The Great Grille Debate – Vote Now!

A small adjustment can make a huge difference in the way something looks. Changing out your grille is the same principle–a minor adjustment makes a big difference in the overall look and style of your Mustang. You can make your Mustang sleeker, darker, meaner, or sexier with a relatively small amount of work. Not every look appeals to every person though, so we’d like to know which grilles are your personal favorites. Below are some of our most popular grilles, listed by generation and ready for your vote. Don’t see the grille you like best for one of the body styles? Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite is.


Which is your favorite 2010 Grille?

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Which 2005-2009 grille do you prefer?

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Which 1999-2004 grille do you like best?

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Which is your favorite 1994-1998 grille?

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  • Paul

    Best 99-04 grill is the honeycomb delete grill or I guess essentially the bullitt/mach 1 grill

  • Immanuel G.

    99-04 – Mach 1 grill delete > then all

    10-11 – Something along the lines of the Mach 1 grill delete would look better

    IMO of course

  • Justin H.

    I like the “Black Pony Delete Billet Grille” on 99-04, but I do prefer my free-floating pony corral from Roush, similar to the Mach 1 grille delete kit, but Roush. As for the 2010, from all the grilles I’ve seen, I love the factory grille.

  • Daniel

    I like the honeycomb stock grill for 99-04. I taped off the pony and painted the rest glossy black with some spray paint lol, it looks good. Aftermarket isn’t always better :P.

    • JerkyBoy

      99-04 stock grille looks the best, I think! , those grilles add weight anyway.

      • Luke


  • marty

    I like the grill delete (Mach 1 style) for the 99-04. I installed one on my ’03 Sonic Blue V6 and it looks great.

  • Larkey

    Agreed with whats been said above. For the S197s, gotta have the Mach1 Grill Delete. For the 94-98s, probably just the simple pony is best.

  • Sean

    Grillcrafts metal black honeycomb with no pony. Looks awesome on My Bullitt

  • Teejay Shanks

    in the 2005-09 I would perfer the grill used on the V6 project car it is my favorite

  • matt

    For the 99-04, best grille is the mach 1 delete. Looks much cleaner than anything else.

  • Alec

    05-09 Black Retro Billet with tri-bar pony

  • Chuck Wohlford

    I feel its all in the body style of the Mustang that makes or breaks the grill on each particular model. I like the Pony on the “Stang” but it also looks better off on some Models. Either way people will know it’s a Mustang. True American Muscle doesnt need to advertise.

  • Leslie

    The Black Billet in any configuration shows CLASS!!!! STYLE!!!

  • Tim

    I prefer the Eleanor grill on the 05-09 S197.

  • Chris

    All these grilles for the 2010 GT are terrible we need some more new products for the new body!!!

  • phil

    why not any fox bodies to vote on? i know thereisnt much of a selection but there are the lx grills, gt’s, cobra. what gives? i have a cobra grill in my gt bumper and i love it.

  • Zach

    The best grille that can go in a 99-04 is the Mach 1.

  • angie

    old school or retro are nice, but lets get funky with forward thinking !

  • Paul

    IMO the best grill for the 2005-2009 mustang’s is the Agent 47 mesh grill

  • steve

    personally i like the stock grill on the 99-04 mustang v6 and gt. i’m currently trying to find a black billet version but it probaly doesn’t exsist

  • David

    On my ’05 GT I chose to use the Agent 47 grille, to which I added a Scott Drake ’69 tribar pony (offset on the driver’s side) and trimmed the edge of the grill surround with chrome door trim for a truly unique look.

  • Pittbull

    i dont like the BBQ style chrome grills on ANY cars much less mustangs… to ricey

  • Chris

    The best 05-09 Grill is easily the Bullitt grill! Clean with no emblems!

  • http://yahoo martha

    i like any grill if it’s got the pony a mustang ‘s not a mustang without that i have a 2006 pony package

  • Bullitt1668

    I like the “The Black Retro Billet Grille” for the 2010, but I would like it better if it had the fog lights too! Good job AM!

  • Evan (WNRacing)

    99-04 = Mach 1 Grille Delete.
    94-98 = Stock Grille.

    No billet should ever touch a 94-04. EVER.

    • Luke


  • Broham

    We’re just one broham in the broham nation, but for our nickel, for the 2010 and up, the black out grille with the ’09 GT fog lights and running pony look the best.

  • Texas ’05 GT

    Personally, I prefer center fog-light grilles for S197s. For all others, as long as it’s not “shiny”, it looks great.

  • Tony

    Billet type with mustang delete.

  • Rich

    My favorite grille on the 99-04 is the grille delete with floating pony. Aggressive/mean look without removing the iconic running pony

  • Paul

    I got so much hate for having the billet grille on my cobra. Now I just have the flame pony in there and it looks awsome!

  • Burgerman

    Best grill I’ve ever seen is a Weber with burgers, brats, and doggies on it.

  • Crowe

    Mach 1 grille delete!!

  • John

    I HATE Billit anything…
    always makes me cringe in that JC Whitney – pep boys kinda way…
    Billit should go away, like parachute pants and mullet’s…

  • Kyle

    We are missing the Mustang Eleanor Style Honeycomb Center Fog Light Grille (05-09 GT), item #94439. That’s my favorite!

  • Marshall

    Look bro’s the black out is the only one unless your one of those tuner !@#$!! I would have to say based on my own car the grille delete looks better than any billet!

  • Rob

    99-04: Mach 1 Style Grill Delete is my favorite!

  • jadedpony

    2010-20xx – Saleen S281 or Roush Stage 3
    2005-2009 – Stock GT Grille
    1999-2004 – Mach 1 Grille Delete with Pony
    1994-1998 – Stock Grille

  • Stan Aksamit

    99-04 Mach 1 grill delete. Before I got the grill delete, I removed the corral on the stock grill. Never did like it and was hard to clean.

  • Yellogixxer

    The best grille option is the grill delete with the floating pony. I don’t care who you are, that’s awesome stuff!

  • Jonathon

    The Mach 1 grille delete is by far the most attractive front grille for the 99-04 years.

  • CheesyKNAC

    The Mach 1 Grille Delete Kit looks way better than a billet grille

  • Steve H.

    GT Style Black billet grill, pony delete with a floating GT emblem (Modified original piece) I have to have something different than everybody else!

  • Bryan M.

    05-09 I like the shelby center fog light GT500 style grill.

  • Jared

    best 99-04- Mach one grille delete with polished/chrome pony

    best 94-98- The stock setup minus the honeycomb that came on a few cars is the best.


  • Phillip Schisler

    The best grille for the 99-04 mustang is the mach1 grille delete and to make it all look good add the mach1 chin spoiler. I had that combo on my 04 sonic blue gt.

  • jef

    99-04 – Mach 1 grill delete

  • Phil Y

    The original honeycomb grill is still the best of the bunch for the 05-09 Pony.

  • Chris

    Wheres the mach 1 grill delete in the voting for the 99- 04? the mach 1 grill delete is clearly the best grill you can get for the 99 to 04 mustang, it should be up there for the voting too…

  • Shawn

    the best 05-09 grill is Agent 47 replacement (plus it moves the two fog lights out closer to the main headlights; most of the overlays look bad up close because they push out from the original grill and start to cover up the fog light rings. The sheet metal style grill look even worse – looks cheap – so that really is not a solution either!!! Plus any overlay – keeps the stock grill behind it and makes it very difficult to get the water out of the honeycombs after washing the car, leading to waterspots where the water eventually drips out.

  • SueG

    Silly Boys – Girls Drive Mustangs too – I just got a Sweet looking 07 GT Red Convertible beauty to match my 79 Classic Red Convertible VW Super Beetle. Love Love Love my GT