PICS: Our 3rd Annual Mustang Car Show Was Crazy!

This past weekend, 611 Mustangs from all over the country came out to Delaware County Community College in Media, PA to help us celebrate customer appreciation and donate to a great cause, Wounded Warriors Project. We were ready to make this thing happen rain or shine with potential thunderstorms threatening our event! Did make it worth the trip?

I think the video and pictures speak for themselves! The weather held out, and 611 Mustangs and 2000+ people helped make the show an amazing success! After tallying up the proceeds and donations from our company, employees, clubs, vendors and individuals – we raised $14,511.26 for charity! I can’t thank everyone enough for making this happen!

During the day, the dyno was giving out free pulls, the AM girls were signing autographs, the Mustang aftermarket’s top manufacturers were answering questions, amazing deals were being given on parts, and people were having a great time! I want to thank everyone that came out, as well as our platinum sponsors (Flowmaster, Fred Beans Ford of West Chester, Pypes Exhaust and SCT Flash)! The weather cooperated just enough for us to throw down during the muffler rapping contest (check out the video above!) and get through the awards before the rain came.

It was a great time, and I hope to see you at our next show! Comment below and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see next year!

Award Winners:
RUNNER-UP: Tommy Ferigno (2011 GT)
WINNER: Jimmy Pongracz (2006 GT)

RUNNER-UP: Rock Loving (2002 GT)
WINNER: Janice Hall (2000 V6)

RUNNER-UP: Tim Narvell (1998 GT)
WINNER: Wayne Stamps (1998 GT)

RUNNER-UP: Rich Nagle (1993 GT)
WINNER: Joseph Caria (1989 GT)

1964 ½ – 1979
RUNNER-UP: Robert Weiner
WINNER: Bart Montalti

RUNNER-UP: Shawn Werner (2008 Bullitt)
WINNER: Lennie Griffin (2007 Roush)

WINNER: Tied- Karen Baum (2003 GT) and Tina Bauman (2006 V6)

WINNERS: NJ Stangers

WINNER: Rob Horner (2004 Mach1)

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  • Taylor B.

    Awesome show, AM! I had a fantastic time, and can never argue with proceeds going to such a great cause.

    Only thing I’d like to see different is a v6 category for the exhaust contest… cuz we all know us v6 owners can’t compete with the v8’s and there are some great v6 projects that people put together.

    Other than that (and heck, that was negligible), I have to say that the show was the best that I have attended, and very well organized. The best part was that there was no 2 Mustangs alike, so everyone gets to show their personalities in their cars, and with 611 of them, there was a lot to look at. Can’t wait til next year! 

  • blake t

    american muscle you guys need to bring the show out to the west coast sometime   driving to the east cost is soo far 

  • Twstones

    Maybe I missed it, but if not, is there anyway you could show pictures of the cars of the class winners and runner ups.

  • Crazytownpictures

    West Coast please!!!

  • Kcwhunter

    what do the awards look like???????

  • Nono38

    Next time have the cars judge by Judges not by peoples choice.People
    choice is not a fair judging, people with the most friends always win no matter
    if they deserve it or not.

    It not fair for car owners who spend time and money to get their cars
    looking nice to lose to some one who’s done nothing to their car but won an
    award because they had alot friends and family  

    that voted for them.

    Don’t forget that it is the Mustang owners who keeps American Muscle in
    business by buying products and parts to have their cars looking sweet.

    Next time have the car show judge fairly.

    • Lennie and Lisa

      Yes – I wish it was a judged show too – that is always better.  However, we took first place in the specialty class and we only knew one other person there and that person we just met for the first time that day.  We came down from upstate NY by ourselves and were not with any clubs.   Yes – I used to think the same thing – that only people with big clubs or a lot of friends there can win..  That was why we were so shocked to win when we didn’t know anybody there.  Our car is nice – we put a lot into making in nice and powerful and this award is so special to us because so many other mustang owners that we didn’t know voted for our car.   So – yes the friends thing I’m sure does happen  but it is possible to win without knowing anyone. – we are living proof.

      Lennie and Lisa – 1st place specialty class. 2007 Roush Convertible

  • Jamesvannest

    How about a show in the Midwest?

  • Knug1811

    Looks sweet. Going to see if i cant make it next year.

  • Moe

    I really really really want to attend but like blake t said, driving to the east coast is a huge challenge. And I’m from California. 

  • Flames 08

    Signed up for the show but the rain delay conflicted with the Woodard Dream Cruise in Detroit that weekend. Glad to see you were still able to get the show in before the weather moved in.  Keep up the good work American Muscle!  See you next year.

  • Test

    very cool. check out some mustangs we shot here in Houston

  • Gmonat1223

    Show looks great. I can’t wait till I have enough money to finish my car and pay to get it to the show! Hopefully in a couple years:)

  • Josh Baker

    While I partially agree with you Nono, Rob (best in show) went to the show solo from Ohio and was apart of NO club. People’s choice has it’s place just like judges have their place. This isn’t another MCA event where judges are partial to stock rides and trailer queens. This is all about the fans which is most likely why the event is held the way it is.

  • Krisswe

    When is it??????

  • Fast5o

    When is this years car show

  • jerry