Hot or Not? Ford “Snakehead” Concept Car

Hot or Not? Ford "Snakehead" Concept Car Check out the all new Ford “Snakehead” concept car by Andrus Ciprian, a ridiculously skilled graphic designer.  This bad little concept car was designed as a two-seater with world class performance in mind.  While this Snakehead is definitely far from your typical production vehicle, it’s something that may come to light if Shelby were to collaborate.  Check out the curves on this thing:

Hot or Not? Ford "Snakehead" Concept Car Hot or Not? Ford "Snakehead" Concept Car Hot or Not? Ford "Snakehead" Concept Car

Much like that of a GT Supercar, the interior boasts a high, long center console giving the feeling of a race-inspired cockpit for the driver. I don’t know about you, but this thing looks like it would be insane with a supercharged 5.4L from a GT500!

So, what do you think of this thing? Vote or comment below!

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  • Chris O’Neil

    If your going to call this a Mustang then definately ‘NOT’!  Mustangs are muscle cars for the 1,000,000,000,000,000 time and have been for nearly 50 frickin years!  If your going to call this a sports car under another name other than Mustang then definately ‘HOT’!  Other than that, Ford needs to quit trying so hard because they’re starting to head towards jumping on the band wagon in the muscle car turned sports car  theme!  

  • Diazguilbee

    It is a hot car, but the design looks like taken from the “Speed Racer” movie.

  • Tony Stach

    Just in time for the “Speed Racer 2” movie! POS …..

  • Mkvickers

    Im like an earlier poster DITCH THE 20 INCH WHEELS and go to a normal size wheel and you got all my votes!

  • Happyo7gt

    Looks too ricer for me!

  • Dave Patstone

    Dave the Slave
    Looks like a Cobra on steroids, too big a wheels, not enough rubber on the road otherwise totally awesome

  • Bob Smokal

    It has a look of a couple of cars.  First the rear looks similiar to the 60s Shelby, but the front view looks to much like a Mazda 3.  All the other stuff sound interesting

  • Woodward48

    Its looks like a combo of a ford gt in the rear, has viper rear quarter panels, and the whole front half looks like a hyundai tiburon and 22’s lol

  • Acepilot603

    has an aston martin look to it

  • jesse

    from the front*

  • Andrew

    Reminds me of a Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe

  • 2k Stang

    looks like a Viper with a daytona rear end and a Tiburon front end.

  • Maverick

    Nails the look of a cobra hood no doubt! Love the curves, just dont call it a mustang. Leave it  as a Shelby Cobra.

  • Tleem00

    Looks Luke a bmw z4 from the side. No go for me.

  • Paul Bradley

    This looks like a great car. Give it a dry sump engine. Give it the electric charge system like Porsche!

  • Garrett

    First the new 2014 Mustang looks like a bastard child of the new Camaro/Nissan 370Z and now a bastard child of the Corvette/Viper? What the Effing Eff Ford? Cool looking car none the less, but what about bringing back the Torino name with a sleeker updated design like what Dodge did with the Challenger?

  • Fordguy01

    All of y’all that have camaros are just mad because ford has a new concept car that will blow you out of the water

    • S Stangen

      Mustang has blown camaros out of the water many a time’s.

  • fliredawg

    I like everything BUT the front facia.  Look like a Ford Focus

  • Woz

    Sick looking car.  It was never said that it would be a mustang though, so I don’t know where everyone is getting this idea.  I would love to see this as their new supercar!

    • S Stangen

      It was published in the Mustang Discussion Section, that’s why.

  • 76Chero

    it fits right in with the Focus/Fiesta styling cues on the nose…not a bad thing at all.

  • Norm

    That’s American Chop Suey. It’s got too much of every other car going on.

    Just bring back the Ford GT Supercar and be done with it.

  • Lewie palombo

    Don’t really care for it too much…besides why are the snakes on the side? It’s def not a Shelby or a mustang at that.

  • Tommy

    Id buy it, as long as it comes with a V8, preferably the rumored tall deck coyote 351, or at least one mean V6 (could this be an answer to the Z06 vette performance wise?) 

  • Mfnasi

    the rear end is absolutely amazing looking

  • at_racing

    I’m thinking C3 Vette in the rear, and Lotus up front. Plus the pics suck.

  • Texas12b

    A great concept car that good do very well if goes into production and is priced right.  The front facing look is very intimidating!  The rear looks too much like a 60’s GT40 or a 70’s Opel.  Would look better if it had a more current style rear such as the 05-06 GT.     

  • ChrisV

    Front end does look Focus-ish, and the rear has some GT and Daytona Coupe styling. I say make it, Ford needs a new supercar and this could be it.

  • Steve

    Grill and tail look good,but I don’t tiburon sides.

  • Sam


  • Alex Blais

    that’s called a Corvette!

  • Yahoo

    Looks like very poor photo-shopping. 

  • Mysticdmbherb911

    Queer wheels

  • Hammeron24

    kinda looks like a cobra ran into a 370z..  but very nice

  • Milk_peartree

    How about a ecoboost 6.2 from a raptor……

    • Tommy

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the 6.2 is always going to be a truck engine for 2 reasons, 1 is its huge size wise, and secondly, it weighs as much as a small elephant, Ford would have to spend thousands to get the balance anywhere near 50/50 (there is a reason ford went with aluminum blocks in the 11 gt500, the GT supercar, and the new Coyote, unless ford releases the 6.2 in all aluminum, and with more than 2 valves ( so the EPA doesnt have a fit), honestly, the car would probably be faster with an anorexic 4.6 3 valve than a 6.2, the power simply does not justify the extra 200 lbs

  • Kaoskid0621

    front looks pretty sleek but lose the ford gt kinda look in the rear. mix it up with something different. and i agree on the wheels. def smaller

  • Christopher Meyer

    It has nice details but those proportions are way too forced. It looks like a full sized hot wheels model. 

  • matt

    make it look mad, make it fast, and name it something besides “snakehead”.

  • Cetheridge

    I like it. I mean as a seperate new car from ford or shelby or whatever. Definately not a mustang though. So if that’s what its supposed to be…I mean the name’s ok im just not in for ditching the mustang if thats whats going on. If so i will be super pissed but who cares. I like the design and the front is sweet, but I am in agreement that the side profile is a bit…inflated. just raise it up a little more by the front mirror or lower the front a tad and i think it would be better. and ya the weels are too aftermarkety. could even be cool as an electric SUPER. if they can pull that off. id buy it if i had the money and insurance was ok. and it was quick. but please, put a real engine in it. oh. this could be a new cobra. :) 

  • Tom Cromwell

    A Nissan GTR and a Dodge Viper made love… and a Ford was born?

  • matt

    looks like a pissed of focus if you ask me

  • Willeast015

    LOVE this car!! I would def. buy this one. Great concept from Ford because they have everyone talking about it and what it looks like etc.. etc.. good marketing.

  • Noneya

    It looks like a Hyndai Genesis. NO WAY

  • matt

    ford needs to ditch all these new concept designs and bring back the classic look. they did in 05 and it was a huge sucess, these new modern concepts look more european than like a muscle car.

  • Vipergtsrgt1

    I don’t hate the idea, but I think it’s too bulbous, like a kid’s toy. I’d say flatten the nose a bit. The shape of the tail is okay, but lengthen it a bit along the lines of a GT40 Mark IV.

  • ROLLINS097


  • Me

    Looks kinda like the concept for the new toyota supra

  • s6dt

    Car should be named Sushi ’cause it’s pure rice.

    It screams asian design – which is just fine for asian cars – but this is supposed to be a Ford!

  • Sanchez_0110

    The rear looks far to “Corvettewannabe” for my style, however it does have bold curvage to it, definetly hot.

  • fred

    It looks like the old toyota supra’s.  Definently looks import, but hopefully the inside will be hot. I dont think it looks like a mustang at all

  • Ethan

    The front looks like a Mustang/Focus, and the side and rear looks like a Pontiac Solstice/Viper