Video: 2015 Mustang GT350 Prototype Spotted in Los Angeles

Another GT350 prototype has been spotted in the wild, this time in downtown LA.

The rumble is low and definitely sounds mean. The quad tipped exhaust indicates this is indeed whatever S550 chassis vehicle Ford intends to use in replacement of the current GT500. For those of you wondering if Ford has settled on the GT350 moniker, that’s not exactly the case. The front running nameplate is “GT350,” but it could end up being called the new Cobra or simply the next MY GT500–as of now, Ford won’t say.

While there have been back room whispers about this car’s motor being a flat plane crank, there is little indication from the video, one way or another. The video from earlier this year gives you an even better exhaust note and seems to be naturally aspirated, but Ford’s current level of secrecy around the 2015 GT350 offers little to go by.

  • Shane Barber

    GT500… I hope

  • James Jenkins

    I would like to see the Mach 1 come back but I’ll be happy with any of them

  • alex

    i made a lego mustang out of lego is that cool