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In a recently captured video, it appears that Ford is testing out a new F-150 with a diesel engine! Originally reported by Jalopnik with video from, we can see a camouflaged F-150 rolling-around on the street with a very distinct exhaust sound, the kind you would hear from a diesel power plant.

There have long been rumors circulating of Ford toying with the idea of making a diesel F-150 and this recent video seems to confirm just that.

An F-150 Diesel Engine?

Even though it seems Ford has been devoting the large majority of their resources towards the EcoBoost platform, which is utilized in the new Ford GT as well as the 2017 Raptor, there has been a small, but strong demand from 2017 F-150 Diesel Spotted Testingthe public for sometime for a diesel F-150.

There has been a decent amount of speculation that Ford would develop a diesel powered F-150 that would use a Jaguar-LandRover 3.0L V6 diesel, capable of making around 250 HP and 443 lb-ft of TQ. These theories have some wondering considering that Ford has other diesel power plants that are already in use, such as the Ford Transit 250’s 3.2L diesel. Regardless, there has been a lot more chatter around the possibility of using the 3.0L displacement.

This seems long overdue in some respects considering how Ford’s competition has been offering entry level pickups with a diesel option for some time.

What do you think? Would you drive a diesel F-150 or is this F-Series a miss in today’s market?

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S550 Weekly: BBK’s Newest Mustang Headers Thu, 28 Jan 2016 23:12:54 +0000

If you are looking to upgrade your S550 Mustang’s exhaust system, then you should checkout BBK’s header options!BBK has long been an aftermarket leader in creating and crafting high-quality exhaust components, and continue to produce innovating parts; case in point– BBK’s newest exhaust options for 2015+ Mustangs. Offering both shorty headers and long tube headers, BBK continues to offer great exhaust components that offer raw sound and power in a high-quality package, for a reasonable price.

BBK’s Shorty Mustang HeadersBBK Shorty 2015-2016 Mustang GT Headers

If you are looking to improve the sound of your Mustang while picking up a few horsepower, then BBK’s Chrome Tuned Length Shorty Headers are right up your alley. Constructed from 1-3/4″ free flowing mandrel-bent tubing that works to expel your 5.0’s exhaust gases much more efficiently than stock, BBK’s Shorty Headers deliver an extra 10-15 horsepower to your Mustang and roar to life any time you touch the throttle. BBK’s Tuned Length Headers were designed to bolt-up directly to your engine and mid-pipe, making installation straight-forward and hassle free.

BBK’s Long Tube Mustang HeadersBBK Ceramic 2015-2016 Mustang GT Long Tube Headers

Taking your 2015-2016 Mustang’s sound and power to the next level are BBK’s Long Tube Headers. Removing the factory “mani-cat” from the header, BBK’s 1-7/8″ Long Tube Headers off you a much more free flowing exhaust design that will wake up the dead at WOT while also delivering a significant bump in power. BBK offers both Ceramic Long Tube Headers and Chrome Long Tube Headers, giving enthusiasts the option to pick the right header for their horse. If you are a cruiser/car show person, than the incredible finish on the Chrome Headers are a great option for you to consider, while the Ceramic Headers are better suited for more performance driven enthusiasts as the ceramic coating is ideal for keeping engine/under-hood temperatures down.

Regardless of what you choose, BBK’s products offer peace of mind by knowing that you are buying a quality product that can deliver real world results!

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January Sale: New Mods To Start The New Year Thu, 21 Jan 2016 19:13:38 +0000 January Mustang Parts Sale

It’s a new year which means it is time for new mods for your Mustang!We are almost through the first month of the new year, but there is still time for you to take advantage of some of the amazing deals! With parts discounted as much as 40% off, the January Sale is sure to thaw out your build with a great selection of hot parts!

Click here to checkout what’s hot in our January Sale!

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The 2017 Ford Raptor: Less Weight, More Power, Smaller Displacement Wed, 20 Jan 2016 00:05:42 +0000

The newest version of the Ford Raptor is shaving some weight and upping the power, all while decreasing the engine size.  While some people might become upset by that, what Ford debuted at the 2016 International Autoshow last week promises to deliver everything the outgoing Raptor provided, and then some.

2017 Raptor Powertrain

The outgoing Raptor model made use of both the 5.4L and 6.2L V8, making it a total workhorse with a lot of down-low power. For 2017, Ford is continuing their push with EcoBoost technology, giving the new Raptor a twin turbocharged V6 with direct fuel injection that has been promised to put out more power than the 6.2L V8’s 411 HP and 434 TQ.

While there has been no definitive power ratings released as of yet, the Raptor should have no problem hitting those numbers as it is using the same technology that is powering the all new Ford GT supercar. Ford commented 2017 Ford Raptor Side Shotthat the high-powered EcoBoost engines it develops for sports-car racing influenced some of the production V-6’s improvements, including a new aluminum block and updates to the fuel system, cylinder heads, and internals.

For the Transmission, Ford plans to mate the new TT 3.5 V6 to a 10 speed automatic transmission that will feature a torque-on-demand transfer case and 6 driver-selectable driving modes. The four-wheel-drive transfer case will work with a terrain-mode system to allow the Raptor to tackle any condition, such as mud, snow, rocks, etc.

2017 Raptor Suspension

A hallmark of the Raptor is its world class truck suspension setup that allows it to tackle the most formidable of conditions, and the 2017 Raptor carries that hallmark on. Ford has added large aluminum control arms up front, specially tuned springs (coils in the front, leafs in the rear), and 3″ internal-bypass Fox Racing shocks, notably larger than the previous generations 2.5″ shocks. While Ford has remained air tight on the finer points of the details, they have stated that the suspension travel has improved from the last Raptor’s already insane 11.2″ front travel and 12.1″ rear travel.

While the suspension hardware is the major key to the Raptor’s competition leading handling, the other important aspect is the tire setup. For 2017, the new Raptor will make use of 17″ wheels with 35″ tall BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s, giving it a smooth and refined street ride as well as incredibly competent off-road abilities.

2017 Raptor Weight and Length

One of the biggest talking points of the next generation Raptor is the diet it has underwent in between models. The prior generation Raptor tipped the scales at around 6,100 lbs in the SuperCab trim. Thanks to the all new aluminum body, composite hood and front feneders, the new Raptor was able to shed an astonishing 500 lbs, making it quite a bit more nimble on and off-road.

Helping to add some sturdy reinforcement so you can hit the trail even harder, the Raptor benefits from a new boxed steel frame that is reinforced and will come in two sizes: SuperCab and SuperCrew. The wheelbase on the SuperCab comes in at 133″ while the new and roomie SuperCrew comes in at 145″.Ford Raptor Front View

2017 Raptor Price

While details are still murky on the latest and greatest Raptor, it is safe to assume that the new Raptor will be in the same ballpark as the old on in terms of price. In 2014, the Raptor was priced at $46,000 to start (basically no options), so with that in mind we should expect the new Raptor to come in right around $50,000 for a base model and reach up into the 60K range for a fully loaded one.

Be sure to check back to the blog to see the latest details on the new 2017 Ford Raptor and be sure to checkout all of our F-150 parts for your F-Series Truck!


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Pre-Painted Perfection Thu, 15 Oct 2015 17:55:12 +0000

Upgrading your Mustang’s exterior can be as simple as clicking a button and following body lines. Our pre-painted parts selection makes altering your pony’s style easy and with quite a few less headaches. Remember MMD’s 2014 Project? The side scoops, quarter window covers, the headlight splitters, spoiler, hood scoop, mirrors, and the tail light trim all came out of AmericanMuscle’s paint booth. All of the parts are made out of ABS plastic and come with strips of 3M tape.

From Our Door to YoursPre-painted mustang parts

When you hop into the exterior parts and and accessories tab on, there’s a section dedicated to our available pre-painted parts. Each part has a drop down menu so you can pick your year and specific color code. The preview photo changes color as well so you can see how the part you’re interested in looks on your Mustang.

Once the purchase is complete, the order gets picked up at the warehouse, and the parts are sent to the onsite paint booth. The paint techs input your paint code into a special scale, and the scale spits out the exact formula needed to mix your color. The techs use the same water-based paint Ford does as well as the same urethane clear coat, so you can be sure it’ll be a perfect match for your Mustang. As an added bonus, a majority of the parts come with same day shipping.

Hood Scoops

A hood scoop is one way to add the classic muscle look to your Mustang. A honeycomb screen insert is included to further complement the front end. If you own one of the 2013-2014 Mustangs with hood vents MMD has a scoop that fits perfectly between the vents, so you don’t have to fret about ruining your already aggressive look with an
off-kilter scoop.

Side ScoopsPre-painted Mustang Side Scoops

A side scoop can easily work in tandem with quarter window louvers or covers to bring out your Mustang’s rear end. Placed right behind the doors, side scoops give your Mustang an aggressive side profile. There are two styles available: one with a honeycomb screen like the hood scoops, or the MMD scoop without the screen.

Quarter Window Louvers/Covers

Your Mustang’s quarter windows are a small but striking detail, especially after you decide to spruce them up. A set of louvers will provide a subtle, but aggressive look to your side profile. A simple set of streamlined covers like MMD’s GT350 style covers provide a clean and sleek look. Either choice will also help to prevent the sun from doing a number on your interior. To further streamline your pony, consider a blackout decal to put under the covers so the undersides aren’t visible to your passengers.

Fender VentsMustang Fender Vents

After a set of window louvers/covers and side scoops your Mustang’s side profile might want something more. Something closer to the front tires. That’s where a set of fender vents comes into play. Fender vents are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They
fit within the side lines of the S197s and allow hot air to escape the engine bay with the heat extractors. Like the rear side scoops there are two styles, vertical or horizontal vents. The horizontal vents can work well if you have rocker stripe decals. The MMD fender vents with vertical vents complement a variety of rear side scoops and the natural curves of your tires.

SpoilersGT500 Mustang Spoiler

A quality spoiler can bring together a collection of exterior mods. Whether you go with the classic ducktail style such as the one from MMD or maybe a GT350 inspired piece, you can change the entire look of your Mustang with such a spoiler. If you’re looking for a subtle change a low profile spoiler will do the job. A spoiler that sits off your trunk will give you a more aggressive stance, and the classic ducktail serves as a great in-between.

Tail Light Trim

Last but not least is tail light trim. There’s the matte black and chrome types, but nothing gives your Mustang a clean, finished look like color matched trim. The stock tail lights are well-designed of course, however the bezels break up the red lenses in just the right way to provide a flair of retro styling to your Mustang’s back end. All you have to do is look to MMD’s 2014 Project to see how well the bezels work on the newer Mustangs.

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Mustang Mods You Can Install in Under 1 Hour Mon, 05 Oct 2015 18:34:47 +0000 Justin Dugan wrenching on a 2015 Mustang GT

Regardless of why you bought your Mustang and whether you have already modded it or left it bone stock, everyone can appreciate easy-to-install mods that can be done in the blink of an eye. Modding your Mustang doesn’t have to be an all-day event to be enjoyable or rewarding. To help you get started, we have compiled three mods anyone can install in less than an hour that will make a big difference to the performance, appearance, and handling of your Mustang. Happy Modding!

C&L Cold Air Intake with 95MM MAFC&L Cold Air Intake with 95MM MAF for Mustangs

Whether you own a 2005 V6 or a 2014 GT, there is still power left untapped, hiding in your engine. The easiest way to unleash into this power is by adding a cold air intake (CAI) to improve your engine’s breathing. C&L’s line of cold air intakes are rigorously tested and constructed from the highest-quality parts, giving enthusiasts easy-to-install power that will completely transform the feel of your Mustang. When paired with a tune, C&L’s line of intakes will give your Mustang improved power, a less delayed throttle response and greater gas mileage, making this an unbeatable mod for the money!

SR Performance Strut Tower BraceSR Performance Mustang Strut Tower Brace

Tighten up the feel and handling of your Mustang with SR Performance’s Strut Tower Brace. Easily bolted into your Mustang’s strut towers, this SR Performance Brace will give added stiffness to your front end, reducing chassis flex. With this strut tower brace you will be carving up corners in no time; as an added bonus, it will also spruce up your engine bay for when you have your hood popped at a car show!

Modern Billet Chrome Underhood Dress-up KitModern Billet Underhood Dressup For Mustang

While everyone focuses on washing, waxing, and prepping the outside of their Mustang for car shows, often the engine bay is either neglected or an afterthought when it comes to cleaning things up. Give your engine bay a fresh and polished look with Modern Billet’s Chrome Underhood Dress-up Kit. Constructed from high-quality billet aluminum, this Modern Billet Dress-up Kit will have everyone at the next car show gawking at your immaculate engine bay!

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The Greatest Mustang of All Time: 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 Tue, 29 Sep 2015 19:29:40 +0000 2014 Shelby Gt500 Front End

When you boil down the rich and long history of the Mustang to the very core of the car, peeling back those Americana nuances and Blue Oval subtleties, you are left with what the Mustang is all about: innovation. Since April 17th, 1964 the Mustang has been one of the most innovative cars to ever exist. Model after model, Ford dominated the competition from the other “Big 3” auto manufacturers by constantly reinventing the Mustang.

Part of the innovation that launched the Mustang into the success it has had over the past half of a century is the diversity of the sub-models. Since the first generation, you could order a Mustang optioned out exactly how you wanted it, customized to your preferences. Ford even went as far to work with outside car builders to create production Mustangs that take the spirit of the stock models to a whole other level. In the course of doing this they have not only created some of the most iconic and quickest Mustangs ever, but they have created a few legends along the way as well.

A Texas Twist on the Mustang2014 Shelby GT500 Rear Shot

One of those legends was the result of Ford working with a savvy Texas businessman/racer/gearhead by the name of Carroll Shelby. Notably famous for shoving a large Ford V8 into a tiny British sports car that came to be known as the Shelby 289 Cobra, Carroll Shelby loved the Mustang, but thought he could improve on it. With the release of the Shelby GT350 in 1965, Shelby showed the world a new vision for the Mustang, but he didn’t stop there.

Carroll, being the physical representation of innovation and someone who wanted nothing more than a fast car, bestowed to the world the 1967 Shelby GT500, which took a huge 428 Police Interceptor motor and stuffed it in between the shock towers of the Mustang. While Ford largely took control of Shelby vehicle production in ’67, the spirit of Shelby had forever been ingrained within the Mustang identity.

Bring Back the GT500Shelby GT500 Engine

After 1970 there wasn’t another Shelby-badged Mustang produced and sold by Ford until 2007, with Ford marking the return by producing a new breed of Shelby GT500. Large hood heat extractors, more aggressive body parts and wheels, the classic ‘Shelby Stripes’, and a huge supercharged 5.4L engine made everyone who saw a 2007 Shelby GT500 stop and do a double take. The idea of a factory, warranty-backed car being let loose on the streets with a staggering 500 HP was unheard of for a pony car. With some minor tweaks to the engine, supercharger, and various other components, the Shelby GT500’s power grew to 540 HP by 2012, which is where many people thought it would stop — oh, how wrong they were.

Changing the Game: ’13-’14 GT500Front 3/4 Shelby GT500

It’s hard to look at a vehicle that has 540 HP and say that it could use more, but essentially that is what Ford did for the 2013-2014 GT500. Ford ditched the 5.4L setup for a bored out 5.8L dubbed the “Trinity” motor, eluding to the Trinity test of the first nuclear weapons. Let that sink in for a moment—Ford named the engine they put into the ’13-’14 Shelby after nuclear weapons testing; if that doesn’t send a message then what would?

No matter how you look at it, Ford refused to become complacent with their halo Mustang. Yes, it already produced enough power in a platform that could easily handle any extra power you could throw at it, but that wasn’t enough—why stop there? Ford upped the displacement on the block as well as the supercharger, going from a 1.9L Eaton unit to a new and improved Eaton TVS 2300 2.3L unit. At the end of the day, Ford had channeled its inner Carroll Shelby and added even more power and more engine into a car, which as it stood stock, had more than enough from the factory to get yourself in trouble with.

While Carroll Shelby unfortunately passed away in 2012, the 2013 Shelby GT500 was the final car he had worked on with Ford and  he was able to see it through to the end. The SVT engineers who had worked on the car and put it together turned to Shelby for inspiration and feedback. Although it wasn’t Shelby American (Carroll Shelby’s business) that built the car, it was Carroll Shelby’s input, vision, and innovation that fueled the creation of the ’13-’14 GT500.

In many ways, the 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 is the greatest Mustang of all time. It takes everything the Mustang has perfected over the years and rolled it up into one insane package that can destroy a ¼ mile or a road track. It packs the power and the performance that we all aspire to get our Mustangs to, and it does so while basking in the legendary history aspire to achieve with our own Mustangs.

From Base to Ace: Creating Your Own GT500Shelby GT500 Emblem

While we may all aspire to own a Shelby GT500, it can be difficult given low production volume and high cost. Yet, despite of this not all hope is lost. Every single Mustang that rolls off the production line could become a GT500 with the right parts. Yes, even the totally base rental V6 that you drove while on vacation has the potential to be transformed into an absolute monster. This isn’t happen-stance, it’s Ford’s ingenuity.

When looking at the Shelby GT500 in overly-simplified terms, it is mix of parts that were assembled in a random shell of a Mustang that had just as much chance of being a Shelby as it did a GT or V6 ; the only difference (also the main one) is that it received the Shelby treatment with an improved powertrain, drivetrain, and suspension.

Between Ford and the aftermarket, everything you would need to build a dead-to-rights recreation or a tribute to Carroll Shelby’s GT500 with equal performance is readily available. With a parts order and some wrench time, the Shelby you aspire to have could be yours.

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S550 Weekly: 2015 Mustang Louvers Fri, 25 Sep 2015 19:19:17 +0000 2015 MMD By Foose MustangThe 2015 Mustang redefined muscle car design, but there is still one key element missing from your muscle car masterpiece: Mustang Louvers! Louvers and Mustangs have went together like peanut butter and jelly since the Mustang first rolled off of the assembly line in 1964. Louvers help the body lines to better flow and work together, creating a sleek and aggressive retro-inspired look that any enthusiast would love.

Rear Window S550 Mustang Louvers 2015 Mustang Rear Window Louvers

Originally made popular by the 1969 Mach 1 Mustang, rear window Louvers have been a reoccuring design theme on the Mustang. Re-popularized by late model Mustangs, rear window louvers have helped to really give the Mustang a unique profile and aggressive appearance.

2015 Mustang owners can rejoice as AmericanMuscle now offers rear window louvers for the S550 chassis. Constructed from light weight aluminum, these rear window louvers are dressed in an intimadating matte black color, which can be painted whatever color you want. Help your 2015 Mustang remember it’s roots with easy-to-install mod.

Quarter Window Louvers

If you’re looking for that one mod to set your 2015 Mustang apart from the rest than a set of quarter window louvers is exactly what the doctor ordered. A continuing staple of the Mustang’s design is its nonfunctional quarter window. Instead of tinting it, cover it up and help the body to flow better with a quarter window louver. Currently, there are two great offerings for the 2015 Mustang. Roush’s Quarter Window Scoops add a touch of that signature Roush styling, smoothing out the profile of your Mustang.

If you are looking for something different, than MMD by Foose has you covered. MMD by Foose’s Quarter Window Louvers which were featured on the MMD by Foose Mustang, help to add some muscular and refined styling mmd-by-foose-window-louversto your S550. They are a currently available for pre-order and will be available in the coming months.

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Build Your Own Track Pack Mustang: A Comprehensive Guide Thu, 24 Sep 2015 21:30:03 +0000 Track Pack Mustang

One of the greatest selling points of the Mustang is its unmatched potential for customization, from the dealer and from the aftermarket. From base V6 to a loaded Shelby GT500, and everything in between, you order a Mustang from the dealer exactly how you want it. A long list of options and boxes can be checked off on a car configurator, giving you the Mustang of your dreams.

Arguably one of the hottest and most desired options for the 11-14 market was the Track Pack option. Taking the already ludicrous performance of the 5.0L powered GT, the Track Pack provided enthusiasts with an array of tweaks to the handling, grip, and appearance of the GT, making it even more of a ‘track’ capable machine than it was to begin with.

What Exactly is a Track Pack Mustang?

The Track Pack option was only available with the GT Mustang and included Brembo pads and rotors, GT500 rear lower control arms, retuned shocks and struts, 3.73 rear gear ratio, an improved differential with carbon-fiber clutch plates, 19” wheels with staggered tires, Recaro seats, recalibrated traction control, Advance Trac®, and anti-lock brakes.

With a package offering titled, “Track Pack,” one might jump to conclusions and assume that only those who track their Mustangs would want these parts. However, it is it quite the opposite; regardless of whether you primarily daily your Mustang, drive it on the weekends, or take it to a drag strip or autocross/road course events, the Track Pack offers something for everyone.

By taking the core fundamental ingredients of the Mustang that make it so great, and refining them with the Track Pack, enthusiasts can feel more connected to the car, the road, and the experience of piloting a V8 RWD muscle car.

How To Upgrade Your Mustang To a Track Pack

While the Track Pack option was highly desired on 2011-2014 Mustangs, not everyone who wanted a Track Pack equipped Mustang was able to get one. Instead of lamenting not owning a Track Pack Mustang, AmericanMuscle is here to provide you with all the parts you need to create your own true-to-form Track Pack, with a few options thrown in to customize it more to your liking.

BrakingTrack Pack Mustang Brembo Brakes

One of the highlights of the Track Pack options was the Brembo Brakes. Larger rotors and pads in the front and the rear gave improved 60 – 0 and 100 – 0 stopping distances, as well as improved cornering around a track. While the stock GT brakes do a decent job of reigning in that 400+ HP, after a few passes or some spirited driving the brake fade becomes noticeable.

To bring your GT’s braking up to Track Pack levels, Ford Racing’s 14” SVT Brake Upgrade Kit will have you stopping on a dime and braking later in turns. The kit utilizes Brembo 4-piston calipers and Ford Racing 14” two-piece rotors, giving incredible stopping performance. However, if you would like to go a different route, Wilwood’s Superlite Front Brake Kit will deliver comparable performance in a different package.

Wheels and TiresTrack Pack MUstang Wheels

One of the immediate attention grabbers and dead giveaways for a Track Pack car are the wheels and tires. Using a spokey, race-inspired 19” wheel wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber, Track Pack Mustangs had improved handling and cornering, with an aggressive race-inspired look. By opting for one of AmericanMuscle’s wheel and tire packages, like the Track Pack Styled Staggered Gloss Black Wheel with Mickey Thompson rubber, you too can feel the pull of lateral g’s in the skid pad.

Gearing and Differential Mustang Gearing

From the factory, base GTs ended up with either a 3.31 or 3.55 rear gear ratio, which by some measurements is a long gear. The Track Pack utilized a 3.73 rear gear ratio, giving enthusiasts that down low end torque off the line, and continued into a more aggressive power band. Ford Racing’s 3.73 gear kit will give you the exact same performance as the Track Pack Mustang, and have your car pulling hard all throughout the power band.

While replacing the rear gears, you can replace the rear differential for the upgraded Ford Racing Traction-LOK LSD with Carbon Discs. The Carbon-fiber friction plates are much more durable than the stock GT’s differential and allow for greater torque and abuse while driving – a must-have for anyone interested in autocross.

SuspensionSR Performance Mustang Strut Tower Brace

Adding to the Track Pack identity is the improved and refined suspension components, which include the shocks, struts, control arms, and a strut tower brace. Ford Racing’s Dynamic Shock and Strut Kit along with Ford Racing Rear Lower Control Arms will have you hooking up off the line and feeling planted in the turns.

If you were looking for something a little different, KONI Sport Adjustable Shocks and Struts paired with Whiteline’s Fixed Rear Lower Control Arms will give you the same level of performance and enjoyment, just in a slightly different package. To tie everything together, SR Performance has you covered with their Strut Tower Brace, which will reduce that unwanted chassis flex, allowing you to carve up any corner.

Interior Seating Corbeau CR1 Mustang Seats

One of the most overlooked areas of modding is the interior seating. Your stock factory seats not only retain unnecessary weight, which takes away from your performance, but they also were not really designed to keep you planted in the seat. To keep yourself planted while going through a turn and still retaining the comfort and adjustability of stock seats, Corbeau CR1s have you covered. With an adjustable back and high-quality padding, these seats are a must-have for any Mustang owner.

Recalibrating The ComputerBama Mustang Tuner

Mentioned above is the little-known fact that Track Pack Mustangs benefited from improved calibrations on the traction control, anti-lock brakes and Advance Trac®. By tweaking these system components, enthusiasts are able to push the cars harder than those who are running the stock GT calibration.

To remedy this, a Bama Performance X4/SF4 Tuner and Tune will give you the improved performance you are looking for and then some! With a Bama Tuner and Tune, your Mustang will reap the benefits of improved throttle response, power, and more!

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Hot Lap: First Drive of the 2015 Shelby GT, 2017 Mustang News, & More! Wed, 23 Sep 2015 20:41:33 +0000 2015 Shelby GT side shot

On this month’s Hot Lap, Justin takes the brand new 2015 Shelby GT for a test drive, we get some new news on the future of the Mustang, and a glimpse at some awesome products! Hot Lap is AmericanMuscle’s monthly video capturing the hottest news in the Mustang World, spanning many Mustang generations and communities. We cover everything from the sickest Mustangs around, new parts that we carry, parts we are giving away, news from Ford, and everything in between.

The 2015 Shelby GT

Justin was handed the keys to one of the latest offerings from Shelby American, the all new 2015 Shelby GT. Not to be confused with the Shelby GT350 or the Shelby Super Snake, the Shelby GT takes a stock S550 Mustang GT and adds on a mix of appearance and performance mods that would appear on any enthusiast’s wish list. With an aggressive carbon fiber hood, large Shelby Mustang Wheels, big brakes, and a supercharger sitting on top of the engine producing 627 HP, this Shelby turns heads and destroys tires.

The Future of the S550 – 2017 Mustang Redesign

Even though 2016 Mustang’s aren’t even on dealership lots yet, there is already news and speculation around a model refresh. Early rumors and insider information have pointed towards a remodeled front end coming in 2017, which has many critics of the new body style rejoicing. There’s also serious speculation at the return of the Mach 1 in 2017 with the possibility of a new S550 GT500 for the 2017 model year. While it is still too soon to say anything concrete, it is safe to say that 2017 will be a big year for America’s favorite pony car.

New Mustang Parts

This month’s Hot Lap finishes up with a look at the latest offering from Exedy. A leader in aftermarket Mustang clutches, Exedy has continually provided the highest quality of parts to enthusiasts, and their newest offerings are better than ever. Featuring a grooved pressure plate that allows for improved holding power, the Exedy Grooved Mach 500 Stage 3 Clutch and the Exedy Grooved Mach 600 Stage 4 Clutch are perfect for any build.


Be sure to check back for next month’s Hot Lap, but in the mean time, check out this month’s sale items by clicking here!

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Giveaway: Win $1,500 in Parts For Your Mustang! Tue, 22 Sep 2015 14:24:00 +0000 Mustang Parts Giveaway

What’s better than getting buying new parts for your Mustang? Getting them for free!From now until September 30th, you can enter to win a parts overhaul that is worth $1,500 in mods! Who said there is no such thing as a free mods? All you have to do is fill out the form.

Click here for your chance to win $1,500 in brand new Mustang Parts!


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EcoBoost Evolved: AM Customer Angelo’s 2015 EcoBoost Fri, 18 Sep 2015 12:00:21 +0000 2015 EcoBoost Mustang Rear Shot

Once you own a Mustang and get to personally experience the power, fun, and performance of America’s favorite pony car, it’s hard to imagine yourself in anything but a Mustang. The allure of the legacy and the legendary performance of the Mustang has translated over the years to people owning more than one, like AmericanMuscle customer Angelo.

Going from stock to stacked

Currently the owner of a 2015 Magnetic EcoBoost, Angelo is no stranger to the power and performance of a Mustang. Previously, Angelo owned a supercharged 2008 California Special as well as a 2014 GT Track Pack. However, 2015 mustang ecoboost dynoan incredibly unfortunate accident in his ’14 almost cost him his life. Despite the tragedy, there is always a silver lining and for Angelo it is a brand new S550 Mustang. Ultimately the gas mileage, fun factor, and autocross potential that the EcoBoost offered captured the interest of Angelo.

Like any Mustang owner, it only took Angelo a short amount of time before he came down with the modding bug once again. While generally pleased with the performance of his new EcoBoost, Angelo was looking to improve the ride height and the handling as well as make it a little bit louder, and even adding some extra power.

From Stock To Corner Slayer

One of the biggest selling points of the S550 Mustang for Angelo was the introduction of IRS. The improved handling of the 2015 Mustang is an attractive feature to any enthusiast, but especially those, like Angelo, who participate in autocross racing.

While IRS has taken the S550 Mustang to the next tier of handling, there is always room for improvement by way of aftermarket modding. Looking to stiffen things up and improve his EcoBoost’s cornering abilities, Angelo added a set of Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs. Dropping his EcoBoost 1.1” in the front and 1” in the rear, Angelo was incredibly pleased with the Eibach Springs, saying, “The car feels a lot more refined and like it has more control—it feels a lot more predictable.”

Refining the Power band

The 2015 EcoBoost comes from Ford packing an insane 310 HP and 320 TQ out of the box. While that is more power than earlier V8 models, there is still a lot of performance left on the table to tap into, especially when it comes2015 EcoBoost Mustang Engine to the turbo.

With the goal of improving the power band, Angelo turned to an Airaid Cold Air Intake to get a bump in horsepower as well as an improved power range. “The intake really helped out the throttle response. I barely need to hit the gas for the turbo to respond.”

Turning up the Exhaust

The new EcoBoost platform may pack the same punch as an earlier V8, but it doesn’t quite capture the sound of a Mustang with the stock exhaust and is rather on the quiet side. Looking to improve the sound and make the exhaust more aggressive Angelo went with Flowmaster’s Outlaw Axleback Exhaust.

The addition of the Outlaw Exhaust helped give Angelo’s EcoBoost a more throaty tone, adding a bit of turbo noise and crackling to the exhaust note. “The exhaust feels a lot more refined. It is a huge step over stock, yet it still sounds really refined,” Angelo said.

With the addition of three easy mods, Angelo was able to completely change and improve the driving characteristics of his EcoBoost. “It’s crazy how much you can get out of three simple mods,” said Angelo. Given his history of modded Mustangs, we can expect a lot more from Angelo’s ’15 EcoBoost.

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S550 Weekly: EcoBoost Intercoolers Thu, 17 Sep 2015 22:31:10 +0000 EcoBoost Mustang

The 2015 Mustang introduced a new engine offering which was incredibly polarizing to the Mustang community: the EcoBoost engine. Packing a powerful punch from the factory with 310 HP and 320 TQ, the EcoBoost Mustang has earned the respect and admiration of enthusiasts from all around the world.

With the EcoBoost packing a twin-scroll turbocharger that helps the 2.3L 4 cylinder deliver V8 beating performance, enthusiasts have even more options to squeeze all the performance they can out of their Mustang. For the EcoBoost, a lot of this opportunity comes from modifying the turbo and supporting systems.

EcoBoost Mustang Intercoolers & How They Work

Helping to keep things cool under the hood of the EcoBoost is an intercooler. Intercoolers are designed to alleviate and dissipate the heat that is generated from forced induction, keeping the power consistent and predictable. Mishimoto EcoBoost Mustang IntercoolerTheir is “Hot-side piping” which takes the air produced by the turbo and feeds it in to the air-to-air intercooler. The intercooler, which is positioned low to the ground behind your front bumper, has the cool ambient air flowing through it, allowing the intercooler to cool the hot air it takes from the turbo, making the air being fed into the intake denser and colder, which is all passed through the “Cold-side piping”. For more information on this, watch this video by clicking here.

Why You Want To Upgrade Your EcoBoost Intercooler and Piping

The stock intercooler on the EcoBoost has a hard time keeping intake air temperatures down in certain situations. If you are in a hotter region (Texas, California, Florida, etc.) running your turbo Mustang in oppressive heat will diminish and hinder your performance as the air being pushed into the engine will slowly rise in temperature. Likewise, when it comes to competing in automotive sports such as drag racing, autocross, hill climbs, drifting, or even doing dyno pulls, the continued exertion from your engine will have those air temperatures going up, stealing performance from you.

What You Should Upgrade Your EcoBoost With

As the S550 platform, and even the EcoBoost platform itself, is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things, there is a limited, but *daily* growing selection of Mustang Cooling Parts. Luckily for enthusiasts everywhere, the Mishimoto Hot Side Piping for EcoBoostsaftermarket has sprung to action with a mix of great parts to keep you running cool. Well established with a long history of creating top-notch Intercoolers and Cooling accessories for a myriad of applications, is Mishimoto Performance Parts.

Mishimoto offers an upgraded Performance Intercooler which comes in both a silver finish and a black finish. In addition to the actual piping, Mishimoto has also developed a selection of hot-side piping as well as cold-side piping that will remove any restrictions that the stock piping has, giving a freer flowing of air. While those products are all available now,  currently on pre-order is a complete kit for your EcoBoost Mustang which features your choice of silver or black intercooler and matching polished piping to complete your upgrade.

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Resurrecting A Legend: The 2015 Shelby GT350 Thu, 17 Sep 2015 16:31:54 +0000 2015 Shelby GT350R Front view

One of the biggest criticisms in today’s auto industry is manufacturer naming conventions for their vehicles. A caveat of many car reviews is some comment or rant about the name of a model, especially if that name is a throwback to a previous model. In so many words, the question is: does the car lives up to the name it has been given? In the case of the Shelby GT350R, the answer is an astounding “yes.”

The original 1965 GT350 left behind a pretty big pair of shoes to fill for any other Mustang that resurrected that nameplate. Labeling a Mustang with the “GT350” badge requires more than just throwing on a few cosmetic parts, a supercharger, upping the MSRP and calling it a day. The GT350 name is a legacy with an incredibly rich and proud history, based in performance and championships; to place that name on a Mustang requires passion from those involved in its genesis and ultimately a Mustang worthy of its title.

Luckily enough for modern day Mustang enthusiasts, the day has come for the return of the GT350. With the global launch of the S550 platform, Ford seized the opportunity to recreate a legend that shatters the common perception of the American muscle car as well as truly embodies the spirit of the Mustang.

Beginning with the Boss

The commonly held public perception of the Mustang used to be that it was just a drag car, something to run in a straight line. That perception was thrown out the window with the Boss 302. Paul Breary of Ford Performance 2015 Shelby GT350R Front Splittercommented that, “When the Boss came out, the conversation changed. This [Boss Mustang] is not a straight-line car, we mean business. The Boss set expectations.”

The resurrection of the Boss 302 program can be seen as a contributing catalyst in Ford’s latest approach to the Mustang, specifically in regards to the handling. The automotive enthusiast community of Ford and non-Ford fans alike, rejoiced and relished in the prowess of the Boss Mustang and what it offered to handling-focused racers.

In the development of the S550 platform, several Ford Engineers stated that the Boss Mustang was the bench mark for the 2015 Mustang; the goal was to achieve a faster track time than the outgoing Boss model with a 2015 GT Performance Package and it was accomplished. While the Boss 302 was and is an incredible track performer, the new GT350 actually shares much more in common with the S550 GT Performance Pack.

Influenced By Enthusiasts

Ford has always stood out from the competition for the mere fact of how much they value enthusiast’s feedback and input on their vehicles, and the GT350 is no different. “The GT350 took a good bit of time to develop. There was a lot that went into the process, from concept to testing and pre-production,” Breary commented. “We started with the program approval, which ultimately came down to the question of ‘can you make that car [GT350] credibly; are you going to do it justice?’ You don’t want to ruin a name.” Given the track record of the vehicles put into production by Ford Performance/SVT/SVO over the past two decades and the vehicles they have in the works, it is quite apparent how seriously they take that question.

With a legacy and history as legendary and revered as the GT350’s, how do you do a car like that justice in the 21st century? You take the passion from the enthusiasts and ingrain it within the DNA of the car itself. “We are 2015 Shelby GT350R Side Viewenthusiasts. We work on them, we race them, we’re driven by our passion for these cars,” said Breary. “We made a lot of adjustments to the GT350 based on the feedback from enthusiasts on forums who had already driven the S550.” Through the passion of the engineers and their attentiveness to what Ford fans want, they have given way to the rebirth of a legend.

Putting Together the Perfect Package – The Engine

One of the most important aspects of any Mustang is its distinctive exhaust note, and the GT350 has arguably the most distinctive of them all. With the electric baffles open, the naturally aspirated 5.2L flat-plane crankshaft (FPC) engine screams all the way up to its 8,200 RPM redline in the blink of an eye, with a crackle and pop that could bring the dead back to life.

The GT350’s 5.2L FPC “Voodoo” engine is based off of the 5.0L coyote, but it is much more than a bored out engine. With the focus of the GT350 being racing, Ford engineers opted for a flat-plane crankshaft instead of the common cross-plane crank due to the low rotational mass of the FPC as well as the improved exhaust scavenging, which is thanks to the firing order. With the 5.2L FPC layout that gives it an 8,200 RPM redline, the GT350 throws down a staggering 526 HP and 429 TQ.

The Suspension and Drivetrain

The Shelby GT350 is much more than just its incredible engine—it is the total package from power to handling. “The GT350 is a showcase for system thinking and how it all works together,” said Breary. The GT350 is equipped 2015 Shelby GT350R Rear Spoilerwith Magneride suspension, large brakes, a light weight Tremec Transmission, and an assortment of carbon fiber parts. The GT350R takes things a step further with even more reduced weight and a set of carbon fiber wheels—a first on a factory production car.

“You take the base car and you tune, tune, tune until it’s dialed in,” said Breary. “The car feels together—it is wonderfully balanced. You have to understand the vehicle and the balance that it projects.” All of the components and small details of the GT350, even the most minute of them, factor into being the most track capable car you can buy today for less than $50,000.

From 1965 to 2015 – Reclaiming the Crown

As 2014 was the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the GT350, and the year the GT350 returned to the race track. The order banks for the 2015 GT350 have already opened up, but it will be tough to get one at first as only 100 GT350s will be produced and 37 GT350Rs—a nod to the 1965 production numbers.

There is no other car on the market currently (aside from the Mustang itself) that lives up to the name and the legacy of its predecessors like the GT350, a true accomplishment in today’s automotive industry. The GT350 has returned and it has come back with a vengeance, ready to take on anything the competition can throw at it.

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2015 Super Snake Mustang vs 2015 Shelby GT350R Wed, 16 Sep 2015 16:16:24 +0000 2015 Shelby GT350R vs 2015 Shelby Super Snake Mustang

2015 has been a phenomenal year for the Ford Mustang between the release of the new S550 platform as well as aftermarket variants. While there has been a myriad of one-of-a-kind 2015 Mustangs like the MMD by Foose Mustang, there has also been some big announcements made for production vehicles.

Arguably the two S550 variants to get enthusiasts the most excited are the 2015 Shelby Super Snake and the 2015 Shelby GT350R. With the Super Snake being offered by Shelby American and the GT350R being offered by Ford, enthusiasts can own a stacked Hellcat killer or a total corner-carving track monster with a warranty to boot!

With that said, which would you rather own if given the choice? Let us know in the comments!

The 2015 Shelby Super Snake Mustang2015 Shelby Super Snake Burnout

The Super Snake package offered for the 2015 Mustang is slightly different than those offered in the past, but more potent than ever. In years prior with the S197, you could take your Shelby GT500 to Shelby American’s Las Vegas facility to have it completely overhauled into a street monster. When it comes to the S550, there is unfortunately no 2015 Shelby GT500 (yet), however, anyone can give there ’15 GT the Super Snake treatment thanks to Shelby’s incredible offering.

2015 Mustang owners can take their stock GT to the Shelby plant and for around $50-$55K can have their GT transformed into a tire melting Super Snake Mustang packing anywhere from 650 to 750 HP depending upon what options you select. A mix of carbon fiber body parts, drivetrain components, and a massive 2015 Mustang Supercharger, crank the power and performance sky high, making the 2015 Shelby Super Snake one helluva ride!

The 2015 Mustang Shelby GT350RGT350R-goodwood-1

There are few names that evoke as much emotion, excitement and fear as the GT350’s. Highlighting the 50th anniversary of the GT350, the 2015 Shelby GT350 completely changed what we expected from a high performance Mustang. Packing a naturally aspirated 5.2L flat plane-crankshaft engine under the hood which delivers a mind numbing 526 HP and 429 ft-lb of TQ, dubbed as the “Voodoo Engine“, the Shelby GT350 is incredibly light and powerful making it deadly competition on the track.

Designed to live up to the name and the legacy of the original 1965 Shelby GT350, the 2015 GT350 provides exactly that in a truly revolutionary pony car experience. The “R” version of the GT350 focuses on and amplifies the track prowess of the GT350, by removing anything that is unneeded and shaving weight even more, which includes utilizing Carbon Fiber Mustang Wheels. All around the GT350 is a total track killer designed to hunt down the Chevy Z/28, BMW M4, and even Porsche 911. With a reasonable price tag and capabilities of cars twice and three times the cost, the S550 Shelby GT350R is a modern day legend.

Let us know in the comments what you’d choose and why!

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First Five 2015 Mustang Mods – Where To Start Fri, 11 Sep 2015 13:00:09 +0000 2015 Mustang GT Front 3/4

So you just bought a 2015 Mustang. You want it to look mean, sound mean, and above all else, be mean. Here are the first 5 recommended modifications to achieve exactly that.

Smoked Tail Light Tint2015 Mustang Tinted Tail Lights

Category: Look Mean

Tinting the tail lights is a classic way to give the rear end a more aggressive, sinister look. Easy to install, inexpensive to purchase and surprisingly durable, tinting the tail lights is an easy way to dip your toe into the aftermarket water.

Ford Racing by Borla Touring Catback ExhaustFord Racing Borla Mustang Catback Exhaust

Category: Sound Mean

The GT sounds good already, but throw on a Ford Racing by Borla Touring catback exhaust kit and your ‘Stang will sound wicked. Made of 2.5” stainless steel, its 30 lbs lighter than the stock system, is a direct bolt-on install and will give the Coyote a more assertive tone without being overbearing  (the chambered mufflers are tuned to eliminate drone). Less weight, less restrictive, more sound, more power. It is hard not to like this catback system.

Airaid SynthaFlow CAI & X4 TunerAiraid Cold Air Intake

Category: Be Mean

Out of the gate with four hundred odd horsepower, the 2015 GT is pretty mean. Nonetheless, there is always a bigger and badder kid on the block. Become said big and badder kid with an Airaid cold air intake system and matching X4 tuner from Bama Performance. The Airaid intake flows better and will improve throttle response. The X4 tuner (with 2 custom tunes) will reprogram the ECU to take advantage of the freer flowing intake. The combination of both will net a tidy 25 horsepower and lays a great foundation for further modifications down the road.

Vogtland Sport Lowering SpringsVogtland Lowering Springs

Category: Look Mean, Be Mean

Lowering a Mustang has a twofold effect. First off, the dropped stance looks badass. Second, said dropped stance lowers the centre of gravity (CG), which increases handling performance. The lowered CG will lessen body roll in corners, squatting under acceleration and nose-diving under hard braking.  The Vogtland sport spring kit is a square kit, meaning the drop is the same for the front and the back. This kit features a drop of 1”, which nicely minimizes the gap between the tire and fender without compromising too much comfort.

AMR Black WheelAMR Black Mustang Wheels

Category: Look Mean

Wheels are often a focal point and as such, can easily make or break the look of a car. Swapping out the stock Pony rims for some black AMR twenties will add some serious curb appeal to any Mustang. Not only do they look menacing, but these large wheels need large tires, which can equate to more grip. Pairing these wheels with the tinted tail lights and Vogtland lowering springs will make for one hell of a malevolent ride.

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Ask A Mustang Expert: 2015 Mustang Edition Mon, 07 Sep 2015 14:00:38 +0000 2015 Mustang GT Aftermarket Parts

AmericanMuscle is comprised of hardcore Mustang fanatics who own, drive, race, and modify their Mustangs all day long, year-round; Mustangs are more than just a car or a hobby to us, they are a passion. Whatever problem you may have run into or part you are just unsure of, we have either encountered it ourselves or run the part on our own Mustang. This column will serve as a knowledge base for whatever you may need more insight on that is Mustang related.

For our first round of expert advice in this issue we grabbed questions that were asked in the comment section of our YouTube videos. If you would like to have your question answered by one of our knowledgeable experts, leave a comment on our monthly Hot Lap video.

RTR Mustang Parts

Question: When are the 2015 RTR parts coming out for sale? That grille and splitter combo make the car look real nice and gets rid of that globalized modern Ford Look. – CreedFord Mustang RTR Wheels

Answer: Creed – That’s a good question and we should be seeing many parts from RTR along with MMD on our shelves and ready to ship early fall! We’re really anxious to see these parts make their way onto some S550’s—really in love with how collection looks.  We’re in the process of bringing on many other exterior parts as well but if there’s ever something that you’re seeing out there that you think we should be carrying let us know! We rely heavily on our customer’s feedback to ensure that we’re carrying the right parts!  – AM Expert Alex

Tune Needed For Mustang Catback Exhaust?

Question:  I have the 2015 Mustang GT premium with Track Pack. If I get a catback exhaust will it require a tune? I would like to get a supercharger eventually and do the tune then, Mustang Tuning Device - Bama X4/SF4but if I need a tune now Bama is the right way to go since you can tune a car whenever you want. – Mitchell

Answer: Mitchell – Great question and any Catback or Axleback exhaust system for the 2015 GT will not require a Bama Tune. Now if you’re going to have a set of off-road Long Tube headers installed you would need a tune as the catalytic converters would be removed. Down the road if you’re looking into any of the Bama Performance Supercharger Packages they’ll be able to get you set up with tunes! – AM Expert Zach

Lowering Springs Lowering Ride Quality?

Question:  Is it really possible to lower the car AND retain good ride quality? – JoeVogtland Mustang Lowering Springs

Answer: Joe – Absolutely! Considering the car is brand new your factory shocks and struts will be able to accommodate the lowered ride height comfortably. Most if not all of the springs that we offer Vogtland, Eibach, etc will only drop the car so much so that you may not even need an alignment but I would suggest letting any spring settle for a hundred miles or so and then getting a good alignment. Most people won’t even be able to tell that the car is on a different setup from a ride quality standpoint. Down the road if you’re looking to further improve the handling a set of struts and shocks would complement the ride nicely. – AM Expert Justin Dugan

Getting the Right Wheels For Your Mustang

Question: Should I go with a 19” or 20” wheel and why? – John

Answer: At the end of the day it’s going to come down to personal preference. 19” wheels will inherently weigh somewhat less than a 20” wheel but they won’t fill the wheel well up as nicely. Going with a larger wheel as well canThe All-new Shelby GT350 Mustang affect the overall ride quality so if you’re planning on lowering the car in the future either can be used but I would suggest a 19” wheel based on the look, feel, and as well as the price of tires when you need to have the rears replaced! – AM Expert Andrew

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S550 Weekly: Mustang Wheels Fri, 04 Sep 2015 22:18:29 +0000 Project MMD Mustang

One of the easiest ways to change up the look of your S550 Mustang is with a set of aftermarket wheels! A set of wheels will completely change up the look and profile of your Mustang in no time at all.

Ford did an incredible job with all of the wheels they offered for the S550 Mustang, but at the end of the day, nothing quite beats a set of aftermarket wheels that will give you a totally unique look. AmericanMuscle offers hundreds of different wheel styles in various sizes, fits, and finishes, allowing you to get the perfect look you want.

Staggered Mustang Wheels

A common and old-school style that a lot of people (including myself) favor is a staggered set up. A staggered setup basically means that your rear wheels are larger than your front wheels, giving your car better traction via a 2015 Mustang GT Reviewlarger contact patch. For example you may have a 19×8.5 front wheel with a 245 tire and in the back you may have a 19×10 wheel with 275’s out back. The only downside to running a staggered setup is that you will run through tires quicker as you can not rotate the wheels.

Squared Setup for Mustang Wheels

Squared setups basically means that all four wheels and tires are all the same size, meaning they can be rotated to elongate their life. Even with a squared setup, you can still run a large tire (up to 285) on all four corners, pending your ride height and wheel size.

Mustang Wheel Styles

The 2015 Mustang benefits from having a large amount of options for wheel choices. Depending if you like a more old school racer look or a European inspired racing look, the options are out there and available for you to charcoal-mmd-zeven-wheels-2010-2014-6choose. With 20 different wheel manufacturers offering up a wide assortment of styles and finishes, there is something for everyone at AmericanMuscle! In addition to the hottest wheel styles, we also have you covered for any other wheel accessories you can think of. From Mustang Lug Nuts to Mustang Center Caps, AM is your one stop shop for Mustang Wheels.




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The 2015 AmericanMuscle Labor Day Sale Fri, 04 Sep 2015 21:00:46 +0000 AmericanMuscle Labor Day Sale

Take advantage of the AmericanMuscle Labor Day Sale and save big on your next batch of mods!Throughout the extended holiday weekend you can save up to 35% off of select items.

This sale contains a little something for every type of enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for exterior styling, handling parts, or performance parts for your Mustang, this sale has you covered. Head on over to the Labor Day Sale page by clicking here to see the amazing deals that are awaiting you!

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MMD by Foose Winner at AM2015 Fri, 04 Sep 2015 18:19:00 +0000 MMD by Foose Winner at AM2015

After being unveiled at Chip Foose’s California Studio, MMD by Foose was handed over to its new owner at AM2015. Braid Braillier of Pennsylvania is the lucky person who got to take the MMD by Foose Mustang home to his stable.

Combining the creative talents of the MMD team with the legendary and iconic talents/vision of Chip Foose resulted in one-of-a-kind masterpiece, the 2015 MMD by Foose Mustang. With a whole new line of exterior styling parts coming from the collaboration, MMD by Foose showed the world a completely unique take on the S550 Mustang.

MMD by Foose – The Parts

The MMD by Foose Mustang showcased a whole new line of exciting exterior styling parts, which were created by MMD and Foose. The chin spoiler, rocker panels, hood scoop, side scoops, quarter windows, and rear spoiler mmd-by-foose-mustangwhich were created for this build, will all soon be available for purchase, giving your 2015 Mustang that sleek and signature look you are searching for via authentic MMD by Foose Parts.

The MMD by Foose Mustang also utilized a Bama Performance Supercharger Kit (powered by a 2.9L Whipple) along with some goodies from The Driveshaft Shop, such as their Carbon Fiber Driveshaft and Halfshafts. With a set of custom Foose Wheels and a paint job that will turn heads near and far, the MMD by Foose Mustang couldn’t have come out better.

Giving Away MMD by Foose

When Chip Foose handed over the keys to Project MMD at AM2014, he announced that he was going to build a car with the MMD team and give it away at AM2015. Keeping true to his word, Chip Foose built an absolutely Chip Foose and Justin Dugan handing over MMD by Foosestunning car with the AM team, and was there to hand the keys over at this year’s car show. Brad Braillier, a Mustang Enthusiast hailing from the great state of Pennsylvania, was the lucky person who had their name drawn randomly out of the thousands of entries.

Brad was completely overcome with joy with the announcement that he had won the MMD by Foose Mustang. As soon as Chip handed Brad the keys, he immediately pumped his fist into the air, bellowing out a celebratory “WOO” before hopping in his new Mustang. Completely taken back, Brad said  “I am completely blown away. This is awesome, I’m gonna keep this thing forever.” AmericanMuscle would like to extend a warm congratulations to Brian on winning the MMD By Foose Mustang, and a huge thank you to everyone that entered and to those that attended AM2015.


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