Video: 2015 Mustang Photos & Video, Live From The Set of Good Morning America!

We caught the 2015 Mustang being rolled onto the set of Good Morning America, and let me be the first to say this car is stunning in person!

The 2015 Ford Mustang was brought out a bit early in front of the set of Good Morning America and the crew here at AmericanMuscle was there to gather exclusive photos and video, before the car was shown on the show.

While the photos do this car no justice, the video will help you grasp just how flashy and inherently “Mustang” it really is. What you’re seeing is the 2.3L EcoBoost 4 cylinder with a performance package.

2015 Ford Mustang at Good Morning AmericaThe color is race red, one of the 2015 Mustang’s color options and the trim appears to be a performance package of some kind, but this is not the GT (This car has the standard hood and amber turn signal markers). While Ford isn’t calling this one the “SVO” quite yet, the Mustang community inevitably will. The car is stunning, and with a 305HP turbocharged 4 cylinder, it’s got more than enough power from the factory to back it up.

It might be wise to reserve final judgement on this car until you get the opportunity to see one in person. This is one Mustang you’ll need to see and touch (maybe even a burnout or two) before you decide whether you like it or not.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  • Danielle Briones


  • Jeremy Jones

    It’s a very nice car…but I can’t help but see a 2 door Ford Fusion with “slightly” different headlights and a different rear end.

    • Andrew Cilio

      I totally understand that and I’m convinced this is just one of those cars you have to see in person. The photos and even the video do it no justice at all

    • Luke Aaron Huseby

      From the front yeah. From the back and sides I see the late 60s Mustangs. Actually, I see the Explorer from in the parallel door lines. :) I really don’t mind seeing ques from other Ford vehicles. All the other car companies do it. However, I am sure that MMD and American Muscle will have some products that will help people get rid of the Musion front end. I think it is a very sharp car and I would love to own one!!

  • Jim Jenkins

    A four [4] cylinder, dual exhaust and not a convertible? I won’t mention it looks a little like a Camaro EH?

    • Luke Aaron Huseby

      Remember, that without the Mustang in 1964, chevy would not have built the Camaro In 1966. And they copied a lot of styling cues from the Mustang. So, did Dodge with the challenger.

      • Luke Aaron Huseby

        I do like Camaros and Challengers too BTW. I really never understood the pissing match that often ensues between owners. If I could I would have a Jay Leno garage full of cool cars!

  • Shane

    I like it, I prefer my 11, but I do like the new one as well.

  • Francisco Flores

    Lets see what the V8 and the SVT versions look like!

  • Will H

    Me….I see Toyota Scion written all over this one. As if the Ford Design Team had office windows overlooking a Toyota car lot.

    Sorry, in trying to give the Mustang a more ‘global’ look and feel they’ve just made it blend into an already crowded field, and they’re late to the game

  • Brandon Deere

    Seems like a big heavy car to go with a turbo 4. I love a turbo and I’m sure there will be plenty of add ons, but that’s going to stress that engine pretty hard.

    • Nick L

      your talking over 300HP and close to 30 mpg also fords been putting the ecoboost in the edge and hasn’t had any issues weight is irrelevant with the ecoboost due to the massive amounts of trq at the low end

  • Joe Nicklo

    Ford seems to really struggle making a good looking rear end on the Mustang. From almost every Mustang from the Fox Body to current, they have great looking front end designs but once you get to the back its like — “Whoa wtf?!?!” The 05-09 GT-500’s and California Special models get a pass here.

    • Luke Aaron Huseby

      That is what I love about my 05GT. I hear ya. It’s like a hatchback but not… I like this back end. But, I can see why others don’t I hope AM will have a cool GT500-like spoiler to make her look like shes got a little more a$$!!

  • Mark

    Justin.I respect ya and I know ya rep the True-Stangs. and work for AM .. sorry cat this ride is not viable for the pony badge. I hope MMD and Raxiom and the rest of the AFTER-Market Crew come out with some add-ons to make this look more like a MUSTANG not a Musion.. Lovin my 13 more n more

    • thatnerdygirl

      Heh, “Musion” is right. After I saw this unveiling, I wanted to go outside and hug my 2011.

      • Mark

        Right on hug that stang.. LOL the new one has button start too…. F-series truck stying for the audio center. Cut n paste. Cut n Paste.

      • armywife4

        You do realize that the trolls said the same thing about your car when it came out and the stang before and the stang before and on and on. The thing is that you don’t own mustang you may own a mustang but you don’t own the brand ford does and apparently according you if you did own it we would all still be driving the exact same 65 coupe for the past 50 years.

        • Dennis Cantrel

          You are absolutely right without change things become mundane, I like the look of the new mustang, I also like the fact that they designed a 4 cylinder model, I have always been a fan of the 2.3 L. Way to think out side the box Ford you never cease to amaze me, Very nice smooth clean lines.

  • Trevor

    Love my ’13, but Justin’s probably right, it is a beautiful car. No real surprises in design, just reflects Ford’s effort to lure in a younger fanbase by offering all the newest bells and whistles. Btw, am I the only one thinking that Justin’s got one of the best freakin’ jobs in the world?!

  • William Testa

    Was a little skeptical about this reveal, the drawings and spy photos weren’t the best, but that said…I think it looks pretty cool…..

  • irving

    disgusting, lost the spirit of mustang, I can only say that mustang died, it seems that copied the accord in 2011 to 4-cylinder

    • vince seneri

      WAKE UP FORD! It’s a Fusion on steroids! Please don’t screw up the Ford Pick-Ups!

  • Justin Spivey

    The headlights, taillights and quarter panel body line needs to be changed. Its just not the aggression you’ve come to expect from a mustang. The 2013? gorgeous!! ESPECIALLY THE TAILLIGHTS!!!!!!

    • AnneHappy

      well this is the non-GT version. but I doubt the taillights & quarters will change. maybe slightly different headlights & more aggressive front bumper.

  • Dave Preston

    If you look at the 1968 Torino, Galaxie, and Mustang, you will see MANY similarities. I see no problem with the 2015 resembling the Taurus and Fusion, which are also very nice looking cars. The 2015 Mustang resembles other Fords. It does NOT resemble AM, Jag, or a piece of garbage Chinese-owned Shivvy.

  • Adam Vallee

    Your right its just another 2 door Ford Fusion…. This Fusion-Mustang is now a global car and by doing so they ruined it! The 2015 is Complete JUNK. It’s like Ford went back to the Mustang II days. I would take a Chevy Camaro over this any day!!!!!.. But I guess It’s, ok as this flop only makes My ’05 worth more….

    • vince seneri

      WAKE UP FORD! YOUR MESSING UP THIS CAR DESIGN AGAIN LIKE YOU DID IN THE 80’s AND 90’S….It’s a Fusion on steroids! Please don’t screw up the Ford Pick-Ups!

  • dollface an

    I’m sorry guys I have a black on black 99 convertable. This car is my next toy and I can’t wait

    • Alan Dallas

      Don’t apologize to the haters. Like what you like. A 2015 Mustang GT is in my future for sure.

    • Luke Aaron Huseby

      I think the haters are just worried that they may have to take a second mortgage out on their trailer houses to afford the 2015 and all its modern features!! haha!! I’m just kidding! I love my 05GT hillbilly hot rod!!

  • Charles Hollier

    The base looks good. Can’t wait for the GT and Mach 1.

  • Richard Reed

    American Muscle it is not! Musion is something that hit the nail on the head. Looks like a fusion front fascia with a new mustang rear. Hopefully they will make some changes within the near future or make a new model. Hopefully my view will change when I see it in person.

    • vince seneri

      Agreed! Ford Struck Out! They Should Talk To Chip Foose! He’ll get them on the right track! LOL

  • vince seneri

    Sorry it looks like a Ford Fusion…Once people have that perception that it looks like a Fusion and not a MUSTANG, the car is not going to be respected!

    Ford…you blew it! Here’s why!

    The 2013 & 2014 GT 5.0 & Shelby mustang’s were the best looking & performance mustangs ever made! Sure the Fast Backs from the 60’s were cool and other Mustang classic from that era, but regarding the modern muscle mustang cars…..FORD nailed it!!!!!!!!

    Now we have a 2015 mustang release by FORD that looks like a FUSION! What the hell is Ford thinking! I hope this doesn’t effect my stock! IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

    Ford was the company that brought the RETRO look back to the Mustang in the mid 2000’s, then Chevy with the Camaro, Dodge with the Retro Challenger and Charger also got on board and it was like the late 60’s and 70’s all over again….GREAT CARS! GREAT LOOKING AND PERFORMING CARS!. All these car are great, but the mustang was first and the best!!!!!!!!

    Hey Ford please listen….a mustang should be distinguished as a serious muscle car and not associated with a FUSION or any other average car… that’s what makes it special to buyers….and you did, FORD, when you/Ford brought it back as a retro car from the 60’s and you/ Ford improved on during the mid 2000’s right up to 2013 & 2014 models, they were BAD!!!!!!!. Hey……it’s no secret….the RETRO look is what people want and still want! FORD is not listening to customers with regards to the 2015 model….
    Mustang should not look like a fusion or better yet a Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, 300Z… A flying saucer…and every other car with that eyelash up aireo airplane loom.
    It’s MUSCLE Car….and needs to grab people….

    Hey Ford….You nailed it it 2013 & 2014 greatly… Your brought back Ian American Icon like never before!!!!!!! An one last thing I have to say to FORD Motor Company and especially their CEO…….”not to make the Mustang Shelby is sacrilegious!!!!!!!!” Are you crazy!

    Ford ruined the Mustang in the 80’s and 90’s, they did it right when they return to their roots….Retro in the in 2000’s. The 2015 looks like a sissy car…they screwed it up on this one!

    WAKE UP FORD! YOUR MESSING UP THIS CAR DESIGN AGAIN LIKE YOU DID IN THE 80’s AND 90’S….It’s a Fusion on steroids! Please don’t screw up the Ford Pick-Ups!

  • Ed & Beckey

    We just got our 2014 Pony, Traded in our 2011 pony, We were going to get the 2015 But saw the Early Pics and was not happy ,But now I know the New 2014 will be worth more at trade in time (SWEET)……But Really FORD please rethink this…….Thanks for listening…..

  • Sam Lively

    I’ve been excited about the revels and I’m slightly disappointed though I still plan to look at 1 up close what I’m guessing is this car is now more focused on the global market more than American market kind of like the ford ranger was available in other countries

  • vince seneri

    No 2015!!!!!!! Be keeping my 2013!

  • vince seneri

    Nice Ford Fusions!

  • Gregg Murawsky

    It’s a nice design but was hoping for something really smashing for the big 50th Anniversary. Thought they would go for something a lot more smashing ala the Corvette redo I’ll keep my 2013 Boss Mustang instead

  • Sucatash Lightning

    I HATE!!! HATE!!! HATE!!! It!!!! Great job Ford…. You killed the mustang. I have been a mustang fan since i can remember but now im actually starting to like the Camaros more and more and this is helping at all. I can officially say now that i would rather buy a new Z/28 over this any day. I cant wait to sick my 700 whp 04 Cobra on one of these and point and laugh.

    • AnneHappy

      u sound like a big baby. haha..

  • dan

    I agree that it looks more like a fusion than mustang. But look at the other car brands, they all make the cars to look similar whether headlights or the body. But I was expecting to be blown away with this years Stand. I got to say I’m disappointed when I first saw it that it didn’t have that classic mustang look we all love. But then again cars today just aren’t the same.

  • Fred Perry

    Looks like a Hyundai Genesis with a Pony Badge to me. It’s a nice looking car for sure, however I was hoping for something a little more dynamic for the 50th anniversary, not something that will blend with the Jap Crap & Euro Trash.

  • John Sandlin

    Reminder to all: The very first Mustang was based on the Ford Falcon. There was a family resemblance even then. There has always been a ford family resemblance among its cars. Some years it was more pronounced than others.

    And to be honest, sharing a family resemblance with a Fusion isn’t a bad thing. The Fusion is a good looking four door. There are also significant design cues from decades past and this car is very clearly a Mustang.

    One of the most popular Mustang lines was the Fox-body. That line looked the least like a “true” Mustang (even compared to the widely despised Mustang II). I have owned two different Fox-bodies and loved them both and inspite of not carrying the looks of the lineage, they were true Mustangs, too.

    The 2015 is truly a 21st Century Mustang and I’m glad it is here.

  • Scott

    I really would like to see one in person before I make a good decision. I have a 1989 light gray LX 5.0 convertible, to me the Foxbody is the best Mustang made,once again I might think different when I see the 2015 Mustang in person.

  • Gary W Lyke

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane it’s a Fusion 2 Door. I was in High School when the first pony came out and bought one in 66 and this is way to over the top for my eyes. Sorry Ford much to modern and why the Fusion front end and so many curves throughout. I also loved the 65 fastback 2+2 and this redo does not have the same appeal to my eyes and I see sort of what the tried to do with the long sloping back window but it cut to much of the trunk off. The front end is a Pony Fusion with the best part being the running pony. The interior is nice and the engine technology is impressive but the CAD designers forgot to study the original Pony car before going over the top and not staying close to Mustang Heritage. I can see the younger generation falling for this car but the old school guys in their 50’s and 60’s not so much.

  • Shawn Utke

    I love the 2015 Mustang and will probably buy the performance version when it comes out. It has a progressive look with a much improved interior, IRS and the fastback style. I prefer the front end of my 2012 GT but overall it is a vast improvement. Based on others feedback, it looks like I won’t have a problem selling my 2012.

  • AnneHappy

    It’s gorgeous! I’m glad waited 2 years and bought a truck in the mean time. Now I’ll have a truck I love & beautiful new Mustang!

  • AnneHappy

    I can’t stop looking at picture 13! it looks amazing. For all the naysayers… guys, chicks are going to dig this ride! looks like a supercar to me <3. not an ugly car & not a cute Miata little thing… a Supercar!

  • major williams

    Looks fantastic to me. Can’t wait to drive one!