Here’s the 900HP Mustang From the Need For Speed Movie

2014 Need For Speed 900 HP Shelby GT500

Anyone looking for a new car movie to go see will be in for a pleasant surprise. Dreamworks, Ford and EA are producing Need for Speed, a spin off the popular Electronic Arts video game series. The movie will include a 900 horsepower Mustang (seen above), custom designed by Ford in collaboration with Dreamworks and Electronic Arts.

Taking center stage throughout the movie, this modified GT500 will be the minion car for the movie’s hero, Paul, who seeks revenge after being framed for his friend’s murder.  The Mustang is sporting a wide-body kit much like the package available for the current GT500s, 22 in rims and a host of other performance modifications. With other popular movie cars selling for upwards of $1 million (see Eleanor from Gone in 60 seconds), I’m sure you’ll see this Shelby on the auction block going for a hefty sum in the near future.

Need For Speed is set to air March 14th, 2014, but if you’re looking for a Mustang on the big screen this summer, Getaway airs on August 30th and features a ballsy Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

Need for Speed’s GT500 is up there with the nicest Hollywood Mustangs, but what is your favorite big screen movie Mustang of all time?

News Source: MustangsDaily

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