Hot or Not? 2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car Design


[UPDATE: The 2014.5 / 2015 Ford Mustang has been released! Check out exclusive photos, videos and media from the unveiling as well as the car’s specs and related news.]

There’s no doubt that the Mustang is currently the hottest muscle car on the block, but keeping it that way is going to be a challenge for Ford! In order to lead the pack over the next decade, many people believe that a design change could be in order as early as 2014. This has sparked quite a few renderings and concepts, but I had to pull one of my favorites to show you guys:

2014mustang.jpg2014mustang2.jpg Personally, I think it looks pretty bad ass! There are some design elements I could live without, but this obviously looks like some sort of GT500 concept, rather than a base model. As the 50th Anniversary model develops, I’m sure we’ll hear alot more about the rumors surrounding the car such as an IRS rear and a complete overhaul rather than developing the current platform.

So I want to know what you guys think about this? Hot or Not?

Tell us why in the comments below!


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  • http://none ray

    after seeing what the future looks for the mustang, am so glad I have my 09 shelby gt 500

  • Scott

    My vote’s HOT, except for that humongous tacked-on Audi grill – looks like a bulldog setting up for a big, wet kiss, which is totally out of line with the flowing, muscular design of the rest of the car. Other than that, I like how this concept keeps the angular creases of the current design (themselves a throwback to the taut, perfectly balanced lines of the 99-04 mustangs, of which I own a 2000 Performance Red convertible) and plays them off the sweeping head-and-taillight fairings and bulging fender flares to make the car look like it’s moving when it’s standing still.

    It’s still instantly recognizable as a Mustang, just sleek and powerful the way the GT-40 was. It’s a big step in the right direction, and blows Chevy’s ham-fisted Camaro design clean out of the water.

  • Scott

    No No No. The front looks like the lips from the Rolling Stones emblem and the back is way too curvy and European looking. That is the problem with the 2010-11 style: the back end is too curved and messed up. When Ford redesigned in 2005, it was perfect: square and sharp edges with overhangs and a muscular stance. Stick with that classic look.

  • Justin

    I couldn’t agree more with everything already said. This looks like a European version of the Camaro. I drive a ’00 GT with the heavy clutch and the racing exhaust and I love it as a head-turner. I feel like in more recent years, Ford has shifted its designs from classic muscle feel to practicality. I commute 20 miles one way with my mustang and its a pain at the pump these days. The new 3.7 has demonstrated that shift and honestly, I don’t think Ford will buy this concept. I like it for its gnarly-ness but not for its practicality. I wouldn’t buy it unless I had more money I knew what to do with.

  • Dave

    The back end looks like an Olds Aurora. too much grill, otherwise the lines over the rear wheels remind me of the 69/70 style so I like that part.

    Anyway, I dont know if anyone said this yet but the new redesign is going to be mandatory, because “the next chapter” of mustang is going to be a hybrid electric car. Need to make room in the chassis for batteries and electric motors. Performance will be “enhanced” because there will be electrical motors on the front hubs to make it a pseudo all wheel drive. It will be some kind of a 6 cly. car, with 200 hp worth of elec motors, and then it will be sold to us as “490hp” or something because of the electrical motor rating. it will also see 50+mpg, but I could give a hoot about that.

    I am saving to buy my 5.0 right now. I am driving a 94 5.0, and will shed a tear when the “gas only” mustangs chapter is closed. The Boss 302 is out, the Boss 351 is on the way in a year or two. I hope I have enough cash saved to buy that, as it will probably be the most powerful mustang for the next 40 years, just like the last boss 351 was.

  • Al

    Hey Dave,
    A buddy of mine looked at this concept and the first thing he said was “It looks like that Oldsmobile they made a few years ago, from the rear. I still prefer a lightly modified S197.

  • John

    All cars have to contribute to the fleet average fuel goals or they become a liability. How far Ford wants the mustang to be a liability depends on much more than just what a mustang looks like. Almost all cars are morphing toward a sleek, fuel efficient look because of necessity. Look at the European designs, they almost all look alike. American cars, so far seem to be keeping some “brand personality” but for how long?????

    The new mustang design needs to maintain that individuality while being a part of Ford’s CAFE goals. Not an easy task when you factor in all the safety criteria and creature comforts we all demand….. I have, since high school wanted mustangs and have owned 3. While a stang is not in my stable right now due to other reasons, sooner or later I’ll have another. I’d like to see the designers maintain the mustang individuality that got me hooked in the first place. It’s a general theme here NOT to take on the camaro look. I totally agree. Keep the mustang’s personality and improve that, don’t blend into the crowd!!!!!

  • mickie

    the frontend and rear looks like crap leave it alone

  • Tim

    Who really cares what it looks like! It better have 800++ horse and better be able to turn it up. Bye bye Chevy here come c Dodge. GET it right FORD!

  • Kenevil

    I drive a 2006 Mustang(legend lime). I love the way my car looks and I am happy that it doesn’t look like a camaro. If it looked like a cararo I wouldn’t have bought it. The new style you are looking at looks like a cararo to me and I do not like it at all. I wouldn’t buy one of them if it was 90% off. Make the Mustang look more like it did in the 60’s with a bit of flare and character and you will have a winner… Just my oppion.

  • stevetwnsnd

    Look like a Camaro to anyone else? Just my thoughts>

    • mp

      I agree Steve, they need to stick to their own thing.

    • Mustang_phreak

      yep, that’s what I hate about it. I do like the side exit exhaust & the rear end though.

      • Dernjern

        I’m with you. I only wish Ford would leave off that BLACK CLADDING and stay with body color all over the lower parts of the car, since the introduction of the SN197 design. I know why they use it. To make it look sleeker. But it still looks hippie and heavy. They need to SLIM the sides down, so it will look LEANER and MEANER. I hope Ford does it with the ’14, but looking at the rendering, it looks like they’re stuck using it. No worries though. I’ve owned my ’03 GT for 8 years and still don’t want to part with it. I thought the ’14 might change that. Now I’m not so sure ’till I see the finished design.

      • Wally GT

        I think the side exhaust is a bad idea ” My opinion” nothing say’s amarican muscle better than loud pipes coming from the rear end of the car!!!!

        • Nick (Mustang Lover & Owner)


    • ctcsme

      Yes it does. A Camaro with a fat lip. Need to bring in the Italians to design the body and interior. 

      • Sully808

        Its a Mustang it’s not supposed to have an Italian concept to it. If you want Italian go Ferrari. Now I will agree with the interior as long as they stay to the muscle car concept.

        • Tazz

          thank you keep the Italians away from our Muscle cars

    • Dernjern

      From what I have understood, this was suppose to be a minor facelift to the Mustang in ’13 to get the tail lights flatened out finally, and give the ’13 a shelby front end to keep interest up in the ’10 design, before the GRAND introduction of the 50th anniversary. Ford realizes they had to do something about that back end.

    • Mahlonmccoy

      yes it does not like it 

      • Luis Casequin

        mustangs are narrower and taller instead of being wider ang lower.

    • Guillermo Felix

      No it does not. It looks like a Mustang on steroids ready to take on the Corvette.

    • Sue Miller


    • Chuckie Stephens

      Open up ur eyes. A camaro never could be sexy!!

  • Larry

    J. Mays stated the 2014 Mustang will weigh close to the 65-67 Mustang. That means it must shed 500-800 pounds from the current configuration. So all of you wannabe designers need to reduce your carriage weight of your drawings to accomodate this. The Mustangs guidelines are as follows: short rear deck, long sloping hood, dual exhaust, hatchback (yes, it’s coming back), and 3 bar taillights.

  • Dan

    Agreed this concept looks to much like a Camaro.
    In addition, the front with all that black reminds me too much of a Pug dog.

  • Eddie Dixon

    I have had Mustangs all the way back to 1965.I have a 07 40th Anniversary Shelby GT500,if it had looked like this 2014….I’d have bought a Kamaro!

    • Anonymous

      sad to hear you would have got a Camaro instead of the for just by looking at the concept or not knowing any specs that r in the car. what a shame : (

  • http://facebook Ray

    I think they sold leave the front the way it is and change it in 2016 !!

  • Joseph

    I love the design overall. I think that it does a good job of keeping the good aspects of the 2010 body design while borrowing key aspects from the new Camaro as well. Others will argue me on that point, but I think that the new Camaro design was deffinitely consulted for this one. Especially around the quarter panels and the lines. I really like this mod scheme too and the color scheme really compliments it. I like the widening of the grill. It gives it a much more aggressive look and makes the car’s stance appear more pounce-like. But what I like most about this design is the ease with which it can be modified. I can see some great body kits going on this thing especially ones that can hearken back to the old 60’s Stangs that everybody loves. Louvers, vents, and spoilers are some of my favorites, and who knows, maybe even a Boss kit could be in the works. It would definitely fit this aggressive of a look perfectly!

  • Joseph

    Oh yeah, LOVE SIDE-EXHAUST!!!

  • Sandy

    Looks way too much like a Camaro, as does the 2010+ body style. As for making it look like a Fox body… hell no! Nothing about the Fox body even closely resembles a Mustang. The ’05-’09 Mustang are the only ones that even come close to looking like the true Mustangs of the ’60’s. I own an ’06 GT and although I love the new power trains they are coming out with ie:302’s, I will keep my ’06 rather than go to the new 2010 body style or this ungodly 2014 concept.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you Sandy. Have an ’06 GT conv. and do like the increased HP and 6 spd of the newer models but not the body.

  • James Knight

    If you look at the back of this concept car then look at the back of a lotus elise then you will see a lot of similar qualities. I think ford is trying to go Italian and we need enough support from everyone to keep it ALL AMERICAN!!!!! So everyone tell them how you feel about your new 2014 ITALIAN MUSTANG!!!!

  • lance

    Looks like some of the MUSCLE has been taken away, its bad looking but just dont have that BULK MUSCLE look , like the way they brought it back in the 2007! Hey I am a loyal mustang guy, its bad looking but not say maybe TOUGH look is not there.

  • Greg

    How about a GT500 with a FORD GT Supercar front end and the rear of the FORD GT Supercar as well. Somebody please come out with the design quick. These 2 cars someway have to integrate to compete with corvette and keep FORD GT Supercar the way it is and add more power remember the Ford GT90!!!

  • MindlessMinion

    Despite all there flaws, I like my S197 but understand that Mustang sales can’t rely on baby boomers forever and it needs to forge ahead to attract the under 50 crowd.

    If the Mustang is done with its whole reliance on a Retro theme then they should depart from the current design completely. This concept here looks like some lame camaro wannabe, kiddie hotwheels twist on the same old thing. Who they trying to kid?

    If they’re going to forge ahead and push the envelope of American automotive excellence in the muscle car realm rather than solely rely upon past history, then they better come up with something better than this.

  • J_rod24232

    i like it, and you can see some of the past generation of mustangs in it, for example look at it in the rear end picture, what do you see, i see the 94-98 mustang door and roof look to the car.

  • Caco_n1

    Very nice, this car has a old school yet slick sports look i would definitly love one.

  • Rhonda

    I have a 66 Coupe and a 07 Shelby but won’t be adding this one to my collection. Don’t like the new front end or the back for that matter so I guess if you look at it front the side it’s ok. Go back to the back end you put on them before the 2010 model and the front end on this one – too much of a bottom grill and headlights are too small for all that grill. Just doesn’t have that Mustang feel. Don’t mess with a good thing.

  • Loliverre

    Looks like a Camero wantabe!!!! I love my 69 & 06 and the retro — don’t mess with a winner!!!!!!

    • behvedave

      Wantabe as does

  • Mustanglovrsue

    i like it when cars look like there ‘growling, if that makes sense. this one kinda looks rather see it with the wider face and tail, so it looks like its growling at you when your coming down the road

  • Mustang Lovrsue

    id also like to see the new mustangs sleek, like a ferrarri look if your looking at its side, and the thivk growl face, like the old ‘christine’ car. i love the 2009 style, thats what i drive, but they should try new stuff.

  • Celis34

    im sorry but this looks to much like the camaro..fuck camaro’s…and its getting too flat or wide from the sides and it makes the hood look weak you guys gotta bulk up the hood area make it look tough like the eleanor…

  • Bobby

    Overall, I like the direction that ford is going with this. Im not a fan of the front end. Seems like most arent, I also do see a resemblence to the camaro but its suttle (to me). Luckily this is just a concept drawing. If you look closer it looks like ford is giving us a lot of things that mustang owners had hoped for, for a long time now. Lower to the ground, wider, more aerodynamic, Lighter, IRS, I could be wrong but it looks like it also may be a 2 seater (possible camaro AND corvette killer?), but still factoring in traditional retro mustang looks. Were talking about the 50th anniversary edition mustang here people. I honestly believe ford will be chomping at the bit to make sure we mustang lovers won’t be disappointed In both the looks and performance. I love classic mustangs as much as anyone else, but Im excited about the future of this car as well.

  • Gregoryhrvy

    Too Much Plastic

    • behvedave

      Yeah, the plastic on the car and the palstic in the wallet

  • Andy

    Not a fan of the front.

    Change that and you’ve got a winner!

  • Popacloud9

    looks to much like that bowtie pony

  • Ace

    if ford throws this down the production line i’m in…really in. the side exhaust i’m not in for though

  • Ashley

    If I want a European car, then I’d buy one. I don’t. I want my American Muscle Car….. I don’t like how this car looks like the camaro……

  • Bobdes368

    To European. I will always love 68 thru 70 style.

  • Bill

    Well if this is going to be the smaller Mustang with an IRS rear and would have a 5.4 Aluminum block bored to a 351 engine with the Ford Whipple super charger est. 630 HP that sounds pretty sick It may even take on the ZR1 from the other blog. Personally it looks cool, but Mustang I am not sure I think its loosing the Muscle Car image and becoming a Sports Car maybe even a little exotic. Looks like she’s got a little bit of Italian in her BUTT, From the side you can see the Ford GT coming out and the nose you can see the Shelby but she looks like she has an evil smile on her face which is pretty cool.

    Why do I want to say Ferrari. I wonder how much of this would make it into production.

  • Wayne Hartley

    Like the Front hate the Rear

    • Koo pa

      Yeah, me too.

    • ford#1

      like the rear hate the front

  • Null

    The rear end sort of reminds me of an Astin Martin. Looks cool though!

  • Cubanito_016

    So f#### bad ass , I whant one

  • Linde10

    the lower half of the grill needs to be the same color as thr car/////

  • Blackcrisis2004

    I like everything about the car, but the nose dive in the front,… lose it please.

  • Ls1 Girl

    Looks like a Camaro……Change it. I hate the rear end!!!!

    • Ls1 Girl

      Id like to the the 69 body style come back with more modern interior. thatd be nice id buy it.

  • Fadi Radwan Soufi

    Hot and am burning -.-

  • Damon

    i like the front and the rear all but at the bottom the strips coming out the back are used a little to much i think u shuold find a new idea for that

  • bob

    I love it, however in the front of the vehicle the black plastic has to go. Also it needs the classic mustang 1/4 windows. Like most concepts, its probably never going to look like that.

  • Adotcdotr

    looks like it should be competing with corvettes and gtr’s, but by 2014 im sure their game will be stepped up even further

  • Kevincaz

    Mustangs are muscle cars.. Lets keep them that way..

    • Eric

      No, the Mustang is NOT a muscle car.
      Never was one.
      It’s a Pony car & will only ever be a Pony car.
      Ford hasn’t had a Muscle car since the Torino GT.

      The Camaro/Firebird(Trans Am), (Mercury)Cougar, Challenger/Barracuda, (AMC)Javelin were/are all other Pony cars.

      The ChevelleSS/Cutlass442/GTO/Grand Sport, Mercury(CycloneCJ, Charger/RoadRunner, (AMC) AMX/Rebel(The Machine model) are all other Muscle cars.

      • Blrfl

        pony car…muscle car same thing…still makes alot of noise with alot of power

      • Steveo

        Mustang, not a muscle car. You have got to be s–ting me. Drop in to the seat of a mustang with a 428 CJ and tell me that it’s not a muscle car.

      • Irving

        All those are classic muscle, this is new modern muscle!

      • Brad

        Had 3 429 Cobra Jets. 71 Torino 500 auto, 71 Torino Cobra 4 speed and a 71 Cougar auto, all factory cars and all very much muscle cars.

      • Roland

        if it was not for mustang (#1 muscle car) there would not be any camaro (girly car) i have a 2007 mustang with a V6 that blew the doors off a 1969 chevelle with a 350. hows is that for what you think is not a muscle car. mustang has always been the BEST that is why Carrol Shelby went with MUSTANG

      • paul

        I own a 2008 SHELBY GT/SC 620 HP If that is not muscle you tell me what is. You must be a GM lover who can’t the pressure of real muscle looks like. Mustang all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dean Hardman

        Loved my Roadrunner.

    • Guillermo Felix

      They are Muscle Cars. But they will have to change in the future. So yeah ..

  • Special K

    umm not to much of chevy is it? well i think soo lets keep it muscle

  • Kona Blue

    Like the rear the front is a bit overdone.