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Looking for a quick new car but don’t want to dish out all of that hard-earned cash? Forbes and Edmund’s have teamed up to create a list of the fastest cars available for under $30k. We could have told you that two of our finest would be in the Top 3!

Taking the cake at number one is the new Ford Mustang GT that makes a hasty 0-60 getaway in 4.8 seconds. Number 3 on the list is our very own V6 Mustang that gets an impressive 5.4 seconds from 0-60! Top 3, baby! Would you really expect anything less?

With this being said, what’s YOUR favorite generation Mustang? Would you take the plunge for a brand new ‘Stang or keep working on that badass Fox of yours? Is your Mustang even faster than the 2011’s for $30k? I can’t say that I haven’t looked as I do believe the new gens are sexy as hell, but my favorite is a 2003 Cobra in Sonic Blue. What’s yours?

Vote below and comment to tell us why!

What's Your Favorite Generation Mustang?

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  • D Mercer

    85 gt, t-top, h.o, sonic black

  • katie

    2005 v6, most beautiful color blue, best style

    • Lathen

      Ditto, mines in Windveil blue

  • Ryanvo

    2002 black mustang gt

  • Jay R Ennaoj

    well, the newest stang :) more power of all time

    • SouthCaliMack

      My fox body kills all the new ones. Occasionally a cobra will embarrass me, but generally, they are only loud and SOUND fast..lmao.. I kill them all .. The 09, 10, 11s look kool. But the fox IS still kool.

      • Skull

        I had a new 87 GT and loved it, the 07 Roush stage3 I drive is way better hands down.

  • Callico99

    1969 Boss 302 Mustang. By far the best of the best.

  • Dabshire12
  • rdg

    !967-68 GT Fastbacks

  • Josh Norman

    1995 Mustang by far 5.0 motor newer body whats not to love

  • Kurt

    ’99 GT FTW!

  • jim goff

    the 69-70 is the all time best stang

  • Garzaisrael

    65 Fastback for me;)
    (I think it was that year. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

  • Denis Hill

    modern technology retro styling

    • Skull

      05 to 09 easily the nicest stangs in years. I have a 07 Roush stage3 grabber orange and it pops in the sun or clouds. It never see’s clouds though!

  • Matt Reed

    ’04 40th anniversary, can’t beat it!

  • Bakerw47

    Loved the “hunkered down” look of the 94-95 Mustangs (owned a 95 Cobra) Also, these were the last of the 302 ci V-8s. Nothing like the sound of a 302 with an X-pipe and Flowmasters!

  • Alex King

    interesting to note the polar ends of the vote are essentially the exact same car… I prefer the sleeker styling of the 96-98 (yes exterior was basically the same as the 94-95 cars) and the ‘New Edge’ 99-04s

  • M Nantel

    2005 to 2009 because they bring back memories of the 1967 fast back that I used to have witch was my first love of the Mustang and still would love to find one in good shape

    • Devan01SVTCobra

      Restore and build one

  • Kynan

    2002 Amazon Green Mustang GT. Love the way they sit, handle, sound, everything.

  • Ricky Jentz

    87- 93 fox fastback, i can put any ford motor i want in it.

  • nick

    94-95 last of the 5.0. like the inside of it more then the new style. Drop in the new motor in a cobra sick sick sick. (besides the headgasket problem seems all 94-95’s have)

  • RustyL

    Had a ’67 coupe as my 1st car. A drunk driver trashed it for me. Bought an ’08 GT/CS convertible last June. Love how it looks more like a coupe with the top up.

  • Kona Blue

    The newest body takes the retro styling just one step better than the 05-09.

    • Skull

      I don’t quite like the new rear end on the 10 & 11 models imo, still an awesome car though. I ride a 07 Roush stage3…just wow!

  • BB64stang

    The First generation is best I think;best looking design!!! It took five years for ford to perfect the design of the first Pony Car:):)

  • Quickford2001

    1969 Coupe

  • Eskystang

    no love for the 96-98? Well i sure love them, even though they are not the quickest, sure a hell of a car for the money. My first Mustang and plan to keep it 4ever!

    • DirtyGirls

      with you there brotha… not only are they sick looking, but they are cheap and easy to make power… gotta have love for the SN95

  • David

    1970 Mach1 428 CJ

  • L L Harc

    1970 Mustang Boss

  • L L Harc

    1970 Mustang Boss

  • Ricbogue

    has to be the 1969-1970 models

    • Osudude

      Totally agree. Cant be beat

  • Dwf5025

    1999-2004 thes best is the 2000 R code

  • Greg G

    Just like the body style, a little of the old & new.

  • rodney

    1970 mach1

  • J Kevinwynn

    How about the originals??? Like ’65 and ’66! I have one of each (both are a work in progress, but I have them… lol)

  • Homelessmatt

    nice newedges ftw

  • Dolphindtw

    I have an 07 Grabber Orange GT convertible (which I love)….. but I would say the 69 Boss 302 is my favorite.

  • Hhgrainer

    Putting the coyote engine in a S 197 (05-09) chassis would be my selection.

  • Hseals56

    I have a 65 And 67 but i my favorite 1970 Mach1

  • Chris

    My favorite generation Mustang is the 1999-2004! My least favorite and the ugliest generation Mustang is the 1994-1998!

  • Trevor

    99-04 all the way! i like the older models as well but jus love the bodys on that generation.
    now the models like ’05-’11…not really a fan

  • Anonymous

    2004 cobra baby yay!!!! maybe cuz i have one lol.

  • cato

    03-04 cobra
    03-04 mach1
    2000 cobra r
    99-04 gt/cobra
    the best mustangs

  • Jbeacher

    Love the 05 to 09 body, but the 11’s engine technology and power is just too good to pass up.

  • Joseph Doby

    Wow, only 28 votes for the fox body Mustangs, seriously? I drove a 2009 GT but the fox body Mustangs can be made into beast because they are light as a feather and you can install a stoker engine, weight reduction components, gears, and a couple of suspension mods and start eating everybody’s lunch.

  • Kshanewilliams

    99-04 by far the most aggressive .

    • Rgrafton

      disagree totally… narrow body.

  • Hunter E. Adak

    I agree with Jbeacher, If the 11’s engine and tech was incorporated to the 05-09 then it would be perfect…

  • S6DT

    I was shocked to see that the 99-04 gen’s were considered the faves!?!
    I have a 2002 ‘vert and I voted for the 2005-2009 series!

    • Justintrmerrell

      I was actually really surprised as well. I own a 99 so I naturally thats going to be my favorite.

      • S6DT

        Yep, it’s a shocker. The retro styling of the 05-09’s is just so appealing. My next stang will be a 2005.

  • 06GTRagtop

    1966 Fastback GT.

  • bballplayer21

    I like the 05-09 mustang because of the body style. Brings back the 60’s mustang. I dont like the 2010 and 2011 rear style.

    • Cburrone

      Absoulutley agree

    • Ssrjace

      You can easily pick up a 05-09 Mustang GT Slap a great SuperCharger or Turbo and have more horse power than the new 5.0’s for less money. Oh and i almost forgot it, it looks better! (Especially if you get a C-500 kit!)

      • GTO

        I have a pontiac gto 5.7L STOCK and I beat mustangs left and right unless they are modded. or cost something like $50k+ while my GTO was only $14k with 20k miles

        • Robismee2

          Pffftttt… PLEASE.

        • Jbsuperstang

          Your shit is week. Also if im not mistaken, didnt Pontiac go out of bussines recently? Also, isnt Ford STILL in Business? Weird, guess the consumers proved who is best. Your LS-1 is no match for our Coyote.

        • Kozz

          I call BS! My neighbor has an ’06 GTO 6.0 400 hp 400 trq and I ran him 3 runs with my STOCK 11 5.0….he lost all 3.

        • Bobstang

          Ive had the GTO. It is superior to any 4.6 stang, however the 5.0 is better cause it can actually keep up with an M3, and it only gets better if you get a boss 302.

        • vistastang

          by the way why is a pontiac boy on a mustang website must be dreaming of having something better than a goat

          • Delarosamario

            he must be ready to get rid of that goat and jump on a pony

        • vistastang

          by the way why is a pontiac boy on a mustang website must be dreaming of having something better than a goat

        • Skull

          You get what you pay for! I have a 07 Roush stage3 in grabber orange that is absolutely a show stopper, bring your goat on please.

        • Mucmjohnson

          Yeah…but we, the tax payers, are still paying for GM’s lack of business prowess.  BUY A REAL CAR…BUY A FORD!

  • Loraco1313

    99 gt rocks!!

  • Marty1990

    Def the 99-04 looked the best. But why didn’t they bring the 5.0 back sonner wish i had it in my DSG 03 GT

  • Marty1990

    My bad sooner