Video: Help Name Our Brand New 2014 Mustang Project Car!

Here at AmericanMuscle, we’re proud to announce our newest addition to the Mustang fleet–this brand new Grabber Blue 2014 Mustang GT and soon-to-be project car. There’s just one problem, we don’t have a crafty name for it yet. That’s where you come in. We’re leaving it up to you to name this 2014 GT and pick up all the bragging rights that come with it. Comment and tell us what you think the name should be and what modifications we should do to this beast!

  • brian

    I’m a mustang lover and a proud owner of a /89 mustang gt convertable i was thinking of a name for the 2014 grabber blue and i thought that if i owned that car i would name it the untouchable hope you like it or maybe even the untouchable grabber

    • Charles Ogren

      project blue venom super snake

  • Will Hardaway

    How about Bluestang , that’s what we call my 2011 grabber blue gt

  • Bill Hewitt

    I say you call it Sully. It’s blue like Sullivan on Monsters Inc. and I’m sure that thing will be a monster when you’re done with it.

  • brandon alberd

    Project Bluedemon lol, supercharged full bolt on. Please do full borla atak catback sounds so sick!!!

  • John Edward Palmer

    how about blue ghost

  • Chuck B

    I have a 2012 in Grabber Blue named CarolAnn. If Nic Cage can name his Eleanor, I can name mine after my wife.

  • Charles Cole

    BLUE MAXX is her name and racing is in her veins. Juice her up w/ super charger and fully functional hood scoop w/ gauges mounted on the hood also chromed headers and Magnaflow exhaust.

    Blue Maxx written above drivers door like race cars.

  • Charlie Brown

    “Blue Streak”, headers, cat-back exhaust, flat black wheels and performance tires, smoked headlights, tail lights, and marker lights, performance tune, lowering springs, supercharger, Boss 302 intake manifold, cold air intake, short shifter, 4:10:1 rear end gear ratio.

  • Kevin Valdez

    I like the name Blue Demon like Brandon posted. Just an idea but maybe you all at AM should put a Kenne Belle Supercharger in her with a Full Borla ATAK exhaust,

  • Tami Bradley


  • Bryce Lyon

    Blue Healer, driving it will heal any ailment you might have!!

  • Aaron Gossage

    Project Agave Blue. Ford 4:10 gears, Black OE style wheels, Pypes Black pype bomb muffler delete, turbo charged are just a few mods I’d like to see!!!

  • Diann T. Hall

    I am a Mustang enthusiast from my teenage years. I would say that you name her N-V-US! because that’s what the camaro will be.

  • Kevin McDougal

    “The 8-Headed Dragon” – Throw on some vented fenders, smoked lights, splitters all around, SR lowering springs with strut tower and anti-roll sway bar, long tube headers, turbocharger.

  • Max

    Project: Blue Balls!

  • rudy r jr

    name it project: electric steel,,,you have to throw a supercharger on it,full exhaust,suspension mods,
    something different you have not done to the other projects.and of course a bama tune!!!

  • Paul long

    Armed and dangerous!!!

  • Mike Collins

    Project “Sky’s the Limit”. Full suspension upgrades, twin turbos, wide body kit upgrade?

  • Dan Swinyer

    Project Blue Blood

  • Greg Sheeler

    Your My Boy BLUE!!

  • evan hinsey

    Project smokescreen

  • Leonardo Di Blackio

    Blue streak


    blue devil

  • Ryan Harter

    BlueBerry Thunder! :-)

  • Clayton Andrew Hopkins

    Project Helter Skelter,headers ,mid pipe, CAI, throttle body,stage 2 comp cams, 373 rear end gears.

  • Edgar

    idk about the name bu i think the focus of the build should be to make it into a road course racer that can be daily driven!!!

  • Jeff Staton


  • Mike Lee

    SKY is all you did will match the car!!!

  • Les Moyer

    Blue Stallion

  • Claude Mustang GT

    The Venom Project……she’s a Cobra :)

  • Juan Camilo Navarrete

    Blue Thunder!

  • Nicholas J. McCausland

    Coyote Blues

  • Justin Bailey

    Project blue monster……

  • Nuclear


  • Beverly Stipes


  • David McGlasson

    Last of the Breed

  • Louisiana Kajun

    Gypsy – Born to roam!


    the Ego bruis’er

  • Alin Streinu

    Project: Skydive!

  • Alin Streinu

    Project: Skydive

  • Jeremiah Webb

    Blue Moon.

  • Taylor Hicks

    Big Wave

  • Mustang Tom

    Blue Meanie…

  • Keith E. Smoak

    “The Blue Horse”. Throw in everything you can to get it to 550 ponies under that hood

  • Aaron Nichols

    Operation Blue Bird – a set of suspension, power, and appearance mods that can be done by the average guy in a well equipped home garage.

  • Edmundo Guerrero

    blue lighting



  • Gregorio Ruiz

    I m not too sure on the name yet, but I think since you all have done FI and Nitrous on the coyote, why not naturally aspirated.

  • cookie monster owner

    Cookie monster. I would like to see one with a twin turbo system. Everyone does superchargers so why not do something off the wall. I would be interested if the transmission holds up to it.

  • Jessie Alvarez

    Blue Lighting