VIDEO: Our 2011 V6 Mustang is the First in the 11’s!

If you’ve been following along throughout our 2011 V6 Mustang project, you know we left off with a respectable 12.47 1/4 mile pass at the end of Stage 4. That was a really good time for what we had into the car up until that point. It was even the fastest recorded 11-12 V6 pass for quite some time until Central Florida Motorsports and another privately owned 2011 V6 both pulled amazing times of 12.2 and 12.34, sending us back to the grind!

We hit the garage hard, with some help from Circle D Performance, PSI Performance, Procharger and a good set of slicks & skinny’s, we wanted 11’s… BADLY!

I will save most of the nitty-gritty details of Stage 5 for our friends at 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords magazine (I’ll announce the issue soon), but I can say that both myself and Mike Wilson from our Bama Tuning Specialists were really impressed with the difference on the dyno.

Could we break that 11-second barrier at the track, though? Well… the video above says it all. Much thanks to everyone here at AM who hustled to get it done, Cecil County Dragway for not being scared of a little rain and everyone who followed our 2011 V6 Project and begged for more!

What’s next for our 2011 V6? 10’s? How should we get there? Comment below and tell us!

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  • Anthony Altamura

    Give that baby a 100 shot of the juice and see how she goes!

    • Twinturrbo406

      …. this may be adumb question, how does the transmission in the V6 compare to waht is in the GT’s ??? Or are they the same transmissions ??? Auto and Standard i’m curious ??? I’d like to know the limitations of my 6spd before i put the blower on this thing ….

  • Elsancho001

    I just got mu 2012 v6 last month and super excited to start working on it.

  • Kastenbrot

    Not bad… but in the video it looks like a little bit of an early start! so i wouldnt call it elevens

    • Kalob Smith

      you are a moron… It doesnt subtract time if you leave early…1/4 time is the same if you red light or not…

      • Cmonster0711

        It may not subract time but it WILL start the time later moron.

        • ReesP

          They don’t start the time based on the light, each car is tracked separately based on when they take off.

  • Kalob Smith

    I think it needs more boost.   Or a 100 shot :)

  • Shawn Alan Meyer

    Still looks like you left early.  Would like to see cam from dashboard all the way through 60ft….

  • danielpaul

     very informative post.Thank you very much share with us

  • Dmdawg50

    Great job guys! Looking and running good. Thx for sharing with us.

  • Onefastford

    Leaving early wil not effect ET!  He even mentioned his reaction time was a 0.076 (0.000 is perfect for all you non-racers out there). The time starts when the light beam is broken. It won’t matter if he red lights or sits there for a minute. No effect on ET or mph

  • Steve

    I still say forged internals, meth injetion, and porting should be next. The 10s are possible, theres V6 stangs in the 9s

    • Twiz

      The internals are already forged there bud

    • tweety

      9’s would be sick

  • Guest

    rip off the side scoops, they must be causing some drag.

  • Nick

    It looked like you tripped the light! You need to do another run.
    As far as 10’s, forged internals, double-digit boost, water/meth injection and an intercooler would be the next step in my opinion.

  • Fordfanatic

    I vote a single turbo. At 6psi, it should make 420whp easily and at 8-10psi, should make close to 480whp if not more.

  • blcmustng

    what mods did they put on it?

  • Magnoliarichj

    Im tring to fin a 3.5l ecoboost for my 2012 project any ideas on where to get one? that will do 10s.

  • Suprajay79

    Coil-overs and struts; more boost (~500 rwhp) and more tuning for the engine/transmission.

  • Mycorvettezr1

    This car will not get 33mpg with the 3.77 gears in it more like 26/27mpg.

  • Nick

    I have a 2006 V6 stang with some mods 70mm throttle body, Injet cold air intake, tuner,duel exhauts,and just put on some BBK headers this winter. My fastest time was a 14.2 last year so hope to get into the 13 range this year.

  • Chris

    Will there be a stage 6 for this car? Thank you for all of the hard work!

  • Jason McQuinn

    How much not counting labor do you think you spent on performance parts for this car? Wondering how it compares to just buying a 5.0 that is already at 422hp from the factory