Hot or Not? Boss Mustang / Camaro Mash-Up Concept

Hot or Not? Boss Mustang / Camaro Mash-Up Bossco Concept Ok, so check out this crazy concept! This conversion concept is very interesting indeed, especially being a mash-up between two rivals, our very own Ford Mustang and our competitor and fellow American muscle car, the Chevy Camaro.

This is a concept dreamt up by Hungarian designer, Tamas Jukas, meshing what he says to be the 2011 Ford Mustang with the 5th-generation Camaro to create what he named the Jacuzzo Bossco. It looks to be built more to the size of the Camaro and is dreamt to have a 600-HP V6 engine up front sending ridiculous power down to those rear wheels.

jakus_1.jpg jakus_2.jpg jakus_3.jpg jakus_5.jpg jakus_6.jpg jakus_4.jpg

It is definitely an over-the-top concept style with noticeable characteristics belonging to both cars. The silhouette seems to be Corvette-like, in my opinion. It seems to have more of a “supercar” feel than the muscle pony car like stance. A little over the top, but isn’t that what concepts usually are?

Would you like to see this thing produced? Is it bad-ass or little too crazy? Would you ever even mesh these two together? We want to know what you think!

So, HOT or NOT? Vote or comment below!

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  • Kingdarryldk

    first, this a war.  Mustang vs. Camaro goes back generations.  Who are we to wuss out and combine them?  The thought is offensive in and of itself.  As for those pictures, it doesn’t look like a combo of stang and camaro.  It looks like a euro that i can’t pronounce, much less own, so i’ll just stick to my pony.

  • Jim Thomson

    Big diam wheels  just add more rotating mass = you lose in a drag race. The green  colour is beyond stupid. 14″ vented disc brakes weigh a ton, and add yet even more rotating mass = you lose in a drag race. Take it back to the drawing borad.  It looks like any 8 year old kids ..”hot wheels”  from 1967. 

  • Jpeloquin

    I would never purchase such a thing.  Not because it looks “European”, like a lot of you mention.  Because lets face it, even if you’re all about the muscle cars, if you see a Ferrari or Lambo driving down the street, you’re like “Damn!”  With that said, the car is HOT!  But not even close to a Mustang Boss!  You can’t just slap a C-Stripe on it and use the Boss name.  I mean it doesn’t even have a V8!  So yeah, the guy should be punched in the face for stating this car is a mash-up between either of these Awesome American Cars.  Good looking car.  Horrible attempt at a mash-up…  Designer is a douche!  That is all!

  • Noahsebb

    If you smash together a Mustang and a Camaro, it absolutely has to have a massive V8 under the hood.
    Oh, and this car looks like shit.

  • Greg

    i can honestly say if cars, especially mustangs, ever start to look like this in the future…im riding a mountain bike.

    • John Blanton

      Great, i will have a riding buddy then..Cause I sure as hell wont drive that

  • Jared Amos97

    ive loved mustangs since i was 4 years old and out of all the mustangs since the first mustang the 1964 1/2 up to the brand new one i have never disliked a body style as much as i do this one this isnt a mustang this looks like one of those gay oversized hotwheels cars!!! this is concept is a disgrace to ford and to all mustangs ever built!!!!

  • FordIsBestPissOnRest

    Hell I’d drive it, but I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Opaldave

    I knew the Bricklin wpould make a comeback!!! :~)

  • MAD_MACh1

    Paint it red and call it a Ferrari then maybe. Otherwise I think the designer needs to thru those transformer movies away.

  • Splimis

    It looks like a bug.

  • Jeff Burger

    Blashphemy! Mustang rocks, Camaro not…

  • Tupalov44

    i  agree with Greg  too over thetop

  • Joe

    it reminds me of the lexus lfa more than a camaro or a mustang. and i agree with greg on this one

  • DueceGT

    Well I like both Mustangs and Camaros and I don’t see much of either one of those in this car. It is sized like a camaro with a few styling cues from the mustang. But you can say that about almost any car, “it is a little like car x and similar to car z” etc. And I don’t think this looks like a muscle car. I can’t see a single thing on this car that I like.

  • Skyler

    its not a muscle car… this would be up setting as a future mustang, or a camaro….

  • t stang

    What a waste of time, unless your a Jetsen. Can it fly too?

  • Dockhash

    Is the concept theme “you are what you eat”? See kids, this is what happens if you go cruising In your mustang and keep snacking on the junk food assortment of camaros, rx-8s, and such!

  • matt

    doesnt look like either

  • Anthony Pizzo

    its looks like a riced out GTR mixed with a Vette its horrible

  • Jjschlange

    too much like a chevy vehicle, look at the tail lights and rear end really looks like a clash of a vette and a camaro, wheres the stang?

  • Rhutton1227

    it looks like a damn mazda……#pleasedontevermakethis

  • Talon420x

    I like it, lol :)
    Now, I know I will recieve a LOT of hate posts for that….but I dont think it’s ugly.

    I DO agree that it needs a sleeker, simpler, less bird beak like front fascia – but this has definate potential IF you enjoy sports cars, but not if you enjoy MUSCLE cars.

    As an owner of a V6 I am intrigued by the idea of a 600HP american made production engine. One that gets 40+ miles to the gallon would be GREAT! Who wouldnt want that???

    Oh and one more thing – the past is gone – the 60’s ended Dec 31, 1969. Stop living in the past. As they used to say ,”if you arent part of the solution, youre part of the problem”. This applies to car design as much as anything else 😛 !

    If  y’all dont like it, lets see YOUR designs, lol 😀

  • Jake

    no disrespect to u tamas jukas…but it sucks!!! don’t stick ur nose in american muscle car business; keep ur european luxury car ideas to yourself!!! ~thanx

  • Trubluoval01

    mustang isnt meant to be a supercar its a MUSCLE CAR!!!! my opinion

  • Travis

    Camaro??? Mustang??? All I see is an ugly vette wishing it mated with a Nissan.

  • yulior

    it is a hot car but not a hot mustang.!! mustangs are muscle cars, bulky and muscular. This is a exotic car, sleek and looks like the batmobile.

  • Jennharris29

    camaro’s and mustangs dont mix. there is no contest MUSTANGS RULE amd camaro fans should (do) know this!

  • Bsanders09

    This is retarded.

  • Steve Lamb

    Looks like a bird of prey…..

  • Jennharris29

    ford never quit with the mustang. even when times were hard.chevy lost site of muscle,and now they are trying to come back. so if chevy lost interest in the camaro why shouldnt the fans. so lets not get sloppy! mustangs are forever and they are getting better each a hardend mustang fan and no other car matters to me. so for the camaro people and mustang people lets just keep mustangs,mustangs and camaros,camaros!

  • Vipergtsrgt1

    I’m fine with it as futuristic concept. Just don’t call it a Mustang. Just like when Pontiac brought out the new GTO. It was a fine enough car, but there was nothing GTO about it. Calling a car something it isn’t just turns us passionate fans of the original against it.

  • doug

    if it is a mesh….why not call it mustaro….or camstang………

  • Surf985

    more like mustang slams into back of nissan…what happened to americcan muscle? this is more like i said: a car chash of ford and shevy slamming into some rice burner…

    • Surf985

      wow i cant type at all…sorry guys haha

  • Matt

    terrible looking car. looks more like a lambo or a mclaren not a muscle car.

  • Dth

    That car is so freaking ugly how the hell did he get that out of mixing up the Mustang and Camaro together? What did the Mustang kick the Camaro in the stomach while it was pregnent? Cause God this is ugly!

  • Fake

    i vomited all over my screen when i saw this

  • Chris

    As a new style European sports car, i say good job. but don’t try to make some insane American muscle machine out of 2 of the most popular A.M. vehicles, slap a v6 in it, make it look like a wrecked corvette, then expect enthusiasts to adapt to the futuristic design. so im sorry Tamas Jukas, keep to designing European cars, stay out of the American Muscle realm because i too would be riding a mountain bike if this was brandishing an American Muscle car label.

  • Mike Sigouin

    It’s an abomination!  =]

  • Dylan James

    Camaro/Mustang mash up? Where’s the Mustang hiding?

  • Green_6er

    At first glance i thought it was a new concept for the lexus lfa (horrible one at that). also i don’t think they should take two different cars and try to “Fuse” them together, it just doesn’t work. the concept looks like shit, don’t design anymore american cars.

  • Simonkishek

  • Offbeatmammal

    not sure I’d really claim Muscle Car heritage there. It’s certainly a pretty looking car but as a Euro or Japanese style … I’d expect that to come from a Nissan or Renault production line but not wear a Mustang or a Camaro badge.

    Any attempt to “update” the look of either of those American classics without having a clear line back to their roots is a mistake… look at an S197 and you can see elements from the Mach1 and even further back. The current Camaro also does a good job and providing nods to it’s roots but while there’s noting wrong with the Bossco it doesn’t really hold up to that lineage

  • Wowcraze17

    Fuck a cameron chevys suck. Id drive the hell out of a mustang any day but not this foreign idea of AMERICAN muscle (mustang) let’s just say if they make this car. I will also be riding a mountain bike. Watch out lance…
    btw SRT10 Viper power

  • MustangFang

    looks like the green ranger

  • Jim

    Keep Chevy and Ford apart! Plus this looks Japanese. No where near a muscle car look.

  • Twolander

    I sat here thinking “how retarded can someone be when it comes to American cars?” And then I saw ‘Hungarian.’ How can some international with no concept of our car history think he can make this?

    And it doesn’t look like a Mustang or a Camaro, it looks like a weird Corvette.

  • Fuckcamero

    soo gay

  • Dylan

    Are you kidding me? Mashing up two completely different companies legendary pony cars? I was kind of insulted by this. What are they going to do? put a LS motor in it with a ford tranny, or vice-versa? Give me a break. This looks like crap, and way too retro-ed out. Ill be next to greg on a Razor scooter if this is what they will produce.

  • Will

    looks like shit. mustang is a mustang. THE american muscle car. not this goofy concept, mix two competitor nonsense. come on dude.

  • JohnRichard

    One primary rule in design is to mimic a natural shape or an animal to make it more appeasing to the eyes…  The first thing I thought of when I seen this  it looks like a parrot, so rule number one in design accomplished…  Remove the silver beak looking front end and the car would look a lot cleaner…. Not so green bird like….  Good day