VOTE! Official 2015 Mustang Photo Gallery – Hot or Not?

2015 Mustang GT Full Car

Aside from seeing the car in person, this is one of the best looks you’ll get at the 2015 Mustang GT.

Check out the full gallery below, courtesy of Ford Social. The time has come. For those who don’t wish to reserve judgement until they see the car in person, what do you think? Is Ford’s newest ponycar–the 50th rendition of the Ford Mustang–worthy to carry the legacy of 50 years of inspirational styling and groundbreaking performance? Let Ford know how they did and vote!

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Source: Ford’s facebook page

  • Daniel DeCurtins

    Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! Although I do like some of the interior styling, the overall car is too European. I think Ford made a huge mistake trying to globalize the ’15 Mustang by making it more appealing to the foreign markets. The Mustang is AMERICAN MUSCLE afterall…

    • Elia

      Stop saying it’s european!! I live in europe and this is not a european car, it might be in the same segmet of market of some bmws or audis but it’s not for customers of this kind of brands. A lot of people already love mustangs here and there are many imported, this one is just modern. If u want a retro car u should buy an old stang.

      • Daniel DeCurtins

        I’m saying the styling is European; too rounded and no sharp lines. This ’15 Mustang has no heritage in its design. Since 2005 the Mustang has went “retro” and I truly believe it revived the Mustang craze. I had a ’10 and someone hit me while running the light and totaled it. Now I have a ’13. Each model shows heritage.

        • Frank DeSalvo

          Disagree – reminds me of the old Fastback. Not a HUGE fan of the front end, but it’s still nice.

          • myviewpoint2

            Lots of heritage from the shark gill front to the fast back. Also shapes a bit like the mid 80’s Fox body that was so popular.

        • Randy Burbach

          there isn’t one thing “European” about the design. You don’t like it? fine. If you want to explain why you don’t like it, please put more effort into your thought than the inane, ultimately meaningless “too european”

  • gfpstudios

    OK, the rear end has simple lines like the 65-66. The greenhouse is still mustang. The interior is similar (not the same as) to my 2013 candy apple red convertible. The front end is interesting with its sculpted looking hood and grill features. With the alleged new IRS ‘am thinking this is going to be quite the driving machine…but I think they should offer a live axle as an option. Let’s ride!

    • Randy Burbach

      not alleged, IRS is a fact

  • Joseph Loyd

    I think we should look to the past for some perspective. If you’re not to hip to the 2015 try to remember how substantial mid-gen refreshes can change a Mustang. Look at the differences between a 1979 and 1993 or between a 1994 and 2004. Personally I felt the 2005-2009 was a high point, the 2010-2012 was a drop (minus new drive trains in 2011,) and 2013-2014 were a major jump. Similar to what Elia mentioned, we have 50 years of a Mustangs to choose from. I’ve seen a guy around my area with a dragged out, convertible 1974-1978, it’s not my cup of tea but it makes that guy happy and he’s still a Mustang fan. I’m perfectly content with my 2005 but I refuse to throw in the towel or give up hope on my favorite car just because the 2015 may not be distinctive enough for my tastes. Ford has really started paying attention to the customers and the aftermarket so if you’re not feeling the 2015 right now I’d vote to wait and see and enjoy whatever pony you’re rocking right now. History has always turned out positive for the Mustang, even if it takes a few years to get it right.

    • Jonathan Ricciardi

      I think that was very well stated…I am a little disappointed that it isn’t a bit more original, but I still think its a good looking car, and the performance should be really nice….plus, there is the Mach 1’s or GT350’s that Im sure will incorporate new design elements as well

  • Frank DeSalvo

    Lower, wider, new front and rear suspension, lighter, more powerful…no 4×4 wheel gap…what’s not to like? The car has shed it’s muscle car skin and grown into a proper sports car. My 14 GT Track Pack will be on the block once Ford gets a revision or two under their belts to sort out the bugs.

  • spectre318

    It looks like someone took the nose from a Jaguar, the doors and sides from a Taurus, and the tail from God only knows what, glued them together, and called it a Mustang. For goodness sake – if Ford wants to market this car to Americans, they need to stop making it look like a Eurocar. Stick with the classic lines you brought back in 2005 – 2013. Europeans and Americans have different tastes in cars. We like muscle cars. They like sleek machines. We like V8s. They like V6s. Stop trying to make a global car. I’m sticking with the 05 – 10 cars, and won’t consider buying this amalgamation. Hell, even Dodge learned that lesson when they added some old Charger lines to the new Charger. If Dodge can learn it, Ford surely can. Alternatively, they could just call this the new and improved Probe…

  • Ernie Orwig

    I own a 86′ SVO Mustang with the original 2.3L which is now a 2.5L . The last configuration I had it in produced 405RWHP….I know that it was far fetched, but I was hoping more HP than 305 out of the turbo I4…..BTW, I look forward to driving the IRS and see how it handles.

    • Dan Ruddock

      I guess I like the europian stuff which is why this is the first stang I could live with.

  • Tom Phillabaum

    Sorry but absolutely hate the car. Own a 94. 99 & 10 Mustang. Other than the grill this looks like a 98 Tiburon.. If I wanted an import that’s what I would look for. One of these will never sit in my garage.

    • myviewpoint2

      That was my first opinion also. The side view looks like the Tiberon but the hood design is strictly Camero, not happy about the I thought we were the leaders not followers!

      • Tom Phillabaum

        Couldn’t have said it better

  • gregory gianacopulos

    I’m split with this one I own a 11 gt and love it it’s my second mustang and loved the retro look and the originals. But like some said some like some years and some like others, this car to me has become more of a sport car then a muscle car, I think it looks great very modern ( too much like a fusion) but still cool but not mustang enough for me. The one thing about it I hate with a passion is this Eco boost engine I don’t care if it puts out over 300 hp this car is meant to have a big v8 in it and be loud and go though gas fast lol you don’t buy this car for practicality.

  • myviewpoint2

    I like the convert better than the fastback. Comments I have heard though are no hood scoops nor fog lights or rear spoiler all things that set the GT apart from the ordinary Stang. Can’t wait to see it on the track, I wonder if it might now be a bit to light. Kinda like a rocket motor on a go-kart.

  • MustangAK

    Ok lets look at this realistically. When I first saw peoples idea of what this was going to look like I had just been looking at the Aston Martin. Check the nose of this and then look at the Aston. There is a little bit of Jaguar in there as well. Remember Ford had a finger in these as well.
    The target market is more sophisticated and continental than in the past so there needed to be some finesse. Look at the competition and think about the people who buy them, who given a more state of the art competitor will at least look and maybe buy it. Ford is in the business of selling cars as well as legends.
    I lusted after a 1995 fastback all my life and brought a 2006 for its similarity in visual appeal and lower maintenance costs. Liked it so much I added a convertible to the stable. I would have loved to see a convertible hard top, remember the skyliner? but can enjoy the latest iteration in either guise.
    For me it speaks of progression in the style of a new evolution of a trusted legend.

  • Eric Charette

    I think it looks like a Pontiac Grand Prix. I like the back and sides. HATE the front….love the round vents center dash…and a cowl hood, body kit, lowered an inch, 22 inch concave 5 spokes, why do I have to fix it up myself? I’m going to get a new challenger….Stay retro or make 2 models for a couple years. See which sells the most? I love the 2006 mach1 conversion. IMO. Small, light muscular. ..The new car should have a squared up front and you would have a winner…..IMO….

  • Lime gt

    It is awful, we want straight axle, put any power to irs and it will spit it out, I want a mustang to look like a mustang not an abortion

    • vince seneri


    • Yogao

      I’m sure you will be able to get a 9″ rear axle conversion kit for the serious drag racer with really big (1000+ HP) power, but for general use, I’d go for IRS in an instant. It will not be fragile, FMC knows what people do with their Mustangs, they go to the drag strip and they don’t want them falling apart on the staring line. Ford did the right thing for 95% of Mustang buyers.

      • Lime gt

        I think it looks to
        Much like fusion and focus in front end, I hope Shelby’s are straight axle, cost to much to build Irs to live, overall I’m disappointed, looks like have to stick with old ones or go back to my old Camaro ugh

  • Lime gt

    Ford tried irs in terminator it flopped, everyone converts them to straightaxle

  • vince seneri

    Looks Like A Fusion! 2013 & 2014 best mustangs ever!

  • cold hard facts

    Currently own an 05 Saleen S281 SC convertible and a 05 GT both are Torch Red and have all the bells. The new 15 mustang has some great lines but it looks like the fuson in front and the rear does nothing for me but I know that as time goes it will grow on us mustang lovers, as did the Mustang II. As far as owning one I probably will never as the ones above have less than 10,000 miles on them and they are my sunday drivers and yes I have driven each one on trips of more than a 1,000 mile and they are great cars to travel in. Lots of people look at these cars and have stopped me just to look at them .

  • Corbin Wyatt

    My 05 GT has been my dream car since I was 12 and I first saw one on the road. I freaking love my car. Even though I’m a big fan of the retro feel from the 05-14’s, the 2015 is a sexy car. Admit it guys, you love it. Everyone’s just upset because they’re moving away from the retro look. Change your perception of these cars though. If anything, they make the 05-14’s that much cooler! It was time for the pony to move on and blaze new trails in the industry. I think Ford did a great job with these(minus the rear end, but we’ll see if that’s better looking in person) and I can’t wait to go test drive one next year.

  • Darrell Pingree

    I’ve so far owned 2 Mustangs; an 85 5.0 and recently a 2006 GT (new off the showroom floor almost 8 years ago). I’ve been drooling over the 5.0 since it was reintroduced and when the 2014 came out…I was in love. But, I still couldn’t give up my baby 2006 GT… until I saw the big 2015 reveal. I went out the next day and bought the last, black, 2014, 5.0, 6sp, 3:73, GT coup the dealer had. AWESOME! Sorry, 2015…I’ll wait this mistake out until the next design cycle.

  • Drobine

    I like the look of the new Mustang! I think the new lines are muscular and flowing and the new rear end is interesting. It looks like the cabin will be a bit more open feeling with that larger rear quarter window, so that’s good too! I won’t be jumping in just yet, though. I’m happy with my ’13 V6 premium manual with the performance pack (except for the sound system, that sucks a bit, and Sync? Oh, I hate that!). Maybe a ’17 for me, I would like to go the Boss route, but couldn’t afford it this time around. The best thing about this car is the IRS, though. That live rear axle on the previous generation is horrible at adjusting to transitions like a bump in a corner. The suppleness and aplomb of an independent rear must be experienced to appreciate the crudity of the LRA. Also, I haven’t seen the V6 numbers, but if they bump it to about 375 hp, a number I believe is well within the envelope for the 3.7L, and which is logical, given that they are talking about more than 305 hp for the ecoboost, that might be a pretty enticing performance point for me, especially if they get the weight down to 3300 lbs or so

  • Juan Lerma

    It looks good, its luxurious, but that’s what took what’s left of the muscle

  • vince seneri

    The New 2015 front looks iike every other car on the market. Ford really screwed this car up. It looks like a Fusion! It needs to look like a retro mustang…They nailed it in 2013 & 2014….Don’t make it look like a car from JAPAN! Sorry…Ford needs to re-think the design of 2015 mustang, I’m sure it runs great but the looks suck! The back is cool but the front looks like every other car on the road. Keep it looking like a MUSCLE car not a toyota or Kia….FORD please re-think this one!

  • lancia

    My first impression was “oh no….that doesn’t look like a Mustang!” and considered getting the last of retro design 2014 model. In the process was led to look at more and more 2015 models as they popped up on my searches and eventually came to the conclusion that 2015 is truly a next generation Mustang. It is no longer a car that is trying to embody the design of the past but the past embodying the design of the future. Looking at the two side by side, 2014 and 2015, I was drawn more and more towards the modern look of 2015. I think this new model will be a huge success. I will be pre-ordering mine as soon as the gates open.

  • Ed

    Initially I wasn’t a fan… but it made me review the history! Mustang has put out many different body styles yet we all love Mustang and we all have our favorites. This one is growing on me. I’m not a have of the “Fox Body” of the 80s and 90s but too many it’s their favorite style. This is a great addition to the family of Mustangs – an new version of old classic!