Hear The 2015 Mustang’s Turbo 4 Cylinder Caught on Video

2015 Mustang 4 Cylinder S550 Driving Around Arizona

The sneaky prototype testers at Ford unleashed a small army of test vehicles, including the ever-elusive 2015 Mustang S550, on Flagstaff, Arizona–7,000 feet above see level in what was apparently a high-altitude test run. The tipster who caught everything on camera claims to have seen “4-5 pickups, 4-5 mustangs v8 auto and manual v6 , and turbo 4, cmax, smax, and a couple others” rolling around the town. This might be the confirmation we were looking for that Ford is indeed employing a three motor lineup for 2015 that includes a turbo 4 cylinder, the 3.7L V6 and the 5.0 Coyote.

With the full-on camo and what appears to be smaller brakes than what we’ve seen in video of 2015 V8 Mustangs, the turbo 4 cylinder appears to be classed as a base-level or mid-range model, not set to compete with the 2015 GTs.

This tipster also noted that the pack of prototypes were making laps around the town for quite some time, stating:

“They are making laps between Super Pawn on Milton av, and Verizon on 89 for hours.”

This definitely sounds like some late-stage developmental testing, and it seems America just might be getting another SVO after all.

  • Colin Angus

    wish my 4cyl fox sounded that ballsy when I had it.

    • Ed

      Yeap,,,Looking forward to a turnkey 2.3 crate motor, should move a sub 2000lb RWD Fox body just fine… Thanks Ford

  • Isaac Garcia

    For a 4 cylinder that sounded pretty aggressive

  • Gary Ugarek

    Sounds like the V6 to me. Proof that it is the 4?

    • Jacob Denver

      You can hear the turbo and it clearly sounds like a 4 banger.

      No proof of course but the trained ear can hear it.

      • Michael Santosuosso

        I can hear the turbo clear as day, but it sounds like a boosted 6, maybe they are test mule’n the 2.7 TT eco or the rumored 3.5 Eco GT500

    • Michael Santosuosso

      Me too!!! Looked like a convertible too!!