Video: Fastest Mustang in the World! 220+MPH @ Texas Mile

Introducing the fastest standing mile performed in Mustang history, clocking a whopping 220.8MPH at the Texas Mile, on none other than a Shelby GT500 platform.

This Shelby GT500 Super Snake was powered by a 5.8L motor (built by L&M engines), huge 4.2L Kenne Bell supercharger @ 26psi sucking up E98 fuel while and dialed in by Lund Racing. Driver Van Collier of Revan Racing is shown displaying his excitement (and who wouldn’t be) moments after learning he set the record. In fact, this GT500 broke the record not once, but TWICE by running 217.8MPH on the first day, before smashing its own record with the 220.8MPH run the following day.

The previous records was 215.3 MPH before being shattered by this 2007 Shelby GT500.

With the 2013 GT500 already capable of 200+ MHP speeds, it’s mind-blowing to think where the Shelby Mustang might be once the 2015 redesign comes out. I, for one, would love to see a twin turbo’d 5.0L Coyote in the new GT500s, how about you?

  • dpur_p

    1 The Record Regular Street Legal Mustang is 2014 GT-500 Model is Own Record Speed is 220.8 Miles Per Hour or 221 Miles Per Hour too!