Video: Help Name Our Brand New 2014 Mustang Project Car!

Here at AmericanMuscle, we’re proud to announce our newest addition to the Mustang fleet–this brand new Grabber Blue 2014 Mustang GT and soon-to-be project car. There’s just one problem, we don’t have a crafty name for it yet. That’s where you come in. We’re leaving it up to you to name this 2014 GT and pick up all the bragging rights that come with it. Comment and tell us what you think the name should be and what modifications we should do to this beast!

  • Jeremy Banks

    Blue Lightening. And for real, can we get a positive displacement blower on one finally!!

  • JC Jardim

    Code Blue


    project: Finding Dory…get it? because the car is blue…and Dory is blue…maybe It’s just me…

    Project: Blue Buster

    Project: Blue Bandit

    Project: Blue Bullet
    Project: Smurf

  • Lloyd

    Blue Vein or Blue Veiner

  • Charles McDuffie

    Blue Goose or Horse named Blue

  • Michael Stevens

    Blue Lantern

  • deltringham

    “Project Blue Book” like the UFO study done by the Air Force. Twin turbo (one front and one rear). Shaker hood scoop. Lowered with adjustable air suspension. Nice wide tires for plenty of grip and silver Bullitt wheels. And don’t forget the Mach I style spoiler.

  • Mike C.

    Blue Pulse

  • storys14

    The Blue Bomber!

  • George

    Misty Blue

  • George

    Misty Blue

  • meihls

    Project: BLACK-n-BLUE
    For the whipping it is going to put on all the other Mustangs you have Moded.
    Besides the obvious power & suspension upgrades the visual mods should be done with Matt Black striping/grills/wheels and accents….make the entire car….BLACK & BLUE !!!!!

  • Maurice

    Max Muscle: Appearance upgrades should go all out to give the car that desert dystopian garage built feel. (wheels with rivets, big tires, brushed fuel door, hood pins, ect), give it the smoked lights, CDC Performance grille, GT/CS spoiler, side scoops and quarter window cover as well. off road Quad tip exhaust set up, big black bear brakes, 80 lbs injectors, boss intake, big throttle body, aluminum driveshaft, Suspension/handling kit and welded subframe connectors should round out the mods before putting in a Procharger I-1 kit.

    Other name: Blue Blood – best affordable upgrades to make her, go fast, drive strong, and look good.

  • ruben lara

    blue canned heat!

  • Dustins Stang

    project skyrise

  • Jose Eleazar Sanchez Rojas

    What about The New Super Charge Eagle

  • Michael Gonzales

    Blue Ice Demon or Ice Demon

  • nroys


  • Jorge Luis Godinez

    code 7 blue

  • Jose Eleazar Sanchez Rojas

    The blue shark

  • Johnny Penk


  • Robert J. August Jr.

    “Code Blue” definition? Code blue: An emergency situation announced in a hospital or institution in which a patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest. When this car is finished, anyone driving it, sitting in it or looking at is going to have a heart attack!

  • Jordan Kimmich

    Project: Blue Lightning

  • John Quinn

    Mine is Silver Bullet, Yours could Blue Bullet

  • Charles Stiles

    Blue Tooth

  • TJ Colson

    Project Blue Oval ? Sounds right for a great new 2014 Mustang

  • Ryan Sigua Sunga

    I would name the new 2014 stallion…. UNIVERSAL the reason why it would make a huge statement!! If u break the word down it would state U-N-I-VERS-AL and as for the mods anything that is possible 100% American built!!!!! Asian driver of cours for wight differential heee :)

  • Dylan Geaux Tigers Huckeba

    Project: Grabber Attention

  • Paul

    Call it the BLU MULE since I am` sure your going to be testing your new parts for the 2014 mustang and you will be putting the car through some hard testing hence the name BLU MULE.

  • Ali Alhdeeb


  • John Prentice

    You could set it up for drift events and call it “Sidewinder.”

  • chris brewster

    Project Blue Bye You make it the ultimate sleeper!

  • gibz

    Prestiege with dual mangnaflow exhaust. New and upgraded!

  • John Murphy

    Project Ice Man

  • Clemente Landeros

    Project BLUE STORM

  • Jim McCraney

    It’s Blue, It’s Wild, and it’s a Stang. Wild Stang I think I love You. WILD STANG. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney Green

    Blue angel and make it a theme build. With some side exhaust and decals just like the planes:)

  • fredman

    Blue MUSCLE

  • Merlin

    Frau BlueKar! (Cloris Leachman in Frankenstein movie)

  • Street Stallions

    Project: Dream Machine.

  • Roberto Graham

    Grabber Boost! Focus on the turbo install

  • edgarlt

    “Project Bruiser”. Kinda has that black and blue feel about it. Make it a mach1 clone with cdc shaker. Keep it naturally aspirated, but load it with frpp cams, long tube headers, catted short x- pipe (need smog legal for some of us), bigger throttle body with spacer, frpp plenum, cold air intake, performance tune, 4.10 rear gears, short shifter, lowered and road race lookin. 19 inch staggered machined wheels with black inserts. Geez, the list goes on. Oh, and throw on some mach1 badging.

  • A. Miller

    If she’s going to be as bad as you say, there’s only one name that will fit
    CODE BLUE! She’ll give you a heart attack!

  • seahorse

    Sea horse new hood and tires black with blue trim side muffler all lights led and tinted windows new k&n filter shaker intake headers

  • Colleen Bonilla

    Ski Blue!!!

  • Aaron Mosley

    Project “Last American Hero”… because after the ’14 model, no one really knows what’s in store for the Mustang

  • Shawn Murphy

    Easy: The Blue Coyote

  • Alan Godinez

    Project: SKYHIGH
    AMERICAN MUSCLE Will try to reach the most out of this car to make it one of the best so SKYHIGH is good.

  • Mike

    Project blue wild beast…

  • disqus_9aPLsl8dhq

    Well… Seeing this is the last of this body style, I say go all out. Project “Gotta grab it blue”. Drag race suspension, roll cage and a Ford Racing ” Aluminator ” crate motor and Hellian twin turbo setup. American muscle at its fastest! Let’s show these imports what we can do! Twin turbo muscle car running 9’s!!?