Project Coyote vs. Project ??? – Name Our ’06 Mustang GT!

With your help, and after combing through thousands of submissions, we’ve named our 2014 Mustang GT Project Coyote. Now, were pitting that 2014 GT against another not-so-typical grabber blue Mustang: a 2006 GT. We’re going to place these cars–and the AM crews building them–against one another for an eventual track day showdown. But first, we need your help naming the 2006 grabber blue Mustang! It’s time to get creative and leave us a comment letting us know what you think our latest project car should be called.

2014 Grabber Blue GT vs. 2006 Grabber Blue Mustang GT
  • Matt

    Blue Thunder

  • Joey Dively

    Blue Man Chue

  • Keith Thompson

    Road Runner..

  • David

    Project Nytmare

  • Charlie-Maude Giroux

    Grab my blue

  • jeff

    Coyote killer.

  • stephane paquette

    the blue 0.4 project 😉 4.6 to 5.0

  • Eddie Ford

    Blue ByYou (any spelling)

  • trey

    Project “Your my boy Blue, your my boy”

  • Charlie-Maude Giroux

    Retro-Bomb Project

  • Jerry Hunter

    angry pony

  • nathan worthington


  • ed12

    thunder stang

  • Michael Allison


  • Gary Hitchcock

    Blue By You

  • Laurence Eng

    Project Blue’s Clue!

  • Paolo


  • Ramon Pagès

    Blue Monster!!!

  • Anthony Inlong

    Project dingo
    project aurora
    project neptune
    project pulsar

  • Kimet R Vilar

    BLU XTC,,,,( named from my car :-) )

  • Chut


  • Thoune

    Project Blue Compound (Make the 4.6L mustang GT use a compound turbo which utilizes different sized turbos feeding off one another to do the job of one turbo)

  • William Walsh

    Project 3VB

  • Jason

    Project Sleeper

  • Devilseaker

    Project Sky Grabber

  • KB

    Project 3 Valve