Video: Help Name Our Brand New 2014 Mustang Project Car!

Here at AmericanMuscle, we’re proud to announce our newest addition to the Mustang fleet–this brand new Grabber Blue 2014 Mustang GT and soon-to-be project car. There’s just one problem, we don’t have a crafty name for it yet. That’s where you come in. We’re leaving it up to you to name this 2014 GT and pick up all the bragging rights that come with it. Comment and tell us what you think the name should be and what modifications we should do to this beast!

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  • Danny Griffin

    Violent temptation

  • Jason Yost

    Project Aithon. An immortal fire breathing horse to the god Ares. She fears nobody
    and anyone who challenges her will eat her dust!

  • hameiri

    Black Out Blue. The new Corvette’s ports are all functional. If you could do something along those lines, it could be super cool!

  • Stephen

    Lol project Skyfall

  • Shannon

    HMMM..??? 1964-2014= 50 years…50 shades of blue?

  • Erik Dawe

    Paint her green and name it the GREEN MOSTA!!!!! In honor of the victims of the Boston bombings with something set up to donate to the Boston one fund .. I know I would donate and maybe you guys could race her for charity ? Its Something that has not been seen before that would be epic gents !..

  • Khoa

    Neptune (God of the sea and of horses) – Borla Atak cat back exhaust with SLP ceramic long tube and catted x pipes, new shocks, struts, suspension, a boss 302 intake manifold, tuner, delete rear seats and add the boss 302 x brace, superchaged, and just to finish it off with a set of piano black foregstar F14 wheels.

  • josh postings

    blue fury

  • Wyatt Hoaglin

    The valve floater

  • Brian Dickey

    Blue me away! Out of the blue!

  • bigblockgoat

    Call it Blue torment, and go after all the ls guys that talk trash about mustangs!

  • John Samsa

    Blew by-you or (Bayou)

  • George Mcghee

    Project Blue Unicorn

  • George Mcghee

    Project Blue Waffle

  • George Mcghee

    Project Panty Wetter

  • Merlin

    Blue (blew)-By-You! Get it? And Sally has already been taken. Oh crap. My pick has been taken also. How about “Me and You and a Car Named Blue?” Nahhh. Too long.

  • George Mcghee

    Project Trailer Queen

  • George Mcghee

    I think you guys should put every single part you offer on the damn thing. Do a triple super charger system. Vortech on the passenger side, procharger on the driver side, and a kenne bell to tie everything together. Then finish it up with a twin hellion kit.

  • George Mcghee

    Project VetteKiller

  • Brad H

    Grab N Go

  • Chris Weaver

    The Blue Stang Group! (Of Mods)

  • Angel Garcia

    Project Blackout (if painted black)
    Project geronimo
    Project Bleu storm (blue in french)
    Project terminator
    Project skyway

  • David Hynes

    Code Blue

  • James Hamilton

    1st 48…

  • Joshua Gray Westbrook

    Blue Thunder. I a true mustang lover. Whatever you do make sure you give it all that it deserves. Mustang justice.

  • ccan54


  • Jason Aguilar

    One Bad Grabber.

  • Oscar Merritt

    Project: Blue Flame
    Project: Bluzilla
    Project: Burnarella

    Project: Sapphire

  • Brian & Val

    Project: Blue Phoenix – here’s the reason: the 2014 Mustang is the last with the live rear axle, so, like a phoenix, it will rise from the ashes and be reincarnated as the independent rear suspension 2015 Mustang. I suggest mods that would essentially make it a budget GT-500 – supercharger, suspension and brake mods, maybe a quad tipped exhaust. Should be a final price with mods at least $10-15K less than a loaded GT-500.

    • Alan Godinez


  • Kyle Lund

    Project Black and Blue or the Z/28 Slayer Project!

  • Vincent A. Gaita

    Project: Blue Streak

  • John

    Project: Grip-Grabber!!! The project should focus on making the GT as much of a corner-carver as possible, with the main goal to be road racing or auto-x.

  • Mustang347stroke

    I like BlueScream or Last Call!(Totally new car next year!)

    Not sure if anyone has said them?

  • David Baucom

    Blue Ridge; Blue Angel; Smoking Blues; Carolina Blue; Blue Cross; Blue Smoke; Blue Ribbon; Baby Blue; Blue Water; Blue Legacy; Blue Water; Blue Jay; Blue Shield; Blue Dragon…Can I drive it? Cool!



  • Greg Strong

    “Muscle Time Blues” would be a good start

  • David Robinson

    Blue Inspiration

  • David Robinson

    Power of Blue

  • David Robinson

    Blue Muscle

  • David Robinson

    Muscle Blue

  • David Robinson

    Azure Muscle Demon

  • David Robinson

    Azure Speed Demon

  • Jason G.

    “blue blood”. ford owners bleed blue. or “the howler” for the awesome coyote heart of this beast.

  • Coty Balfe

    project pandora….

  • Alan Gammons

    How about Project “Code Blue” cause when you guys get done with this pony, I’m sure it’ll be a heart-stopper! Or maybe ” Blue Bowtie Bruiser”… Gotta put a Kooks full length headers, shorty H-pipe, Borla Stingers for the exhaust, As for the engine, and suspension, Throw the works at em!!!

  • kenn eaver

    blue by you

  • Alex Guerrero

    Blue Sky would be dope!

  • Alex Guerrero

    Project Blue Sky…….!

  • Jan Chapel

    I just bought a 2014 Mustang GT and I love it! Mine is Ruby Red Metallic; but I also love this blue pony! I think you should call this “Project Pegasus” after the mythical flying winged horse that was created by Medusa, I believe?

  • michael hartman

    The Blue Mamba!!