Rumor: 2015 Shelby GT500 to Have More HP Than the Challenger Hellcat

2015 Mustang GT350 / GT500 Carbon Fiber

Oh boy, the 2015 Shelby/SVT/GT350 rumors are on the front burner once again. According to sources, an S550 Shelby GT500 replacement with more horsepower than the 2015 Dodge Challenger “Hellcat” might be revealed sometime soon.

The seemingly timeless King-of-the-hill battle for horsepower supremacy in the American muscle car market is heating up once again. After Dodge revealed it’s 2015 Hellcat Challenger would be the most powerful V-8 muscle car ever, CNN and HK say Ford’s 2015 halo Mustang will be revealed shortly and could potentially top the Hellcat. Here’s the exact quote, from CNN:

A Ford spokesman wouldn’t comment on its competitors car, but a new Shelby GT500 with, potentially, more power is expected to be revealed some time soon. ” – CNN Money

2015 Mustang GT350 Carbon Fiber RearThis could be big news for more reasons than just bragging rights for Ford and simply Because Race car. We’ve heard a few quiet rumors and watch a video centering around a 5.2L N/A “Voodoo” engine that could be a potential replacement for the 2014 Shelby GT500′s Trinity motor. However, we’ve also heard what sounds like the Trinity engine testing (most recently here) under the S550′s hood and if Ford is still in the top horsepower running, they’ll likely need to be beefing up the existing 5.8L from the 2014 GT500.

To add more controversy to the hefty pile of speculation that already surrounds this car, there’s also the possibility that we won’t be seeing a return of anything comparable to the 2014 model year (MY) GT500 until MY 2016, and that’s salt on the wounds for a lot of Mustang die-hards that have been salivating for a chance to see and even own a Shelby/SVT version of the S550. Seeing as Ford hasn’t even told us the power figures for the 2015 Mustang GT, V6 or EcoBoost[UPDATE: Ford has released official power ratings for the 2015 Mustang] but is taking pre-order on a car with a expected delivery dates penciled in for fall, 2014 at the earliest, I wouldn’t expect any concrete information our of Dearborn on a GT500 replacement until we at least get all of the base model figures.

One thing is certain–with the Hellcat’s unveiling, we’re all eagerly awaiting Ford to tell us something about the SVT / GT350 variant that is to take the 2013-32014 GT500′s place.

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  • billy dogman

    it does not matter how much HP it has its the Ugliest mustang ever and I use the word mustang loosely.

    • Kyle Rohde

      So tired of all the complaining about the styling being too modern,
      being too European or whatever else BS I keep reading. The reality is
      that baby boomers are getting older and aren’t going to keep buying cars
      that look like the cars of their youth. And there aren’t enough younger
      people like me who like the retro enough to buy it. Mustang sales have
      been in decline for years and the decline has to hopefully stop. Beyond
      that, they’ve already copied the best elements of the 1st gen Mustang
      for the past 10 model years, so what so you guys want – a new Mustang
      II, a new Fox?

      To survive another 50 years, the car has to evolve and attract buyers
      from all over the world. It’s still got plenty of Mustang cues, plenty
      of power and is still a Mustang at heart, without a doubt. So get over
      the styling people because it’s not going back to retro any more.

      And as for this rumor, I seriously doubt CNN Money is going to get the scoop on the new car when every other credible media source has said it’s going to be a GT350 with a N/A motor. So like Howie said below, this rumor is more than likely bunk.

      • bondosho

        Clap clap clap clap clap Very well said sir, very well said.

      • Jamie Currence

        AMEN!!! But on the other hand a new Fox would be cool.

    • Deandre Morris

      Yes it may be ugly but ill take this over a fox body any day and I know the fox has a 5.0 but going strictly on looks the fox is the worst mustang ever they put in the 5.0 because its better going than coming

      • Neckbonekat

        Ummmm, this Mustang is better going than coming. How is that better when a car only looks good driving away?

      • Kyle Rohde

        You clearly have never seen a Mustang II or even a ’71-73 land yacht Mustang.

        • Joe Smith

          Exactly ! Lol

  • Sebastian Sassi

    It doesn’t need to have more power…the existing GT500 is only a tenth behind because it’s not quite as portly as the Challenger. Knocking off the Dodge shouldn’t be difficult.

    • Andrew Stolzman

      It needs better suspension and braking

      • James Lethcoe

        Which it got. Brembos and IRS.

  • Adam Guerich

    ford already has a 850HP GT500 Super Snake…

    • Dan Heller

      That is a modded GT500 from Shelby’s own shop.

      • Ford Mustang

        i really don’t get how people don’t know this. Ford only had the gt500 with 662 HP for 13 and 14 (it had significantly less horse power from 07-09 and 540 hp from 2010-2012). Any other mustang with shelby nameplate was modded from shelby’s shop in Las vegas (i believe there are 2 other locations too) if you’re gonna talk about mustangs educate your self on them first. Do this for any topic before you decide to talk about it please

        • James Lethcoe

          They also have the Shelby 1000

          • Neckbonekat

            The Shelby 1000 is all stats but no great performance numbers.

      • avery

        But though it’s “modded” it is still a ford/Shelby product that comes with a warrenty. It’s not like comparing the hell cat to a home mod.

        • Brady Gustafson

          Many built motors and other aftermarket parts come with warranties too…does that mean they count too? The Underground Racing Lamborghini’s come with a warranty, they are a Lamborghini product with a warranty so I guess that means they can claim that they produce 1500+ hp cars right?

          • Icetrai

            Let’s be real, Shelby sells it’s GT500 through Ford at any performance Ford dealer as Ford car. Underground doesn’t sell it’s car at a Lamborghini dealer….

  • Dan Heller

    Jacking a current ’13/’14 Shelby up over 700HP takes about a 1/2 hour for a modern speed shop. All it needs is a slight overdrive lower blower pulley & a tune.

    …resulting in a 10.5 1/4 mile time on DRs. :-)
    -& from what I read in the comments, this only has an intake, throttle body, tune & slicks – no more boost…

  • osage power

    ford / shelby makes a 1000GT cobra it was built right before carroll died in 2012 but never massed produced not allowed in calif top HP in cali is 650

    • bondosho

      Uh, I can go buy a 667hp GT500 right now at my local Ford dealer here in Orange County, CA.

      • Jorge Sanchez

        Thanks for letting us know u shit money lol jk

        • bondosho

          That’s not what I’m saying, I’m just saying that 650hp is not the limit here in CA. Not sure where he got that info. I did ,however, buy a Focus ST in February ;-) .

  • mxzxguy

    The hell cat, should be compared to the super snack, not the shelby 500, the RT8 is the 500 competition, and we know who wind that one hands down, Shelby

    • Jorge Sanchez

      No, the SRT competes with the GT, and SS, the hellcat is to compete with the GT500 and ZL1

      • avery

        Wrong it’s rt vs ss vs gt. Once you start going to special groups that’s a new class. Like when ford makes a svt or Shelby model. It’s base v8 vs base v8. GT vs ss vs rt. Dodge fans just use that as an excuse because the challenger v8 in stock form makes shit for power.

        • 2Sweet2

          Mopar looks the best & now they run the best period. I like mustang & Camaro 2 but dodge challengers got it right 2SWEET2

          • SFBay69 .

            challengers look cool and so do teh 2014 mustangs

        • bcl187

          No dude cause SRT has an aspirated engine 6.4 no SC… So it does compete with GT n SS.. If ur lookin SC (supercharge) then yes HELLCAT is direct competition to Shelby and ZL1.aspirated vs aspirated and supercharge vs supercharge..don’t argue kid

  • SteelRaptor

    There is already a Shelby 1000, shouldn’t be hard to tack on HP

  • ClevelandKid

    Ford does not have a 850 hp Super Snake. That is a Shelby upgrade. Not a factory one.

    • avery

      But it’s still a product of ford/Shelby that comes with a warrenty. It’s not comparable to home aftermarket mods. It’s still a licence Shelby product. If you say that than the gt500 is just a modded gt and the hell cat is just a modded srt8 or rt.

  • Howie

    Everything out their has said repeatedly that the GT350 is goino to be naturally aspirated and, more a spiritual if all around better successor to the Boss 302 so I’d put this supposed Hellcat fighter squarely in the realm of unfounded speculation.

    Perhaps after the GT350′s run, there will be a retort to the Hellcat but not in 2016.

    • bcl187

      Lool ya sure..Ford Aspirated! Lpoooool ford is euro turbo charger. That’s why I love dodge cause they more aspirated then both ford n Gm. U guys don’t even sell v8 sedans anymore.

  • Spanabama

    What the hell does a street car need over 700 horsepower for??? This is getting ridiculous. Maybe it’s just for bragging rights…..If it is then go ahead and really overpay for your bragging rights.

    • Randy05gt

      honestly its for bragging rights. but in the same aspect if you can have a car that has 700+ horsepower and still have the same daily driver driveability as a base model gt or even v6, it just wakes up when you hit the gas, wouldnt you like to have that.

      • Keith

        It’s actually designed to attract sales believe it or not.

  • Jared Moore

    Well, I’d hope they wouldn’t surrender the hp title easily.

  • Jane Morgan

    It take about $1600 to push the GT500 to 800hp. The trinity engine in the 13′-14′ GT500′s are detuned and a couple little changes make a huge HP increase. Put some drag radials on it and bye bye Hello Kitty…. pooff

    • Steve Harley

      Lets wait and see the race results. My money is on the Hellcat.

      • My nigga

        I bet the 2014 gt500 would beat the hellcat. It traps almost 4 mph higher in the quarter and is 600 lbs lighter with only a 40 hp deficit

        • Steve Harley

          Well, we can look up their 1/4 mile times. Going to do that right now. You should of looked it up before saying what you did.

          • My nigga

            You should look it up and you’ll see everything I said is correct. If I were you id change my bets before that fat cat gets embarrassed by last years gt500

        • Steve Harley

          Check this and then take a pill. lol

        • Steve Harley

          I looked at the times and the Hellcat is faster than the 2014 GT500. So now what?

          • Jonathan Edsell

            So your comparing a car that isn’t in production yet… a car that is already out of production?

          • Steve Harley

            They have many Hellcats out and about at the tracks and on our roads across America. I’m sure the 2 have raced already. Full production starts very soon on the Hellcats. Whats the problem???

    • Joe Smith

      Why the name calling? Just be happy Ford and Dodge are competing and we get some awesome cars. I have a Challenger R/T, love it. Bought it a month ago, reminds me of the cars I drove as a kid. But Mustangs are great cars, light and fast. Raced a few, saw some taillights lol

      • SFBay69 .

        Agreed. Love my 2013 Mustang…..but camaro owners don’t lol

        • Joe Smith

          I’m sure Camaro owners admire your taillights

  • Steve Harley

    Once we lighten the Hellcat to the same weight as the Mustang then we will see who is faster in the 1/4 mile. So bring on the 2015 Mustang. I can’t wait.

    • Jorge Sanchez

      They have to redesign the Fiat first

      • Steve Harley

        You can buy any car and lighten it yourself.

        • Jorge Sanchez

          Of course anyone can lighten their cars but this is about the factory cars as they are

          • Steve Harley

            Well then the Challenger Hellcat is the FASTEST. Enough said.

          • Steve Harley

            And we are talking 1/4 mile times. Just so you don’t get all confused. lol

    • bcl187

      It’s very true…mustang gt is 410 hp car like 3700+lb and it pushes mid 4 secs. That’s pretty crummy numbers for a light pony. Beepers that weigh 5000+ lb do better numbers then that.

  • Corey Thompson

    I love how people are bench racing a hypothetical mustang that doesn’t even exist yet against the hell cat. Sounds like dodge sure struck a nerve with this car.

    • Brandon Reid

      The old 2014 Shelby GT500 could win against the Hellcat, sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Corey Thompson

        The hellcat hasnt even been released yet to be able to see real world numbers, but you’ve already confirmed this to be true. Cool story. You must have worked on the engineering team.

        • Brandon Reid

          From what SRT says about the Hellcat’s stats you can tell that the Shelby would still smoke it. 40 more hp, around 400 lbs heavier. It is obvious that if the actual Hellcat is anywhere near those stats it won’t beat the Shelby. The difference between Shelby and SRT is that Carroll Shelby didn’t build cars to be beaten. I don’t know why you think this little kitty cat is going to beat a legendary car like the Shelby GT500.

          • Corey Thompson

            I never said it would. I just find it quite amusing how defensive Mustang owners are getting over the Hellcat. This coming from an owner of a Mustang AND an srt8.

            Im not one to provide commentary on hypothetical races with cars that havent even been released to the public yet. Stock for stock maybe the hell cat is slower by a small margine. The real question is much mod potential will the hellcat have over the gt500, which does have a smaller engine.

          • Brandon Reid

            Mustangs always have the most mod potential. That is why Mustangs are always on top of sales in the pony car world. Anyone in the world who thinks a new pony is going to beat a new Mustang is in the clouds dreaming. Ford has owned this category for 50 years, you really think they would give slack now?

          • Corey Thompson

            Ok hold on, so the mustang will have more mod potential simply because Mustang? Dont mean to burst your bubble but mustang sales have been declining due to the camaro outselling the mustang.

          • SFBay69 .

            Camaro is barely beating a 10 year old platform, barely. Still the coyote is a better engine esp when boosted. Had both.


    Hi Americans. I am an Australian and I Love all the American Built Mussel Cars weather its a Dodge, Chev or Ford. I had a 1965 Fastback 10 years ago and regret selling it but we all have one of those stories. Speaking as an Aussie we cannot wait to see the new Mustang arrive here in our Ford Dealers show rooms. We have to wait till September 2015 to see a right hand drive release. Me being a fan of the 65 Fastback I LOVE the new series 6. I think its the nicest Mustang since the series 1 1965 Fastback. Nice to see Ford got it right to take on the other option that Americans have . We will take the new Stang with what ever they send our way in Right Hand Drive. We just hope we get a bite at a Shelby, Roush or a Saleen. Fingers crossed. We will take the new Model how ever it is :) )

    • Jorge Sanchez

      I like this guy lol #respect

  • Kyle Carlson

    I’m a Dodge man and I love my Challenger and when it comes to Engine size and horse power the Challenger has always been on top. However due to it’s bulkier and heavier frame it would still lose a head to head against a Mustang or a Camaro. With that being said I have a hard time believing that the Mustang will make it’s Engine with much more horsepower because it doesn’t need it. With 5.8 V8 with 420 HP it blows away a challenger with a 6.1 V8 and almost 450 HP so to give the Mustang a much bigger engine would be completely unnecessary not to mention it would either dramatically increase the price or take away from other aspects of the vehicle, but I am nota professional by any means and this is just my personal opinion

    • Dustin Wood

      A few years ago I took my 2006 Mustang GT to a Street Legal Drag day. I just wanted to see what the car could do. I’ve done a CAI with tune, and replaced the Cat-back exhaust. It woke the car up. Probably putting it just slightly over 300HP, since I think stock was around 270-280.

      But we’d line up against whoever was next to us, and went head to head with a stock STR8 Challenger. I beat him by just a few .10′s of a second. So I was proud. Not that it really mattered, because my next run I was taken by a diesel truck, and it wasn’t even close. heh

    • Bachewy

      Actually, the Mustang GT 5.0 has 420HP (2014). It’s the Shelby GT500 that has the 5.8, not the GT.

  • troll

    Ohhh my… too many trolls here… bye.

  • Steve

    Now if anyone could afford it…..

  • Jacob Scott

    GT500 is so Ratchet

  • Jason Haddad

    The 2016 Chevy Camaro ZL1 will have more power than both the GT500 and the Hellcat at 1,050 (yes, ONE THOUSAND AND FIFTY) horsepower, and it’ll be a nine-second quarter-mile car – no kidding! Especially if this ever happened.

  • Jonathan Edsell

    2014 challenger srt-8 4250lbs. How much more is the hellcat going to weigh? Is in in the pickup truck class?