PICS: These Interesting Stangs Need Some Names!

Name These Frankenstangs! Nowadays there are endless options to choose from when it comes to modifying your Mustang and making it yours. There are some kickass Mustangs out there and then there are, well… others! The owners of these Mustangs have definitely chosen a unique path with their rides…

1.) Interesting Mustang Photo 2.) Interesting Mustang Photo

3.) Interesting Mustang Photo 4.) Interesting Mustang Photo

5.) Interesting Mustang Photo 6.) Interesting Mustang Photo

7.) Interesting Mustang Photo 8.) Interesting Mustang Photo

9.) Interesting Mustang Photo 10.) Interesting Mustang Photo

These Stangs (or Frankenstangs) may just be the most uhh… interesting creations we’ve ever seen. From crazy conversions to ridiculous “donks”, these photos are sure to leave you intrigued, confused or maybe even shaking your head!

The jacked-up S197 ”Mud Stang” was a little intimidating, not gonna lie! It was hard to tell whether that was a Mustang up there. It took me a minute to realize what exactly was lying before me. It’s like the Mustang you wouldn’t want to run across in a dark alley way!

So, these Frankenstangs need names… Comment below and tell us what you’d name them!

  • Nolan Todd

    Kill them with fire!

  • Jaeshuan

    Theyre all hideous.  The owners should be drug out in the street and beat.

    • Hammeron24

      amen… get a rope!

    • wolfclanstang

      chrome wheels are old school but this is just old shit, burn these cars and their people, if they want to throw money away I can show them a real project mustang that looks like a stang and acts like one too, at 800-1200 hp at that

  • Msjackiemartinez

    dislike…i cannot believe some people! The mustang is beautiful as is…why would anyone want to change them?

  • Travis Cooper


  • Carlosdude13

    Dude how do I do this to my car I have a silver 2000 mustang……I wanna put the front end of the BMW ….email me with the place that can do that

  • Just4funldn

    butt ugly

    • Elvis0513

      look to each its own.i will keep my fox body what it should be the pride of the mustang owners all over the world…. this insane display of wreckless changes to some of the worlds most facinating machines is plum loco.go wreck a chevy some where….please and leave our dream cars what they should be. the pride of very happy to say i own two of the worls best.a 1992 fox coupe…and a 2008 mustang GT in its original condition with a very low 15000k miles on it…..

  • Sweet5literlady

    I haul things from the hardware store home in my Mustang, and I joke around and tell people it is my Truckstang, but this takes it to a new level, wrong in so many ways…

  • Deb

    1- “BeemMeUpStang”
    2- *no comment*
    6-Have Yer Stang & Eat it 2!
    7-I’ll have a slider, instead of the whole burgerstang.
    8-I don’t care WTF people say – if flames shoot outta those friggin’ things, I want ’em on MY stang!!! “Varoom, crackle, pop pop pop!!”

  • Deb

    1- “BeemMeUpStang”
    2- *no comment*
    6-Have Yer Stang & Eat it 2!
    7-I’ll have a slider, instead of the whole burgerstang.
    8-I don’t care WTF people say – if flames shoot outta those friggin’ things, I want ’em on MY stang!!! “Varoom, crackle, pop pop pop!!”

  • Mopar man

    The Ranger with a stang front end…..pretty cool. The stang with the BMW front end…..kinda awesome. The jet black “monster” stang…..really badass. But the rest are totally ridiculous.

  • steve

    I saw the monster truck stang at the Jax National Last weekend. odd as can be. though i have seen a 4X4 elcamino ss

  • anon ymous

    I think the Rich Evans Satin Black Mustang is cool in the fact it replicates what a Mad Max style Mustang would look like.  All the others however are just plain hideous!

  • Annette Cook

    Shot the owners of number 3,4,5,7, and 8. Mustangs are not for lifting, But Number 10 looks awesome. Only cause off roading is fun. The other lifted ones don’t look like you can do that in them. And 5,7 are ugly.

  • Offbeatmammal

    #2 and #6 I kinda get, #10 is just so awesome you can’t not love it … the rest… no comment 😉

  • Dan

    cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  • Christian Luke Tarver

    Particularly disgusted with the two on the 26s. I mean what the heck, im not racist or nothing but i mean…really? come on now

    • Ducky

      I think you’re alright disliking 26’s doesn’t make you racist hahaha

  • Kyle Rosenberg


  • David McGlasson

    There’s just nothing positive to be said about any of these.

  • guest

    ive seen those ranger/stang combos advertised as “muskrats”

  • Ryan Lenk

    #2 bat mobile

  • Razek

    fucking hideous! they fucked them up. #2 still kind of looks like stang tho

  • Highrise955

    I got one name to fit them all…BUTT UGLY!

  • Forshizzlehannie

    wow i dont really care for ford but these dumb bitches ruined all of those mustangs

  • Chris O’Neil

    I think they’re all too retarded and ugly looking to name!  I’m not even going to attempt it!  The only one that looks half way decent was photo #2!  That wasn’t too bad!  It looks like the Mustang in the movie ‘Death Race’!  They could use this car in the new Batman to replace that other hideous looking one they’ve been using!  ‘Bat Mobile’! 

  • Jeff Weddle

    Pic #2 : Darth Vader
    The rest, welll………………

  • Ramone Wyche RayRay

    No. they are not creations. They’re ABOMINATIONS. I mean, wtf are these ppl thinking. I agree #2 Batmobile, I can see that view, and #10 I can see that on a monster truck/car thing, not that I’m in to that kind of sport, but I can see that. The others…..

  • Anonymous

    EpicFail1, EpicFail2, …

  • REX332

    #9 Stranger

  • Jeannie Brown

    I agree with everyone…YUCK!!   But #9 could be called a ‘StRanger’.

  • Joelliott82

    I think they are all crap. But i have personally seen the white fox with the stacks in florida. Its horrible.

  • Billy

    1#  BMW (bad mustang winner)2# The Fast and F ugly( fast and furious movie for this car) 3# and 4# Biggy Smalls ( for those dumb a** rims )
    5# Beyond Riced( so riced that ricers dont even want it in there clubs)
    6# Chrome Dome( when do you stop putting chrome on it , what next are you going to chrome your self)
    7#  4 sale (because nobody is going to want to own that)
    8# Cummings ( so close to being a dodge cummins, now all need is a dodge badge lol)
    9# MustRanger ( i think half mustang, half ranger)
    10# Dumb Digger ( it a mustang monster truck , Notttttttttt  

  • Sean Davenport

    they all look like shit except the ranger w/ the new edge front clip and the mudder stang. and the the 65-66 coupe and fox-body coupe jacked up on 26s or 28s, their owners need to lay off the drugs on sumthing. their retarded.

  • Seweeks

    Some of these are actually pretty nice, but a few of these guys need to get their butts kicked for doing what they did to those beautiful Mustangs!!!

  • Site_director

    They are crap or worse not worth looking at.

  • guest

    number 9 is a muskrat…that’s it’s actual name

  • Soup

    Heh. Pic #2 is a Rich Evans Design… The All-Stars team leader off of Car Warriors. Maybe he should stick to working with a team to talk him out of bad designs.

  • Boburt

    WHY!!!!  #2 somewhat resembles an ugly stang, but the tallent used to create some of the other cars should have been coached to make a beautiful car, not an abomination! The cars on the big rims are so high, they could fail the drug test before their owners! My 15 year old son wants a mustang, and is questioning why someone would do this to a car worthy of so much more!!!

  • Thomas

    #2 is the only one I wouldn’t want to put out of it’s misery. #3 and #6-    What the ****?

  • Dylan_anderson_1256

    The only good looking one is the fox at the top. Its not even on the list

  • Chopper12561

    What a waste of some nice Mustangs!

  • Johnmichiels1

    1) Stallion . 2)Terminator. 3) yao ming. 4) ?. 5) Hammerhead Shark. 6) Manhattan. 7) speed racer. 8) Long Horn. 9) Mule. 10) Rocker

  • Bakerjd

    I say we call them all idiots and call it a day! Why would you do that to such a beautiful car?

  • bmmcars

    These cars takesthe term “restomod” to a whole new level!  I saw a ’65 fastback on a Blazer chassis – some things are just WRONG. 

  • Matt

    once again another reason why people look down on mustangs. im i die hard mustang lover and i can say withot a doubt, 10 ugliest most pointless abominations (not even deserving title of mustang)  ever. but to answer you question they should be called:
    #’s 1 -10 – Still somehow better than a chevy.  

    • 9T3SVT

      Now that isprobably the best reply I’ve ever seen on this site…

  • Will Leach

    the second car is on a poster i have, except in blue

  • Will Leach

    obviously number 9 just threw the front end on. lol. but honestly, what were these idiots thinking…….

  • Kidmke92

     this is the end result when u give a NI**ER a mustang as a project!

  • bballplayer21

    Bunch of Ricers ruin mustangs

  • Runninlateinc

    some of these “people” need their ass removed….you want to drive around and flaunt your 70’s pimp status, use a buick or pontiac….

  • stang owners mom

    why ruin the joy of the stangs beauty  if you dont want a stang buy something else