks like a camaro, I’ll buy the damn camaro

  • Jeff

    Give me one of each and I,ll let you know.

  • dslag6

    Well If Ford does it’s homework, like it did with the Boss 302, It might be close. Do I smell a Boss 429???

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Rose/100000256599256 Chris Rose

      That would be awesome if they did!

  • Matt

    The Shelby Gt500 is by far oe of the mst iconic cars ever. given tht, they should focus on making it one of the greatest cars all around. insane power means noting if it weighs a million pounds and cant ge all he power to the ground. ford and shelby need to focus on cutting weight, and alot of it. when you want super car status, ditch the rear seats, ditch any un-needed thing on the car. the ac cobra was raw, and its still one of te best cars around. they should build off of that. the Gt500 should be for the truly crazy driver. the guy thats not gonna drive it to a business meeting, it should fel like its trying to kill you, like any super car should. it needs to be lighter and more refined. complete suspension chang and way bigger tires out back. i can obliterate my 275 nitto’s and i drive a built v6. the gt500 needs way biger tires than 285s based on that. the rear axle needs to be changed as well. it needs to be controlled, rather than unleashing it all at once, leaving you sitting there with no tires left. if they focus on making it a true machine rather than a fast car with navigation, ambiet lighting in the doors, and very comfortable, they have a good chance at taking it to the top of the list. but thats gonna be alot of work and development… one day, it will happen.

  • gypsy

    You guys are mostly retarted. The current GT500 still gets is ass packed by the Z06 in every category. It makes lots of power on the dyno but heat soaks quickly and has the aerodynamic efficiency of a barn. The 11′ GT500 is still trapping 116-118 on a good day. The Z06 traps about 125 and the ZR1 is 130+ stock! Until the GT500 looses 500lbs, gets an entirely new body that flows much better and makes 600+ hp, it wont be in the same class as even a Z06. Keep it up fanboys!

  • Baz

    Those are impressive numbers, but true ZR1 is going to perform better, based on its composed of carbon fiber panels and light weight materials, the Shelby thoguh is classic raw massive weight and power. I don’t think Ford has the Stang aimed for the ZR1, but this might be the platform to develope and test the supposedly super-secret Next Gen Ford GT40 supercar. Now if rumours are true and neither Bill Ford or Alan Mullaly have denied it, Ford once again is putting the supercar club on notice.

  • hank

    lets compare the ford gt not a 4 passenger vehicle corvette lovers worse nightmare !!!!!!!

  • bowtie

    its still a ford super car corvetts r better

  • Greg

    Corvette would still have the advantage because of weight. If only Ford would put the 6.2L Raptor engine with 5.0L DOHC cylinder heads all aluminum and put in some 315’s in the rear with a torque arm suspension then it would be up there. Ford GT Supercar is the real all American Sportscar/Supercar!!! Corvette is not even considered supercar!!!!

    • Marveluis

      Finally someone speaks the truth THANK GOD!

  • Josh

    Im waiting for ford/shelby to design a real ZR1 killer.
    A limited run of GT500s with a big price jump (sadly its needed) and all composite/aluminum parts to drop the weight a lot.
    An all carbon fiber body on a light frame with a 5.8L Supercharged strapped to it would scare most of the vette owners any day.

  • 4LS


    Look, I love Ford and I love Mustangs as much as everyone else here. But you guys have to give credit where credit is due.

    A ZR1 will smoke the Shelby, stock-for-stock.

    The fanboyism here is insane.

  • http://Goggle Bobby C.

    I drive a blk and blk stripe 2009 GT500 Shelby KR. It’s truly a bad ass on the streets. The sound and looks makes me feel very special, besides being a KR. Can’t wait to put on 10-11 in wheels on the rear and run 315-35-18 TQ Toyo Drag Radials. With over 12.5inches of rubber on the pavemement, will put me into the driver seat alot harder.I bought it brand new with 61 miles on it 7 months ago, and now have 1700 miles on it.Also going to put a SCT3 performance tune with a 2.59 pulley change on the supercharger.That’s 13 Lb psi boost, power that would really be felt on the streets, oh hell yes! Bad Boys drive Bad Cars!!!!!

  • Roger

    I’m sorry guys, I know I’m gonna get a lot of heat for this….. but. The Shelby GT500 had problems launching with 540 horses. I don’t know how the solid rear axle is going to handle the claimed 620. Espeically going up against the lighter, independent rear suspension, 638HP ZR1. I just don’t think its gonna happen. Also by then Chevy is supposed to have their new line of Corvettes featuring more power and torque , as well as a new interior. NO way for the mustang!!

  • http://ww.severedsun.com Rod

    all those years Gm poked fun about ford dropping the v8 in the 70’s in its mustang now its coming back with a vengeance to kick some ass!!! got to love that

  • John

    Sadly i do not think the Shelby will beat the Zr1. The only reason they can even be compared is the horsepower other then that its no comparison. The Zr1 is a supercar 638hp IRS carbon ceramic brakes, carbon fiber body, aluminum space frame, the trans is in the rear. it takes over 1g on the skidpad. the gt500 is a 4,000lb 4 seater with a live axle and a 620hp monster in the front. the weight distribution is terrible and i highly doubt it will get any grip off the line on street tires. if you want a real comparison the Ford GT needs to come back and take on the ZR1. Believe me I Love mustangs i own a supercharged GT but im just going off the facts.

    • Scubarick13

      true but look how well the 302 did on the track pulling 1 g in the skid pad bettibg A8 and the camero.
      i think if the ford dont take the vett it will be close. and for 50,000 less. hopefully ford can pull somthing out of their a@@. i would love to see the shelby take it

    • Carlosz_19

      Hell yeah…the Ford needs to bring back the GT if they plan on “Vette spankin”

      • R-nicoara

        I think the new shelby will give it a run for its money but I think the 50g diff in price is going to be a bit better. when ford brings back the gt it will smoke some vette’s!

    • Torquer460

      porsche has or had a v12 carrera,it handles better than the vette, disregarding money, the mid engine design is superior to a front mounted engine,and no one can argue about this fact,because most of the weight is off the front end where steering takes place.

      • Torquer460

        the fact is that ford markets to a different buying market than gm does.ford had issues with copy rights,so ford could not use the name gt40 as ford did in the 1960,i suspect that ford has a suprise up its sleeves that will scare the living hell out of everyone,no one but a few people will know when the debuit will take place.

    • Gtconv91

      i believe this is the best comment on here…

    • Mahi Tuna

      Right, on a track the Ford has no chance, but most who own a Mustang think the track is from one traffic light to the next.

  • http://twitter.com/flyblackbox flyblackbox

    Why don’t you race them in real life!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Rose/100000256599256 Chris Rose

      I concur!

  • http://twitter.com/flyblackbox flyblackbox


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Rose/100000256599256 Chris Rose

    If you take a 2013 Shelby, add 1 pulley, intake and tune – it’s probably rated at almost 700HP! For only $700 or so in mods. Done deal!

  • Spenser

    got an 03 cobra with a 2.9 whipple ten feet from me so i dont have to wait until 2013 to destroy a Zr1 =) and to the people liking the vette, mine has IRS =) and 817rwhp besides the Zr1 only runs a 12.1 in the 1/4 and the 03 terminators ran 12.8 off the floor 8 YEARS AGO =)

    • Ian Johnson

      mustang sucks pooper. ZR1 will throat rip it any day. glad you spent a lot of money on a mustang haha

    • Nope

      All in all the zr1 was built as a track car, not drag car, and it runs 11.8. Idk where you got that info from, plus a pulley intake and tune would bring a zr1 to over 700hp if you cared.

      • Jake P.

        A Pulley, Intake, and Tune on a already ridiculously priced 2 seater, is no where near as fun as driving a beast that costs $40,000 less, and can fit an additional 2 females!!!  The ZR1 will most likely beat the Shelby in a race, but for the price, it sure as hell better!!!  Add $40,000 of mods on a Shelby, and you’re in the same price range, but probly behind by a car length or two!  So comparing these vehicles is bullcrap.  The fact that Ford can build a car that is even compared to a Chevy costing $50,000 more is where things start to get REALLY impressive!!!

        • Fordtuff1984

          i like ur comment id rather have 2 more chicks in the backseat screw them 2 seaters.u can get a stang and have more room inside for fun and more money to spend in the process

    • Matt

      if u think a zr1 only runs 12.1 your an idiot. A stock z06 will run 11s all day long bone stock. And IRS isnt good for drag racing why do u think everyone swaps it.

      • Spenser

        ur an idiot bud, i never said IRS was better for drag racing, it’ll will shred on launch! and btw motor trend.com shows that a ZR1 with a PROFESSIONAL driver ran an 11.7 the 12.1 was with a regular driver. a z06 will not run 11’s stock and the 03 terminator here runs a 9.83 =) suck it chevy

        • Neeravreddy

          a zr1 ran a 10.78 bone stock on street tires, it all comes down to the driver, so you can suck it!

          • Take it

            And a ford gt ran it faster choke on it while your at it

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Lee/761099724 Jesse Lee

            and a 2006 ford GT costs 140k,  suck a dick faggot.   drop 30 grand into a zr1 and see what happens

          • R_nicoara

            no its not its only 115k and it chomps up zr1’s!

          • Abhi

            2012 Ford Mustang GT = $30k.
            2012 Chevy ZR1  = 112k.

            2012 GT – 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. 1/4th time is 12.9 seconds.

            2012 ZR1 – 0-60 in 3 seconds. 1/4th time is 11.3 seconds.

            $82,000 for that little of difference in times?

            Put the Ford blower on there from Ford Racing parts for an extra $7,000. And you’ll be running 630 HP.

            Ill take a $37,000/630HP/3500LB car over a $112,000/640HP/3350LB car any day thanks.


          • Frank_LSX

            Listen here bonehead. A heads and cam ls1 with a 225 shot runs 9.60s all day long. You want to talk about money and cheap power, bring what you got and put ur money where your mouth is. The zr1 is a super car made by Chevy not some fucking performance auto maker like the Shelby gt500. In top of all that ford needs to spend some time dialing in suspension the fucking 750 up car runs high 11’s my buddy has one. Zr1 off the showroom will run mid 10’s. Get ur fucking facts straight, super car vs muscle car class? Idiot you should even be posting on here. I personally have a ls1 with heads and cam, 225 wet kit I’ve spent less than 20k and my car wieghs 2900lbs fully caged. I run 9.62 at 141 mph? How many mustangs can you buy that do that for under 20k??? Can the Shelby even compare to the HPE 650 camaro, the lingenfelter camaro, the dick herrel camaro? Before they again try to jump classes? Where the fuck is the ford GT? 550 hp got the fucking doors blown off by a zo6 let alone a zr1. Get the fuck out of here with this ford shit. You guys never had a car and never will, GM has always outperformed at the drags to the winds!!!! Ill race any mustang or ford on here for 10000 cash what’s up?????

          • Abhi

            Why you mad bro? We’re talking about new cars here not your shit from the 90s. If you wanna do that go race some foxes, maybe that’ll put you in your place. If 9s is all you can do what will you do when you bet pinks against a 8s ‘stang? Oh yea you probably would back away saying oh no i’m not ready. In my comment I wasn’t even talking about shelby. I was talking about a legit Mustang GT that you can buy for under 30k. Shelbys cost around 50k. When you buy a Shelby or a Corvette you’re buying the NAME as well as the car. That goes for any high priced car.. take some of the model Lambos for example.. a few of them don’t even have over 500 HP and they’re pretty slow compared to others that cost the same but you buy it for the NAME. Same thing with the Ford GT you mentioned in your comment. 550 HP, 3400 lbs? I wouldn’t buy that for 150k but people who did bought it because of it’s history and bought it just to have it. I’m pretty sure you know nothing about history of anything if you’re here raging about how you’re ls1 can beat any ford or any mustang. But anyway I know I would personally never buy a corvette only because I don’t like the noise it makes when it goes over every bump on the road. I don’t know how people keep up with the scratchy, scrapy noise. But I still don’t understand what a chevy fan boy like you is doing at a website that sells MUSTANG parts. In my post earlier I had no bias against either company and you assumed I was aimed more towards Ford than Chevy? You insecure bro? Just by what I read I can tell you dropped out of highschool.. Hey guys my ls1 is the best in the world, no one can beat it and to prove it I’m willing to bet $10,000 cash. GM has always outperformed Ford even though it stopped production of the Camaro like 12314 times.

          • Torquer460

            there always is some one with a vehicle to take on  the vette,meth head  crack head  chevrolet stands for cracked heads every valve rattles oil leaks every time

          • Gc_lee

            Yea, and Chevy had to have fed bailout to stay in business, humm wonder why?

          • Gtconv91

            ok you have more than 20k into your LS1… second off… one could get a foxbody and meet ya toe for toe all day (NMRA look it up)… props for your 9.62… thats impressive but no way in hell is that close to 20k…

            Second off just cause the gt500 has the shelby name doesnt mean he’s building them Bill Nie… that is a Ford product, it is in house. not talking super snakes… talking show room stock gt500.. so the whole HPE650 camaro… sorry please try again…

            Always out performed at the drags.. did chevy out perform from say 2003 to what 2008… where was this chevy pony car… they had the vette… but then again that would be jumping class now wouldnt it….

            and for the record.. calling people out to race for $$$ on the internet makes you look like a 13 yr old that doesnt have a clue other than whats posted on said internet….

          • 65martin

            Really.. I hope you dont have a wife or any children with that Mouth.  You been hanging out with Joe Bidden ?  Obama dosent own Ford,  think about all the tax payers money used to bail out GM. 

          • victor

            ooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhh so scary….

          • tom

            stock ford gt doesnt even beat a z06 see you tube

          • Torquer460

            im damn sure nota fucking faggot,,no on can dispute the fact that mid engine cars handle better especially on tight turns and the henessey kit is the king of the hill

          • Torquer460

            there will always be a car that will take on recycled tupperware,if gm had not received a bail out they would be scrwed.

          • Gtconv91

            were talking about stock for stock… this was discussed earlier… there are 8 second honda that will kill a zr1 in the quarter… OH drop 100k into a 1979 pinto and booya!!!… this comment=nonsense…

        • tom

          idiot i have a bone stock z06 and i ran 11.7 at napierville dragway in montreal the first time out with the car

        • Torquer460

          a henessey gt or the viper would make a vette owner have a seisure

        • http://profiles.google.com/frankguillenjr Frank Guillen Jr.

          I’ve seen 8 second Corvettes on youtube buddy, what’s your point? Anyone can have a faster car than the ZR1 if you have the money. Gosh you people are stupid.

        • Anthony

          Dude, you sound like a jackass. I have a Z06 with a little less power than a ZR1 (522rwhp) and I crack 11.2s@131 on street tires. I owned an 08 GT with a 70mm turbo on it and a built automatic trans and ran 11.4@121 on drag radials with 518rwhp

    • Ben8n

      To everyone that keeps saying Chevy is 50g more. Mustangs KR sell for 85g all day. So they are comparable in cost. Chevy doesnt even put ford in the same catagory as them. They are going with vipers jags, ferraries and such. So take your daily driver and have your fun. Lookin for a car that will hold value wait for the 2013-2014 vette, it will destroy all.

      • Mandingo

        Your still comparing a 5 figure to a 6 figure car why get a corvette when you could get a ford gt… Now that’s a 6 figure car worth waiting for it’s return “FORGET CORVETTES!” Ford is on top right now.

        • Torquer460

          there is nothing like the handling of a mid engine design,as with the ford gt,the look of the gt is far superior in looks and handling and an upgrade wih a henessey twin turbo kit will unleash the gt to 260mph,and 1500 rw horsepower,corvettes are recycled tupperware,they may look good but they are like fleas on a blue tic hound dog and when one sees a ford gt i know they will droule.

        • Michael Taunton

          Because corvettes are awesome. Gt’s are out of style. Because vettes are not frowned upon. The corvette is original and holds a legacy. The GT is a race car that ford put out just to make some money. People don’t buy cars solely based on performance unless you’re 12 with a name like Mandingo…read my comment above.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Santiagotorres363 Santiago Torres

        Which is why the 2014 C7 looks like a viper ripoff from the front?

    • Hmotton

      thats the biggest lie ford has ever told those car are mire high 13 second car without mods they are garbage as you know,the vette is king in this country

      • bradFord

        you full of it. i own a ford GT, and have spanked many zr1’s.

        • guest

          I guess you race them all the time because ZR-1’s are SO common, your full of shit. I have a ’04 ZO6 and I can, without ANY doubt destroy you. Please keep your fantasies in your pathetic bedroom with your right hand. What are you,15 years old? Please…

          • Fieldysnuts

             ur a fuckin tool no way did ur z 06 out run a ford gt. U chevy guys have little dick syndrome. You always have to one up somebody even if u never had a chance. My ford was built without your tax dollars…. cant say the same about your chevy….. government motors

          • Gust

            Shut up u moron the Corvette is in a different class. The new corvette zr1 has a total of between 638 horsepower and 679 horsepower with the ultimate sports package. It can reach speeds close to 225 mph so shut ur piehole retarded sports ford fans.

          • http://www.facebook.com/Santiagotorres363 Santiago Torres

            Which is why the GT500 is the current highest rated HP V8 in production right?

          • robert

            true. ford gt is really fast as well when make 650 hp before it hit that speed no problems. also record 283 mph with 1700 hp in one mile also zr1 fuck my gt 500 2013 before lol so I sold it and get zr1 soon :)

          • Mahi Tuna

            no it was built in Mexico

          • rick

            Dude gm paid there 30 mill back within a year for took 50 million and has never paid back a dime. Do your research you tool

          • Fieldysnuts

             ur a fuckin tool no way did ur z 06 out run a ford gt. U chevy guys have little dick syndrome. You always have to one up somebody even if u never had a chance. My ford was built without your tax dollars…. cant say the same about your chevy….. government motors

          • http://www.facebook.com/Santiagotorres363 Santiago Torres

            2002 Ford Mustang GT 5 Speed. Full exhaust intake chipped everything short of being blown, N2O or cammed-Raced a stupid ignorant kid same age as me (19) with a C6 Z06 (Parent’s bought it for him I guess-He’s from a wealther nabiorhood than me.) Said he would pink slip me and bragged about how his car is the best of the best-I refused to pink slip but offered a friendly run.He didn’t know how to launch or power shift got him by 6 car length’s in a quarter mile street race. Ain’t that sad? 4.6L SOHC beat a 7.0L LS7? Should have accepted his pink slip offer would ahve sold it and gotten’ another REAL car. 😉 Let the flaming begin.

          • robert

            it is a driver. but if real drivers. zo6 will run away u like nothing. bro. zr1 already smashed me in my gt500 2013 662 hp. no problems so I sold it and get zr1 or zo6 built up :)

        • Lanijoka

          In your dreams!!!

        • Mahi Tuna

          another internet bullshit story. many zr1’s huh. I think I have seen 4 on the road in the last 5 years. and if you take the factory numbers and stock equip I have no idea how you managed to spank any zr1’s

      • Gtconv91

        are high or just uneducated… i ran a 13.54 in DOUGLAS,WY…da over 8000ft…. 

      • Cobra_zoom

        yeah and ss shitmaro’ are high 14″s sec car with stickies lol

      • robert

        correct zr1 was smoke me in my gt500 2013 and I sold it and I am buy zr1 soon!!

    • Bc

      ur crazy!! went 10.80 @133 in my bone stock zr1!!! no ford will EVER see that stock!! keep dreamin bro…..

      • Sdrescher13

        its called a gt x1 ur 600 some odd horse power will never touch its 770 base 

      • bradFord

        if you really comare apples and oranges, take your zr1 and put up against a Ford GT, which is more in the same class, and will smoke your zr1

        • robert

          stock to stock zr1 wins. built to built I will have to say ford gt cuz it did hit 283 in one mile with 1700 hp. any corvette never set any record that close. so have to say ford gt wins in mods.

      • Gotsack2004

        Ok, first of all, the over the year’s (its been proven) that vette vs mustang, both have been on top of each other one time or another. Is 2003-04 the SVT cobra was faster, quicker and cost less then a c6. Second, in 1993 the mustang was faster then the 1993 vette. However i think you can not really compare stat’s on two completely different vehicle’s. The mustang hold’s four passenger’s and the vette only 2. However both car’s are great vehicle’s that both have come along way from were they started. The ZR1 has been compared to the Enzo, the new super snake 1000 is coming out, and until chevy come’s out with something similar then the stang is on top for 2013. At this time in the quarter mile my cummins runs 11.4 @ 131mph, in 8500# truck. And I can rip both of the vette and the stang in piece’s. I say that you guys save your money and one buy the vette and the other the stang and go to the pinks show and lets quit talking and just run em and see who lose’s their title…..

      • robert

        true zr1 beat my 2013 gt500 no problems so I sold it and get zr1 soon or zo6 built up as hell :) and get gearing shorter.

    • tom

      zr1 runs 12.1 in which dream of yours?zr1 s are in the high tens all stock for your information.

      • robert


    • Dan

      Corvettes are made to tame the track, mustangs can’t turn they go straight, and imagine a fully tuned zr1 with drag tires- forget about this 03 terminator-wtf?

      • Paul B

        After the 2011 long beach grand prix in long beach, ca, they had the “CHALLENGE” race. Vipers, Corvettes, Porsches, big engine Cadillacs, a Lamborghini, and Mustangs. I’ve owned 2 corvettes and I love them. Porsche came in 2nd, and a MUSTANG, a LIGHTING FAST MUSTANG took 1st place!!!!! Brandon Davis of Huntington Beach drove it. Me and my friends left, my friends in AWE saying “I want a MUSTANG”. Just for the record, a MUSTANG can turn, just ask CARROLL SHELBY!

      • Gc_lee

        Since the Vett is made of carbon-fiber it is lighter, rides like an M-60 A1 Abrams Tank, has a lower profile, it may handle a little better than a GT-500, but the Cobra can manipulate corners plus its not fantastic-plastic not to mention in my opinion the GT-500 looks a great deal better.

        • victor

          actuall the m60 hasnt been around since the abrams came out in the early 80s so dont make that comparison. i would know i am a turret mechanic on a abrams. and both cars it will come down to driver and takeoffs. my 1996 mustang gt 5 speed was smoking diesels that were chipped and new along with all the little faggot ass ricerburner…
          mustangs will always prevail. when in doubt just go with the ford gt f1 car…

      • bradFord

        there’s a big difference in the price  of $150,000 zr1 vs. $75,000 shelby, and the shelby will still hang with the zr1 if not out run it, depending on the driver.

    • Nmbr1firebirdfan

      Thats alright, my 88 trans am runs a 7.99 in the 1/4, and my 01 trans am handles cornors just fine. No need for horses here, even though the old lady wants one.

      I wouldn’t mind checking out the new mustang, but like GM talked about the ZL1 camaro too earliy, Mustang did tip over the table earlier. All you can do is just see what GM brings out next.

       on the Nürburgring track
      the Ford GT only ran a 7:52
      While the ZR1 vette did a 7:26 the 8th fastest car (thats for you mid engine super handling guys)

      Camaro ZL1 has the 41st fastest time of 7:41

      Myself I grew up with GM, so yes I’m a big fan. But the truth of the matter is
      “The Pony Wars is BACK ON’ 

      • Gtconv91

        So your saying you 88 trans am that runs under 8’s in the quarter can corner… so then Mr. 7.99… how in the world do you get weight transfer….. or is this a one off trans am that changes physics… Sorry but this comment made pull the BS flag out…. the gt500 can play with the ZR1 but thats it… but it also has a back seat.. and will destroy any other pony car stock for stock in the quarter..

        • http://www.facebook.com/joe.boyd.790 Joe Boyd

          he said his 2001 trans am handles not the 88 7 sec one. Learn how to read

          • Mahi Tuna

            no you read,
            my 88 trans am runs a 7.99 in the 1/4 and then says the following and my 01 trans am handles cornors just fine.
            He even spelled corners wrong. so smart ass read english? read the two sentences over and over out loud till you get it.

        • robert

          mods zr1 wins

          • robert

            zr1 beat me in my gt500 2013 and I sold 2013 gt500 and buy zr1 then mods all shit on zr1!!

          • Billy Leonhardt

            I think we get the idea robert

    • http://profiles.google.com/frankguillenjr Frank Guillen Jr.

      You should have left your Rustang stock and see if you would be talking like that…. =)

    • Gtconv91

      i got my terminator to 12.54 @ bradenton, FL in 05 with only the air silencer removed…

    • Gtconv91

      Ran a 12.54@ bradenton in 05 with my 10th Anniv. bone stock minus air silencer…

    • Truevar83

      what are you smoking..a c5 z06 has clocked 11.8 stock.

    • Truevar83

      what are you smoking..a c5 z06 has clocked 11.8 stock.

    • GT500LS9

      I have both 212 gt500 with tune and smaller pulley giving 670 hp and a stock 2012 zr1. From unbiased one who owns both, the zr1 will out perform the gt500 in every way, except the gt500 is funner to drive on a long trip.

    • rigo

      Who told you zr1 1/4 mile time is 12.1 sec. Go do your homework its more like 11.5 sec. Or less, I bet your terminated didn’t know that. Why you wet over IRS thats 80s technology my 86 rx7 has it whooooa

    • robert

      no 12.1 must be shitty driver. look at bestest driver with JUST drag radial tire all stock. hit 10 seconds. I have seen around less than 10.8 seconds. I was buy gt500 2013 and sold cuz not even catch with zr1 stock on the straight line and handling in my mountain roads cruves crazy. zr1 is all far away gone. so fuck gt500 I sold it lol. buy zr1 soon and build up more :)

    • John Quinlan

      Uhhhhhhhhhh – Since when is a ZR-1 only running a 12.1? Last time I checked it ran a 10.9 @ 130. Just a LITTLE off on your estimate.

  • Z0SIX

    Can’t even compare. The ZR1 will beat the GT500 in most every catagory. Hell, the Z06 will beat the GT500 in most every catagory. Just stating the facts. Don’t shoot the messanger.

  • K-Brant98

    Lets face it, the camaro’s we’re produced by chevy to have something to compete with the Mustang, Back then corvettes were out of Mustangs league, now with the ZR1, There SHOULDN’T be any kind of contest, but ford as somehow came up with this car that is head to head with one of chevy’s best cars the ZR1. A long way from toying around with a camaro to stepping up to toying with a vette, a ZR1 needless to say. I am going with the Mustang because I always stand by what I love even if i have any doubts, Always go with the under dog because if you don’t it will bit you in the ass. All i have to say to any Chevy fans is watch out because that Mustang is starting to blow the doors off them “so bad ass” camaros and stepping up to the vettes now. Wont be long again till them camaros stop in production…… again.

    • Rob_carron

      my answer to you ZL1

      • ChevyIsCrap

        The ZL1 has less horsepower, a lower quality transmission, and is just as heavy…you do the math, chevy is lucky it had transformers (a freakin movie) to bail them out of bankruptcy and all them government loans…dang I hate chevy

  • Stangsforevernorice

    The Mustang was always the rival of Camaro. These are Muscle Cars!! Not Super Cars!!! Comparing the Vette and Mustang is comparing two different classes of Car. I do think it’s cool that a Mustang will be putting out so much power from the factory.

    • Faulkphil1969

      Yep. A mustang is a muscle car! A corvette is a sports car! Does the
      corvette have a back seat? No! They’re both awesome cars so pick the
      one you like the best and have fun!

  • Anonymous

    Drove an ’07 Vette before my ’06 Mustang GT. The facts are: vette handles better, corners A LOT better, greater (by far) excelleration. Mustang GT (conv) looks better, more room in trunk and back seat storage, more comfortable, can rotate tires (same size) which increases miles between replacement and tires cost about $200 – $225. Vette tires different sizes front and back and cost $400 – $450. Mustang also comes standard with power top and is fun to drive.

  • rico

    2011 Mustang does not have a chance against a 2011 corvette ZR-1 or even a ZO6
    in2013 / 2014 Corvette will have a 750hp twin turbo ( take it from me I KNOW for a fact)

  • Rico

    I have a 2011 Cadillac CTS V-8 Coupe supercharged 550 hp stock off the showroom floor turned 11.56 in 1/4 mile at 116mph
    Believe me , your 03 cobra could not even stay up with my 1990 ZR1 (king of the Hill)

  • Joe Husic

    Why would ford redesign the body again they just did that in 2011. plus what 5.8 are we talking about theres no modular 5.8 thats in production, plus why wouldnt ford just use the 6.2 that they already have. sound like a bs rumor.

  • Gtmrgray8


    I don’t think comparing the Mustang with the Vette in the same class is not quite right. As another poster has stated, the Vette is a sports car and the Stang is a muscle car. Weight distribution, profile and especially, HP to weight ratio is not in sync. Still it would be a fun quarter mile to watch. I fear the Mustang would melt the tires before ever getting off the line.

  • Neeravreddy

    2013/2014 corvette flagshit model should have a twin turbo v8 5.5 liters of displacement pushing 750hp+ so once again chevy is going to be at the top sooner or later

    • Neeravreddy


  • Davenhla

    hahaha, I have been saying for almost 2 years that 2014 will be 1974 all over again. look people, its a 5.8 liter engine. Know what that is? IT’S A BOSS 351. The last Boss 351 was the fastest mustang for like the next 30 years.

    It’s all great that Ford is putting some real design behind the latest mustangs. But LOOK PAST THE NEXT TWO OR THREE YEARS. Maybe it’s pessimistic, but when I see something like this, I dont think” wow thats going to be great” I cringe a little and this feeling in my gut tells me its almost over. The electric mustang is coming, and it will be just like 1974, “too much HP” for insurance companies and not enough mpg as a side note, so the new “smaller more efficient” electric mustang will come to take over, even if nobody wants it to.

    But at least we can watch the lucky few who have the cash to buy one of these pwn at the drag strip for the next 20 years.

    • murtang joe

      you mean 1973 right

  • Mike

    If the shelby lost about 800lbs maybe, but would never out handle or brake as good as a zr1.
    A bone stock zr1 with a good driver will do high 10’s. Go after the Z06 maybe but not zr1.

  • MMessina

    You guys should be comparing the camaro to the Mustang, and the shelby to the new z28? If you want to step up a weight class to compare a shelby to a zr1 then even out the playing field and put an additional 50K$ in upgrades to the shelby to even up the money factor then go test them at the track.

    • Erandall65


  • Nope

    Zr1 has 638hp and weighs in at 3340lbs and has better tires, transmission, brakes, suspension, not to mention it has launch control. The zr1 will still destroy the shelby.

  • Usmc612

    The ZR1 only puts 505 to the wheel and around the same number of torque….im sure ford will def make sure they get more to the wheels…but they need to take down the weight in these cars….and start doing more performance rather than just hp…its needs some killer suspension, brakes, and on…but i think it has a chance

    • neerav reddy

      dude look up zr1 dyno, there is a video, of a zr1 gaining 112hp from full exhaust and race tune!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1833445004 Mustang Lovrsue

    i love mustang, but that vet looks sweet!!

  • Miserysux

    this is like comparing apples to peanuts. i can only hope shelby re enters the super car arena at some point as last time they badged a 2 seater supercar , they sent the crapvette back to the garage. we all know ford started it all in the states and is the last independent US car company standing. would the vette win, with a good driver, yes but its still a goverment motors pile of dog shit, id take the shelby and never look back.

    • Neeravreddy

      mustangs are pieces of shit, idk what your talking about, a corvette rapes a stang in every category especially handling and acceleration!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Voudouris/717161343 Steve Voudouris

    2013 Shelby is Winning!

  • CHANSR69

    Ford is trying to answer that very question about the power to weight. In the March issue of Mustang Monthly. Code name ( Code Red ) . How about a 1000hp twin turbo Shelby. That will be SICK.

  • Lharville1

    These two cars are not in the same class. I repeat, they are not in the same class. The Shelby should be compared to the Camaro (same class). A ZR1 on the track or off will smoke a GT500. I am a Mustang guy, big time, but the ZR1 is just a bad ass car.

    • Ford>Chevrolet. True

      In that case lets the Ford GT do it’s thing return to the racing world again smoke the ZR1 and let the shelby… No the mustang GT beat the camaro as it already does.

      • Mahi Tuna

        Track means turns wizard, a mustang trying to keep up with a ZR1 on the track would end up in the hay bales in no time,

  • Mellojello

    I love the shelby but naaaa no chance! The shelby needs better suspension and needs to lose a LOT of WEIGHT

  • Burrillmike

    i think that these guys knocking on the shelby are just plain scare and dont wana be beat by a heavier 4 seat car buuut itl happen ull see

  • Ltnadp

    Mustangs all day but thats not gonna happen……nuf said.

  • ColeJohnson

    Simply put, the ZR1 is on a whole other level in many aspects. The ’13 Shelby is an impressive machine it seems, but the ZR1 is just barely short of a marvel. Stock for stock the ZR1 takes the Shelby to the cleaners in pretty much every event.

    And I’m both a Corvette and Mustang lover so I’m not really being biased. But either way.. I would be terribly ecstatic to drive these machines because they can both tear ass down any road!

  • Leonchase1951

    Even if the stock 2013 Shelby won’t smoke the new Corvette, who leaves their Mustang stock? With $ 50,000 left over by not buying the Corvette, I think most any Ford fan could figure out a way to add a little extra go.

  • Deceptive GT

    First off I agree that this is a hard comparison due to what both cars are. Second, nobody really wanted to hear the comparison between the 11 GT and a M3. We all know who one that fight. Can Ford do it? Well, we have a 12 GT500 Super Snake with 800hp. I say lets see, saying it cannot be done is foolish and narrow minded. It is better to ask how? What mods will be done to the current GT500 that wll make it comparable to a ZR1. And,considering my buddies AWD 92.5 Lasercan outrun 90s Vette in the 1/4 I think a13 GT500 can give it hell if done right.

    • Deceptive GT

      Sorry *won* not one

  • Ipirate42000

    the zr1s hood cost as much as your whipple i have an 04 cobra putting 1200rwhp put your cobra on the track or road all you will see is tail lights

    • Rob_carron

      LOL I like that what crank you using?

  • Spencerdouche

    Spencer… you are a total misinformed douchebag. C6 Z06 bone stock track record is 10.9 and that’s on the STOCK GOODYEAR RUNFLATS!

  • Spencerdouche

    Spencer… you are a total misinformed douchebag. C6 Z06 bone stock track record is 10.9 and that’s on the STOCK GOODYEAR RUNFLATS!

  • OSHA

    It’s not all about 1/4 mile times here. Who cares about going straight (trained monkeys can do it). What it’s all about is on a road course. Nothing against the Shelby, but the ZR1 will absolutely eat it for dinner at Road Atlanta (insert any road course here or in Europe).

    • Gtconv91

      trained monkeys can do it… usually comes from someone that in fact.. cannot do it…. your an automatic kinda guy… please correct me if im wrong…