Leaked: 2015 Ford Mustang Weight Numbers – GT, V6 & EcoBoost

2015 Mustang Weight Confirmed by Ford

Ford has released 2015 Mustang’s dealer manual source book that can be accessed only by Ford employees and dealerships. Jalopnik also has confirmation from a dealer in Florida that the manual went live sometime last night and includes the 2015 Mustang’s actual US curb weight. If you followed the previous rumors and reports, The numbers aren’t surprising.

2015 Mustang Curb Weight – EcoBoost, V6 & GT Models

Ecoboost Manual: 3,517 | convertible 3,642
Ecoboost Automatic: 3,512 | convertible 3,661

V6 Manual: 3,526 | convertible 3,644
V6 Automatic: 3,529 | convertible 3,654

GT Manual: 3,704 | convertible 3,825
GT Automatic: 3,727 | convertible 3,852

2015 Mustang Est. Curb Weight vs. 2014 Mustang Est. Curb Weight

Estimated Base Curb Weight (lbs.)


2015 Fastback


2014 Coupe

2014 Convertible

Weight Increases – Coupe/Fastback

2015 Weight Increases – Convertible

V6 Manual





+ 25 lbs

+ 14 lbs

V6 Automatic





+ 6 lbs

+ 2 lbs

GT Manual





+ 86 lbs

+ 90 lbs

GT Automatic





+ 52 lbs

+ 60 lbs















Feel free to draw your own conclusions from the weight comparison chart above. Just keep in mind, weight measurement standards, trim packages and options change year-to-year. So, even though the weight may have increased, we still do now know exactly what is included with the weight figures Ford provided above. It is possible the 2015 has more standard features and requirements than the 2014 did, all things that could increase weight. These two cars are very close in comparison, but it does seem from the above numbers that the 2015 S550 Mustang has indeed increased in weight over its S197 counterpart. Even though the 6th generation ponycar weighs ~100 lbs more, there will always be aftermarket parts available and unnecessary components that can be removed that will help return the Mustang back to S197 weight levels. There is reason to rejoice in that we now know this car is not gaining the 250-300 lbs previously purported by other sources.

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  • cr_buck

    Although reports have said the new Mustang already uses some aluminum, I wonder if an extreme weight drop is in the works in a few years like the 2015 F150.

  • Julian Sardor

    That’s quite disappointing for a clean-sheet redesign of a performance car – especially in light of earlier speculation it would be both smaller and noticeably lighter.

  • Awaken Evil

    Why does a manual car weight more?

    • Ross Forbey

      Seeing as how the EcoBoost is the only one lighter in auto than in manual guise, it’s either a typo, or something proprietary to the EcoBoost model. Possibly a more compact automatic design, such as a lighter torque converter, or a heavier flywheel/clutch assembly maybe? I’d assume all transmissions are being shared across all models, but I could be wrong.

  • MDD101101001

    If your wondering why the car weighs more..it’s because of the IRS. It’s going to add more weight to the vehicle. And all the “new” technology that the car has.

  • Gary Hitchcock

    If Ford got rid of all the Tech BS that isn’t needed the car will be alright

  • Travis Jacobson

    Ford themselves said when they introduced the car back in December that it would weigh up to 400 pounds lighter then the 2014 so I won’t believe anything coming out saying that it is heavier than the previous generation until I see the official weigh in.

  • Briane Howland

    Too bad the Convertible weight is within 10 lbs of what the 2015 Mustang GT hardtop actually weighs. Every single automotive magazine, online automotive website, etc. that has weighed the 2015 Mustang GT has gotten 3810 lbs +or- 5 lbs. This is a fact, and not my opinion. So yes indeed the new Mustang GT gained 190 lbs. Why Ford would release these numbers, knowing they’re wrong is beyond me. I don’t understand it, and don’t want to waste my time trying to figure out why. I really don’t like seeing the new Mustang GT running 12.90s, and 13.0’s in the 1/4 mile stock. I’ve seen 13.80s with the track pack, with the 3.73 gear, that’s a little better but still, it should have been quicker than the S197 model, and not gained any weight!