Hot or Not? 2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car Design


[UPDATE: The 2014.5 / 2015 Ford Mustang has been released! Check out exclusive photos, videos and media from the unveiling as well as the car’s specs and related news.]

There’s no doubt that the Mustang is currently the hottest muscle car on the block, but keeping it that way is going to be a challenge for Ford! In order to lead the pack over the next decade, many people believe that a design change could be in order as early as 2014. This has sparked quite a few renderings and concepts, but I had to pull one of my favorites to show you guys:

2014mustang.jpg2014mustang2.jpg Personally, I think it looks pretty bad ass! There are some design elements I could live without, but this obviously looks like some sort of GT500 concept, rather than a base model. As the 50th Anniversary model develops, I’m sure we’ll hear alot more about the rumors surrounding the car such as an IRS rear and a complete overhaul rather than developing the current platform.

So I want to know what you guys think about this? Hot or Not?

Tell us why in the comments below!


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  • John “OCStang” O’Connor

    Do you think they are going to do a redesign for 2014 or wait til 2015? the 2004 was the last of the new edge body style and the 2009 was the last of the first s197 body style before the redesign in 2010… I think the 2014 should be the same as the 2010 and then start the next 5 years with a redesign… that way the anniversary edition can close out the previous chapter… but either way, that design is hot… lol

    • JamesT

      I think it be great for a new car.. as far as a mustang.. idk its got a european look, not really american muscle..ish to me. dont get me wrong i like it but if were gunna go that route i liked the exterior of the mustang concept a few years ago when that Italian designed it, he just failed with the interior

      • Mike

        I think the new design is like a european look. Its not American at all and as far as it saying that the Mustang is no doubt the hottest car right now is a little exagerated. I love all Muscle cars whether ford or Chevy and honestly the new Camaro is more of a head turner than the new Mustangs.

        • curious onlooker

          You’re a douchebag

          • Fourfinger49

            Don’t care for the concept look, but do like the red with black, and I own a 04 Mustang.  len

          • Reggiediamse

            Chill out people! This concept rendering did not come from Ford. You have to remember the car is going global just to make the Mustang financially viable. I have faith that whatever Ford develop as far as design, performance, price etc., it will be praise worthy and it will be AWESOME.

            Question: Do you think the Camaro & Challenger can keep the current body styles the way it is for another decade and be competitive? I hardly think so. Ford created a legend a new category of sports car/muscle car (Pony Car) when they introduced the 1964 1/2 Mustang then others followed suit.

            The next generation Mustang coming out in 2014 as the 50th anniversary line will again set a new standard that others will copy.

            I myself owned a 1966 GT 2+2 fastbck and my brother owned a 1967 fastback and another brother owned a 1971 fastback. We are Mustang fanatics. I liked the 05-’09 styles but didn’t like the 4.6 V8 and I liked the ’10-’12 Mustangs with 5.0 V8 but the rearend was a downer.

            I am excited for the next generation Mustang and I am geting one. I am saving up for it now and no matter what it looks like I know it will be fast and awesome!!!

            Cheer up Mustang nation!!! Camaro & Challenger are shaking in their boots for the coming of the one and only legitimate “PONY CAR”.

            Peace out man… :)

    • Greg

      honestly, it may be just me but i hate to see these cars get more and more futuristic looking. i know its just me being stubborn because its inevitable that this would happen, but the more dependent on computers and electronics these cars become, the more upset i get. i got my first mustang when i was 16 and it was right about the time the honda civic became the most abundant car on the road. i hated them and was so proud my car wasnt a computerized whiny peice of crap. seems as though those days are about to end…

      • Daniel

        I agree. I just bought a 2011 5.0. its fast dont get me wrong. But all the pedals are hydrolic, the trany is nice but its so smooth i feel like i may break it if i get on it to hard. My 04′ Mach 1 however, has a VERY heavy clutch, heavy throttle, you can hear the air being sucked into the engine and the sound coming out the back rattles windows… im just saying that muscle should look and feel like muscle. not just have iconic badges glued to the sides.

        • Mat

          I couldn’t agree more, not only too sanitary but are way too porky. Lets get back to the size of the fox body.

          • Jimmy

            You got it, that’s the rite size!

          • DirtyGirls

            yeah agreed with the size bit. the 2011 weighs about 800lbs more than my 97 Roush… 3785lbs to 2980lbs

        • Sota

          I drive a 2000 GT and couldn’t agree more! The 1999-2004 was a great model.

        • steven

          hey i like ur pov if it says muscle anywhere on any car it shuld be loud and fast as hell u get me and daniel i like that u can hear that

        • Marc

          The Mustang will never be a whiny piece of computerized crap. But with technology comes electronics, computers, and the uselessness of mechanical controls. Smoother acceleration, transmission shifts designed to keep you in your power band and for the love of GOD and all it’s predecessors, this Mustang now is the most powerful ever built by Ford. What’s funny is, this sounds like the same conversations in Mustang magazines back in the day when the 86 GT’s became EFI cars….”It’s the end of performance!”

          • clayton

            Yeah its hard to get on the band wagon when we have fell in love with the current and past models but i think your right change is good. I hope they can find a way to lose the weight though. people want to much from there cars now. just make it faster than the others! lol… price goes up with all the glass roof and nav stuff. at the same time i want my daily driver to have nice stuff like that too. Im getting a late 80’s early 90’s 5.0 and keeping it simple. lol…

        • Fuck Daniel

          It’s “hydraulic,” dumbass.

          • Shane Yarrington

            nice …

        • Cory

          would definately own a mach 1 over a new GT, even if it doesn’t have as much power, kenne belle or vortech help us out with that problem…

          i have a 2002 still pretty sharp, turns many heads and it’s stock besides the catless flowmaster exhaust she rattles too =D

        • Reg:D

          You should appreciate the modern advancement of the new Mustangs. The soft pedals will reduce foot fatigue and the smooth shifter helps go through gears accurately and easy = faster ET. This is the same feel with my 540i BMW so cheer up! 

      • Kory

        EXACTLY! And this concept even has some flair of the new Camaro. I’m not crazy about it, it’s a Mustang keep it that way! Not bad, but just not what I would have hoped for.

        • Chuck

          I agree,although I do like the overall look. It appears a GT500 head a collision will a Camaro and a Ferrari.

          • clayton

            true that. concepts are always wild though.

          • Colin

            i seriously was thinking the same thing! dont get me wrong, i love all those cars, just not together…

      • Cody

        na, i feel the exact same way, i hate how they keep making the mustangs more and more rounded. They need to go back to the old edgy look and sharp look of the rugged, pure power of the mustangs.

        • Matt

          i agree 10000% they need to keep the old school look with the the mustangs. thats what they are about. this is way too european. the mustan is an AMERICAN ICON. they need to keep it that way. big motor, mean style and super loud.

        • Reg:D

          Just for your information old looks will not increase sales and be sustainable. This is the future and whether you like it or not the Mustang will go global and modern just to make it competitive and financially viable. Have faith in Ford, just appreciate what it might be, it would still be an awesome Mustang.

      • hater

        look at it this way a futuristic stang is better than a shitty little rice burner either way

        • joel

          i agree muscle cars need to be loud and fast, but most people i know prefer the 99-04 stangs over the fox stang

    • Gene-O

      they need to at least get the grill back to the 68 look. That grill and profile lines define Mustang. Heck for the 50th how about pick up more on the 65 lines and grill

    • Jon

      2014 is the 50th anniversary which is why they are doing the redesign then. Nine years is long enough for the s197 platform lol. They need to update to keep sales up with the competition.
      This design is the best concept one I’ve seen yet!

      • mark

        the s197 was only out for 2005-2009 so um…… do the math that’s not 9 years buddy

        • Jon

          actually..umm..buddy. The s197 is the platform which is still in use and will be until 2014. sn-95 is 94-04 (99 is usually called new edge sn-95) and fox body is 79-93. although technically the sn-95 is a variation of the fox platform. therefore the 2011 is STILL s197 platform. buddy

          • Marc

            True Jon, I’ve even heard Fox 4platform

    • William

      I completely agree, they should end this body style with the 2014’s, and do the redesign for 2015. It would be the perfect way to start the new mustang chapter.

    • Charlie

      I like it, it looks hot but it looks to much like the cameros and that I dont like. They need to come up with a better design.

    • Mustanggirl03

      Looks like a Mustang hit a Lamborghini & a Dodge Challenger at the same time & this is what came out! Not American or Mustang. Hard to imagine it as a ‘stang, but I’m old school & say why change what works?! I wouldn’t buy it or drive it.

    • bigred

      its ok but to me the contours of the car looks like a camaro they should go for a different and their own look IMO

    • Bill Bradford

      2014 is the Mustang’s 50th Anniversary, so a new body would be in style

    • nick

      they’ll probably have a brand new mustang for 2014 seeing as it is the 50th anniversary. that’s my thinking atleast.

    • Synyster06Gates

      Yeah I think they will do a new redesign for 2014. It’s the 50th Anni of the Mustang!

  • Andew Bryant

    I think it looks too much like the camaro, which im not exactly a fan of, it needs to be its own car and stick to its own design

    • Kate

      I agree.

    • Ausitn

      Yes, too much of a camaro look. Also, loose the lower rear valence ‘fins’, the car isn’t going to be seeing Ford GT speeds.

      • Melissa

        Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

      • Blown 4.6L

        The new 5.0 is close to reaching GT speeds and the 2011 GT500 is right there already. Its not that it “needs” the rear valence, it just looks cool.

      • http://noen Tom

        This has Kamero lines.
        The hood is ok, but the black intake resemble a large mouth bass. Please!
        What’s with the headlight surround? Keep working on a look.

    • Randy S.

      Yep If I want a Camero I would get one ! Its hard to find a car with its own personality …say like a charger. Too many (cookie cutter ) cars , come on FMC , make it your own !

      • Cody

        Chargers are hideous, and this looks nothing like a camaro. It looks pretty similar to the 2010 to me, just more aggressive!

        • Shawn Krawetzki

          I think all the dodge cars look the same – at least in the front end – only slight variations… The Charger, Magnum, and Avenger… the only one that really has personality is the Challenger if you like a giant boat!

        • Blown 4.6L

          Agreed 100%

    • Justin

      This is exactly what I’ve been saying since the 2010 came out. It just continues morphing towards a camaro more and more.

      • Eugene

        If you actually look at cars in general over the years you will see that all cars have similarities in appearance. Do I think the Mustang is morphing into a camaro? No The mustang has always kept its iconic lines which are always subtle yet noticeable on every model remember the mustang was first to production before the new Camaro the 2010 stang is based on the 05-09 model with more curves and little more flare same as the 99-04 models were to the 95-98.

        • Timb

          the mustang has not always kept it’s lines. for example the 1979 foxbody stang looked nothing like a mustang. unless you include the blue oval and the pony badge as design ques… this 2014 rendering looks horrible. for a stang. as a euro designed car sure it’s not bad. but wth would i want a euro stang?

    • Kyle

      I agree too. Its too wide… looks like a tank. but still ha the mustang look

    • Becca

      I agree. Too similar to Camaro. Keep it Mustang. Also, rear ‘fins’ seem impractical for typical driving..

      • Mike

        yea. it needs a more rounded of a hood..bumper is questionable

    • George Albrecht

      I agree don’t like camaros

    • Nick

      I agree. While it looks low and aggressive I think a lot of the design (sitting down with bulged wheel wells) is a little too crapmero. I like the heat extraction hood, and I dig the back end. I think if they were to streamline some of the front or on the fenders, it would be more Mustang and less parts bin behind the GM factory

    • Marsha

      I definitely agree. Though the new Camaro’s look like the Mustang to me. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Mustangfuego

      I am with you on this, allot of people are putting that they like but I hate the fact that they give it a camaro look also, we need to stick to the more husky look, not this aerodynamic wanna be europe car, this is american and we should keep it that way….!!!!

    • Stan Goodwin

      I agree, to Camaro like

    • james

      I dont see it Looks FORD to me. Put new 389sohc with a big screw

    • Kory

      EZACTLY! It’s a Mustang, this look says Camaro wanna be!

    • Jacob Boere

      totally agree looks like a camaro. IT NEEDS MORE BODY LINES. as a body shop owner and proud owner of a 02 GT if u get in a wreck with that design on the rear end, you have to replace the bumper wich is connected to both quarter panels and thats a nightmare lol.

  • Kate

    I don’t like it. Something about the front end looks too feminine and un-muscle like. The way the hood curves down over the lights makes it look sleepy, and the hood looks shorter than it is traditionally on muscle cars. American muscle is known for long hoods. The back is alright though.

  • Richard

    I’d go with a full fastback profile (’67-’73 esque), and stay with the ’66 Shelby-esque rear quarter windows and rear exit exhaust, otherwise I LOVE this concept! I think Ford wants to celebrate the 50th Anniversary with a whole new car, which means the current car will only last through the 2013 model year. And now that there’s a Boss 302, I would LOVE to see what form a new Boss 429 would take!

    • George Albrecht

      You got it. Take the look of the 71-72-73 Machi and make it new

      • Stanley

        71-73? Are you kidding me? Next to the Mustang II, that was probably the ugliest ‘stang ever created!

        • Mcrider53

           They should make it look like a ’69 – ’70 Mach 1

        • wsextonm

          When I walked into the showroom and bought my 1973 Mach 1 it was the most impressive Mustang ever made and my dream had finally come true and I have never stopped loving Mustangs.

  • Gordon Lampley

    A skunk has strips too, doesn’t make it hot.

  • Taylor

    I like everything the way it is, except for the large black grill on the front bumper. Should be “thinner.” I like the Shelby-esk flow of the hood to the headlights, but this grill looks like a pair of large lips!?

    • cory

      I agree they need to slim it down to big more like a luxury car then muscle…

    • Thomas

      I agree that the grille is off. The upper half is fine, lower opening needs raised alot if not completely closed. As for Camero looks, I’d say its the top of the rear quarters when looking from the front that gives that impression. Hate the back end. Suggest they start by getting rid of the “crowning”, straighten it out, add a wing. ’07 was last rearend I liked, been too Euro since.

  • PrintessLeah

    too boxy & too round! needs more sleekness & to look less like a chrylser!!

  • Antoni

    It is so similar to the new Saleen’s body kit ;), I’m thinking the designer combined available bodykit in the US market to draft this car (Exhaust, Rear defuser, Hood, …)

  • Ryan

    I think it looks like a mix between the new camaro and the newer body style eclipses…..kind of a weird combo

  • Denise Jones

    Looks good from the front, BUT the rear end still does not look right. Mustangs always had FLAT taillights. Needs to be more like the S197.

    • J. Young

      I agree, don’t care for the new, go back to the flat style…

  • Jeff R

    Love the side-pipes, but put back the quarter-panel windows and go back to the 05-09 front end.

    • Kevin

      Completely agree, the 05-09 front end looks the closest to the classic mustangs which also had the quarter-panel windows, the rear end is not bad but could definitely be better

      • shep

        I’m glad that I bought a 2008GT. Like the sharper lines and not the rounded lines of the newer ones. It is like what they did to the Thunderbird when they reintroduced it. They went from the crisp lines of the 1955 -1957 birds and rounded everything about the new ones of 2000’s and completely destroyed the concept of a personal sports car

  • James S. Mason

    Looks great, but from the back of the fender to the rear of the car, it looks kind of Camaro-ish. But it does look pretty amazing.

  • Randy S.

    Like it and love the stangs! But this looks too much like the Camero , think they could do better! Just my opinion , keep up the good work !

  • Rusty L

    Uh…..looks like a Mustang crossed with a Viper and a Camaro. The front borrows heavily from the Shelbys, while that’s not a bad thing; it just makes me wonder what THEY will look like? I’ll keep my ’08 GT/CS convertible, thank you!

  • Mike B

    I agree with Kate about the hood…and agree with Richard about keeping the quarter windows…as others have said…it does look to MUCH like the camaro…not a fan of that…..LOVE the Mustang to be it’s own…. other than that…it looks good……

  • Arvin


    It looks more like Italian cars

    Lets keep and preserve the looks of the real Muscle Car!

  • Laurie

    I have an ’06 GT… I don’t like the rear-end of the 2010+, nor do I like to smooshed up grill… too much like the Camaro… and the rear-end has too much of a “foreign” flavor if that makes sense. Mustang tail-lights are flat and straight… Also, the rear windows have GOT to return. The side pipes are alright, and the hood itself is hungry… but the front end has to change…

    My first Mustang was a ’66 all original… and now my ’06… I like ’em.

  • Chris B.

    Sine the 2005 model was styled after the 1964/1965 Mustang and the 2010 model seemed to be styled more after the 1969/1970 Mustang, does this mean the 2014 Mustang shoudl be styles after the 1974-1978 Mustang II?

  • Paul

    Looks like a cross over between viper & camaro :( Not liking the look!

  • PonyCarz4Ever

    Never liked the ’10 tail lights, and the nose looks too much like a mistsubishi(t), and you don’t need any GM styling on a Mustang..
    I’ve been wondering what they will do for the next car, but not this.
    Too hard to see out the back as it 1/4 windows is worse.
    And if they decide to make it bigger, like they did in ’69, it will be Too much like the Cough-marow…How about a MustangII tribute type car?

  • Stephen P

    THUMBS DOWN! I think that a refreshing body style is nice and all but dont mash 3 cars together to make an ugly mustang. keep it simple and most of all MUSCLE!

  • ’04 GT Kat

    Okay well I think the front end looks way too much like the Camero and the back end looks like the current generation. Love the side pipes!!! For the 50 year anniversary they need to do something very aggresive and exotic but make it still look like a member of the Mustang family. You can’t have an Amercian Muscle car cross breed. That’s just wrong.

    Cheers from England

  • Cully Waggoner

    I don’t like it that’s going too far. Too much like a Camaro around front and the fenders. The design should evolve the way the original car did. Design more along the lines of the ’69 Mustang. Bring back the traditional ’68 – ’69 Hood Scoop with the turn signals in the back or the ’70 Mach 1 twin hood scoops low in front maybe even put the Shaker Scoop on it. Needs a Rear Spolier or a simple Rear Wing as well.

  • William

    Hot.. But….. the curves are reminder of the old corvettes… not that its a bad thing… beautiful….. I dont really care for the rear end… but could get over that…

  • 07 GT Dave

    I voted for HOT! But I still like the s197 body. Came the closest to the 67 – 69 body. I also agree that the rear fenders are Camaro-ish. Good thing it only a concept and hopefully the designers will stop sniffin Chevy paint.

  • steve

    I don’t like it as much as the 2005 -2009 body type. It does have a euro look to it. I agree, that at first it looks a liitle like the current Camaro. But I think it is more euro.

  • Brent 65 stang

    Ford needs to quit screwing around and build the Iacocca concept car. It is a beauty!

  • Brad

    I will keep my 93 Cobra thank you. The current body style is as close to the 60’s mustangs that we can get with modern design. Too smooth to be a mustang. I agree that it looks a bit like the Camaro, and that is one FUGLY car.

  • Mike

    Those that don’t like the look of the front shouldn’t worry about it. Probably all they’ll ever get to see is the back anyway!

  • Trez

    Nope. The 2005-2009 was the best looking car. It had all the right lines in all the right places. This thing has a guppy mouth and an ugly a**. If it was at a bar, you wouldn’t want your wingman to pick it up. Wanna out sell the Camaro? Put the IRS, 5.0 and the new interior in this:

    You’re welcome Ford. I just sold 1 million Mustangs – and I don’t have a design degree. I just know what looks cool.

    And this doesn’t.

    • John


    • http://DeistAutomotive Derek

      sorry but the car is just too smoothed over and is far from street legal, it has no visible side markers on the front or rear. It just looks boring, I would pass even if it was free

      • GT ALEX

        Seriously? this car was produced already. and honestly it would take fuck all to make it mass production legal. it wont happen but your reasons aern’t valid at all.

  • Chris

    This beast isn’t just “HOT” but “SEXY AS ALL HELL” as well! Damn, I wish I could afford one of these! It just isn’t fair!

  • Shades

    I’ve been a fan of Mustangs for years, but I must say, NOT for this new look! If you ask me, ’67-70 and ’05-’09 look the best. The ’10-’12 mustangs aren’t bad, but not this new crap. Too curvy, too sleek, and just wrong. If they’re looking for something for the 50th anniversary, go for a look that’s more like the original Mustang.

  • Brady

    It looks too much like a camaro with a mustang front end

  • Lou

    It is a hot looking car just not as a MUSTANG.

  • jmizgala

    I think it’s trying to look like a ferrari or lamborghini which it isn’t, stick to the roots from wenst you came, decent car but it should not be called mustang and ruin a legendary name.

  • nate

    At first glance it looks pretty good but the more I look at it. It just doesn’t have the mustang style that I fell in love with. A Mustang should look like a mustang.

  • Mike

    Have to agree with Brady and a few others. It looks like a Camaro that mated with a Mustang. Looks decent in the front and Chevy in the rear! Kind of like a high speed collision caused them to morph into a strange vehicle that doesn’t have an identity of it’s own! Makes you wonder if you couldn’t order it through Chevrolet.

  • Jacob

    Hot?…. More like sexy!! That car shows what true muscle is all the curves, the sounds are always perfect and mean! 100% sex on wheels!! I can’t wait until 2020 and stuff like that!!

  • http://Facebook sean

    Own an ’05. Its unmistakingly a mustang! This is nothin’ but a Camaro with mustang badges!

    • John

      Amen brother!

    • Cody

      05-09 was the ugliest body style since the mustang II

  • John

    Nice Camaro! This car as lost almost every one of the design cues of the Mustang. Now it has a stupid “grin” as well. Glad I bought my 05 GT when I did.

    • Cody

      05’s are hideous.

  • Chuck

    Too Camaro-esque for my taste. What’s with the “smiling” headlights? Lose the rear fascia too. The side exhaust is “eh”, pretty OK.

  • Kevin

    I love it, has a mean and aggresive look. I see some people comparing it to the Camaro, but to me the front end and grill looks A LOT like the new 2011 Dodge Charger.

  • Andy

    If this turns out to be what the real car looks like… I’m going to cringe every time I see one drive by. Personally I think it sucks. They say they want to get rid of the retro look and go for something new. This is like a bad in-between. But that’s just my opinion.

  • ozzy

    The car looks great just not the front it looks like a camaro.

  • http://DeistAutomotive Derek

    I would take this car and throw it in the crap pile with all the civics integras, and all the other ricers out there, looks like someone wanted the feel and power of the mustang but wanted the front end of an evo x and the rest like a camaro with some block ass exhaust tips with a curvey body! Just simply, FUGLY

  • Mike

    Before I checked any of the comments my first thought was the C-WORD!!! Come on man. It looks Mustang enough on the front, but the back just says copy-cat Cam-mm-mm-aa-row-row. Same with the bulging fenders. Build a Ford and not a damn transformer, please.

  • 32V-SVT

    The rear looks great with what hopefully is a “functional” rear Diffuser… I hope they keep the rear quarter windows since these keep the legacy Mustang look alive. I don’t like the front grill treatment in black which looks a lot like the Audi’s, Mitsubishi’s Subaru’s and VW’s attempt to make what appears to be a larger single front grill opening… Don’t like the headlights angled into a smile either… Very Camaro looking… Hope they don’t change the front end like this at all. They should stay along the lines of the 2011 Shelby GT500 with the front Driving lamps and turn signals. Like what was said above, add an updated IRS, a 6 speed that doesn’t grind the 1-2 shift, and a high powered 5.0 with a supercharger. = )

  • clevie

    It looks good but it also looks like a glorified Jaguar!’s what i would doFMC…I’d take a 67 fastback make the glass flush,add todays technology in suspension,interior,lights, with a superchargered 5.4 and a Foose look wheels that tuck…

  • David

    I still say they should bring back the Couger complete with hideaway headlights, using the Mustang platform.

    • Jeff

      I had a 69 Cougar with a 351. Loved that car; even with all its 60’s shortcomings, stepping on the accelerator was a great adventure, every time. It also got about 8-11 MPG. It’d be interesting to merge the two, keeping the existing 2007-ish signature Mustang profile, but with hidden headlights, sequential rear turn signals, duals from the headers back, direct fuel injection, CAI, and an adjustable suspension. Toss in three performance tunings on board from the factory…dull and cheap, perky, and hold on to your yarbles. It’s all out there already, so why not include it and let the more pedestrian of us have a little fun on a Saturday, and then cheap it out on that snow covered road that covers my life 6 months of the year.

  • Charlie

    looks like a Camaro wanna be to me..