And, the May Ride of the Month Winner is…

Angela Leggett’s 2003 Dark Shadow V6 Mustang. Here are the details of Angela’s awesome ride.

Year: 2003

Model: V6 Mustang Coupe

Color: Dark Shadow

Wheel style & size: Cobra R 17X9

Comments: “I have no trophies and consider this Mustang a work in progress. I have just added the Eibach pro-line springs, struts, and shocks and it rides, drives, looks, and handles 100% better, best mod I could have done. I’m working on many more things as the money comes. I call this Mustang the Dark Horse because it is an under dog being a V6 and my hopes are to change that soon with a super charger and some power upgrades.”


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May is a beautiful month, full of sunshine and warm weather. All that gorgeous weather is perfect for taking your Mustang for a cruise. You’ll want to make sure that your ‘Stang is equipped for those long cruises, and ready to blow the doors off the competition, so we’ve got everything you need to modify your Mustang on sale. If your engine is running perfectly, but you’re in need of some body work, you’re in luck. We’ve got a great variety of styling parts available, and most of them can be installed in a few minutes to a few hours. No matter what you need to cruise in comfort and style, we’ve got you covered.

My Mustang FotoFix: New Edge Edition

Everywhere I’ve turned lately, New Edge owners have been saying they’re not feeling the love. They’re not the most current generation of ponies any more, and lots of manufacturers are focusing on the S197′s for cool new parts. Unfortunately, I’m not the CEO of a huge manufacturing company, so I can’t do anything about the new parts. I do have a little pull on the blog, though, and I thought it was time to show the New Edges some love. So here are seven sweet ‘Stangs for you to enjoy.

All a Mustang ever needs to shine is sunlight. A little chrome never hurts, though.


Why Do I Need a Cold Air Intake For my Mustang?

The Cold-Air Conundrum

Question: “I just bought a Mustang and my friend told me I should get a cold air intake as my first mod, but I’m new to cars and I was wondering what a cold air intake is and how it helps my car.”


This is a great question, and one I hear almost daily. Cold-air intakes are great first mods because their easy installation makes them a perfect DIY project.  Before we delve into the details, let’s start with the basics.  Your stock intake consists of the airbox, the mass air-flow sensor (aka “MAF”), and the air inlet tube that connects to the throttle body.  The airbox houses the air filter and in some cases the MAF.   An AmericanMuscle Mustang air filter removes moisture and particulates like dust and pollen from your Stang – all things you don’t want in your engine.  Once the air is clean and dry, it’s the MAF’s responsibility to tell the computer how much air the engine is getting, which is why your car won’t run (well) without it.  With the cleaning, drying, and measuring out of the way it’s just a short trip up the inlet tube to the throttle body and into the engine.  Seems pretty simple, right?  Well it is, but let’s see how an aftermarket intake differs from stock, and how that affects your Pony. (more…)

Mustang’s Birthday – $10 off $100 Orders

We love a party, and to celebrate the Mustang’s 46th birthday, we’re having an incredible sale! On Saturday, April 17, you’ll see a coupon code at the very top of the website. The coupon will take $10 off any order of $100 or more, and is good for 24 hours only!

Evolution of the ‘Stang

Ford Mustang at the Worlds Fair, 1964

Ford Mustang at the World's Fair, 1964

While production of the Mustang started on March 9th of 1964, the Mustang first became available for purchase on April 17th, 1964 at the World’s Fair. With that one model, Ford changed America’s automotive path forever. An entire class of cars, featuring long hoods and short rear decks (not to mention large, powerful engines) emerged soon after the Mustang, and have been called “pony cars” ever since.  The Mustang’s body style has changed over the years, but its distinctive formula has remained essentially the same. (more…)