Mustang vs. Tornado: Did it Drive Away?


You mean, THAT thing runs? I didn’t realize Built Ford Tough included Tornado Tough, too! This guy was captured driving his SN95 Ford Mustang convertible out of the tornado rubble, after some super-storms swept through the South taking entire neighborhoods off of the map in Alabama and neighboring states. He obviously wasn’t gonna let a storm get the best of his Stang!

While a photojournalist was out surveying the damage, he caught this guy amazingly driving his car out of the tornado debris. Even a severe storm couldn’t put this pony out of its misery! Just sayin’…

Would you save your Mustang before the family photos? Tell us below!

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  • Nigel xD

    he might need a new body kit..

  • Nigel xD

    he might need a new body kit..

  • Nigel xD

    he might need a new body kit..

  • Gorr124

     Really? I would not think American Muscle would call out someone’s Mustang as not being  up to par. This was a proud Mustang owner and even though the wheels would not have been my choice, it was still the owners choice to take pride in his car by adding wheels and sounded like exhaust. Why would you call him out? Is all you care about getting your customers money, telling them they have good looking car and then laugh behind their backs? Put his Pony out of it’s misery? Shame…..

    • stangman

      Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

  • sanchez2121

    american muscle should rebuild his car for him


    • Shogun Guild

      Rebuild? Theres no Rebuilding that. You are looking at 15-20k in body work.

      This is when you cash that nice insurance check and buy a new one. 

    • 4.6 liter monster

      yea, they could just go ahead and buy him a new one for what it would cost to rebuild…CRAIGSLIST!!!!! 

  • solidhex

    I hope he has good insurance.

  • Tvertrees

    lol. reuild ?  they’d be cheaper to buy another and supe it up for him

  • steven mayfield

    Nice 94 gt

  • Ethan

    “You could push it across the finish line, or tow it” -TFATF 

  • Highrise955

    Hell, I would save my Mustang before my FAMILY…forget the stupid photos!

  • Salvador

     Now that’s a beast of a machine!

  • Marsha Mais

    Actually..i did save my Mustang after a nasty accident that totaled her at over $6000 in damage.  I’m slowly getting parts piece by piece.  And she still runs..  minor mechanical like the radiator in CAI…mostly body subframe like the radiator support I just got from AM this week.

  • bballplayer21

    The front of the car looks a face with 2 buck teeth

  • Goodonedad

     I think an add is in there some where? step it up……..” Built Ford Tough”Blue oval fan!

  • Bikerboy6925

    That’s what you get when you buy a Mustang, takes a licking and still keeps on ticking 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t Ford get exclusive rights to the advertising for this? Why did Honda advertise on this story????!!!!

  • nicholas herard

    no no no, that will come out with a good wax job hahaha.
    ford- drive out of a tornado
    chevy- towed off a speed bump *i’ll try to upload the pic to facebook on AM page* 

  • Bentwrench

    pop out a few dents and a couple cans of spray paint and its good as new….lol

  • neidan

     man talk about patina~~~ I hope they get taken care of.  what a tough situation.  As for what I’d save first, it’s tough because I don’t want to miss a thing… 

  • cato12

     it looked like that before the tornado

  • Hoolla

    He still has the rims. Lean back! 

  • lol


  • Chase220

    Wow that stang definetely shows what FORD TOUGH MEANS! That guy’s commitment to his stang is AWESOME! 

  • Joe

    When the Tornado saw those wheels it headed straight for it.

  • 4.6 liter monster

    DAMN….Lean back on roll on sittin on them 20’s haha 

  • ltsvtcobra5.0

    mi first car is my mustang i have definitely i will save it first than my family photos but first my family then my car

  • Matt

    EAT THAT CHEVY!!!! but seriously, that car is toast, but it would be a good excuse as to why he just had to buy a new 5.0

  • amitch

    i think that is refered to as ridn dirty

  • Angel Duke

    pimp my ride candidate

  • Angel Duke

    pimp my ride candidate

  • GodFear

    thats awesome

  • BoyHowdy

    super charge it!

  • Mechanic

    y would u waste the  money on rebuilding that thing 04 body style sucks ass in looks n performance a new v6 could beat a mach one cobra even a 05 v6 with 500 bucks into it could beat it plus like other shogun said it be building from the old frame if it isnt twisted and the rest from suspension to body panels to the interior and major drivetrain work 
    built ford tough is right though

  • Mechanic


  • Nqqnenosme

    Give it a bath, new glass repair the nose, and as Jackie Gleson would say” away we go”……