Breaking News: The 2015 Mustang to Lose Weight, Improve MPG

2015 Mustang Design Rendering

2015 Mustang Rendering by Mustang6G

According to Ford inside sources reporting to, The 2015 Mustang is set to lose at least 400lbs off the current body weight, but that’s not all.

[UPDATE: The 2015 Mustang is officially here. Check out all the details! It also looks like insider sources are now saying the 2015 Mustang is to GAIN ~250lbs!}

A 400LBS Lighter, 15 Inch Shorter 2015 Mustang

Up until now, we have only been able to speculate about the next generation S550 Mustang being a smaller, more nimble vehicle. Now we have some solid evidence to support the findings. In addition to dropping 400 pounds in curb weight, the same inside source is also reporting a smaller in length 2015 Mustang–slicing off ~15 inches from the total size. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the 6th generation Mustang’s gas mileage and MPG. How much it will impact fuel efficiency, is still a mystery.

How this will play out with regards to interior space is yet to be seen, but given the tight constraints of the current Mustang’s back seats, one would wonder how much more room there is to lose from the interior compartment. For those of us who keep the rear seat belts buckled year-round, the prospect of loosing a little more real estate isn’t much of a concern, especially if that means dropping 400lbs.

2015 Mustang Engine Bay

2014 Mule With 2015 Mustang’s Frame/Engine Bay

2015 Mustang Dimensions vs The 2014 Mustang

Width: The 2015 is said to have a “10%” (~6.5 inches) shorter in width compared to the 2014 Mustang.

2014 Mustang: 73.9 inches wide — 2015 Mustang: 67.4 inches wide

Length: The 2015: 8% (~15 inches) shorter.

2014 Mustang: 188.5 inches in length and rides on a 107.1-inch wheelbase — 2015 Mustang: 173.5 inches in overall length

Weight: 2015 is set to lose ~400lbs curb weight.

2014 Mustang: 3,617.8lbs curb weight (V8 GT with Auto transmission) — 2015 Mustang GT: 3,217lbs curb weight

Pairing Less Weight With the EcoBoost 4-Cylinder Mustang

The drop in curb weight was brought on by two developments on the automotive world–Ford’s need for a more fuel-efficient fleet of vehicles and Europe’s tight vehicle sizing constraints. Given that we’ve heard reports and we have a video of the 2015 Mustang with a turbo’d 4 cylinder under the hood, its only natural to speculate how this new “SVO” will perform.

If the Edmunds report is true and the new Mustang sheds 400lbs of weight–not including the motor–the turbo 4-cylinder would have a curb weight of around 3,000lbs and be pushing somewhere around 300-350 horsepower. Comparatively, the last 4-cylinder turbo’d Mustangs–the 1986 SVO–came in at a curb weight of 3,049lbs and had a power output of 200 hp (149 kW) @ 5000 rpm 240 lb·ft (330 N·m) @ 3200 rpm. Throw in the addition of an IRS and shorter overall length, you have one completely overhauled pony car. Look out, there might be one formidable 4-banger with Mustang logos blowing the doors off older v8s when the 2015 model year Mustangs start rolling out.

The Coyote V8 Will Return in 2015

It’s not all a loss for the die-hard V8 crowd–in addition to a turbo 4-cylinder, the 2015 Mustang will also be produced with the current Coyote motor, possibly with a bump in power to between 450-475HP. A 2015 prototype videotaped doing test runs around the Dearborn, MI area had a V8 and sounded as good as ever, producing the low, muscle car growl we’ve come to expect from the beloved Mustang. The current V6 is set to return as the base model Mustang. The turbo 4 would be the middle ground while the V8 GTs would still be the premium model.

Let us hear your thought on the 2015 Mustang’s diet and leave a comment below!

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  • Edward Brandon

    Must have GT.

  • Eric Feyer

    Loose weight should be lose weight.

    • Jeff M

      You missed “loosing”…are there no editors on this site?

  • Zach Pye

    EcoBoost 4-Cylinder? Isn’t the mustang a muscle car? because real

    muscle cars have V8’s

    • jesset

      Yeah, and real car enthusiasts aren’t so ignorant to believe that.

      • origionalwinja

        real car enthusiasts are fully aware there is NO replacement for displacement, and more cylinders are better.

        • jesset

          Yeah, except for technology. How bout we just go back to using the 28L engine found in a 1911 Fiat? I mean, that must obviously be better. And while we’re at it, why stop at 8 cylinders? Why not just use a W16 like the Bugatti? That’s better right? So that settles it. The mustang will never be a real muscle car until it has a 28L W16 engine.

          • origionalwinja

            thats a very n00b answer you came up with. the fact is its a joke to put anything but a v8 in the mustang. i watched Jeremy Clarkson point at a volkswagon golf and claim “thats a fast car”. once the laughter died down we came to the realization euorpe sucks. the mustang is a muscle car, and that means big v8 in front, real wheel drive and tire shredding torque. if they want to build a eurotrash snobmobile they should build one, but dont destroy a legend in the process.

          • jesset

            How is it a joke? Do you realize that the Mustang originally shipped with both an inline 6 and a v8? Do you also realize that the original concept for the mustang was a mid engine v4? So tell me, how is it a joke to sell a car with multiple engine options? Not everyone is out for big horsepower. Some people actually enjoy getting decent gas mileage believe it or not. If I can have as much power as a v8, with the fuel economy of an inline 4, what’s wrong with that?

          • Aaron Voland

            I have my doubts even the ecoboost is going to get typical I4 fuel economy with a turbo strapped to it producing 350 hp. Regardless, this has me worried that the V8 mustang days are numbered. You’d be a fool to not believe this ecoboost mustang is going to be a home run with the kids around these days.

            I can see the carpet dwellers at ford hq scratching their heads thinking “maybe… we don’t need the v8??”

          • jesset

            Even if it is not as efficient as a not turbo 4, I seriously doubt that it will be much worse. Turbos have little parasitic loss, especially when compared to superchargers. I’m not too sure the i4 will be all too popular with the younger crowd. I say that simply because it is not the base model. I do however hope that Ford is not so foolish as to drop the v8.

          • Mu5tangGT

            That response is exactly why you will never be a project supervisor for ANY type of vehicle, especially a Mustang! Because you are stuck in the past. What was the very first engine ever? A steam engine. So really what you are saying, is that based on automobile history, we need to bring the “steam” back, correct? Because a car just isn’t a car, without a steam engine!!!…. So with all due respect, what makes a car is not the number of cylinders, especially since the future will most likely lead to NO cylinders, and ALL electricity. Get with the times, put your big girl panties on, and just enjoy the technology. If you want a V8, go right ahead. But bashing the folks that love the Mustang, and also love fuel economy (I4), or just can’t afford a V8 (V6 or I4), is a pretty good sign that you are unhappy with your own life. And need to feel like you know what everyone wants. “Options”, including the Engines, are what make manufacturers money. And having a variety is what sells. But go ahead, propose to Ford that they should only allow V8’s in there vehicles, and we will sit here and watch as they laugh in your face!… That is all.

      • Awesomer

        Well as the owner of an 88 GT i can tell you that nothing beats the sound and feel of the V8. Just isn’t the same downshifting in a 4 banger as it is in my fox.

        • jesset

          I’m not saying that a 4 cyl. in a mustang is better, but to each their own. If these rumors are true, the 350hp i4 Mustang would most likely blow the doors off all previous v8s (except for special editions)

          • Awesomer

            Well all previous V8’s prior to 2005. The new V8 has over 400 hp.

          • jesset

            2010 and prior* And I’d be willing to bet that it would give the current 5.0s a run for their money as well. Being 400lbs lighter would make quite a big difference.

          • origionalwinja

            and considering they keep getting more power in everything your comment is moot. the current v6 in a 2014 mustang puts out more power than the v8 in a 2001 GT. and the v8’s do too. i also know that high performance 6’s and 4’s dont tend to last when abused like v8’s.

          • jesset

            How is my comment “moot”? If a i4 can outrun most if not all previous v8s, how is that a bad thing? You’re just proving my point that it will be fast. Yeah, you’re right. I’m sure Ford would release a high performance i4 that can’t handle daily driving or even mashing the throttle while on an on ramp. If a 4 cylinder can safely make 350hp, what’s wrong with that?

          • Ricky Riley

            I for one am glad to see the 350hp I4, and so should any V8 purist. As Jesset stated, the 350hp* estimate would be a larger number than the ’10 and older GT’s, less we forget that the ’05 V6 had more power than the old 1994 5.0. The point being, that the more power the small engines can put out, the more the V8’s put out. A 350hp I4 could push the V8 out, but it’s more likely to push its numbers up. The rumor for the GT is 450-475, but don’t forget that the ’13 Shelby was only rumored for 600hp, and the Shelby GT 1000 was supposed to be the only 200mph mustang, shortly after those rumors we saw a production 668hp, 200mph Shelby. I may be an optimist, but I expect 500hp out of the ’15 GT, and for that, I am very happy to see an I4 pressing at its back.

  • StangFan

    It’s spelled lose, not loose.

    A 4-banger is interesting. The part I don’t like is the Euro-influence on a beloved AMERICAN muscle car. Ditch the IRS. It’s terrible for the drag strip. Seems the best, first upgrade on the 2015 will be an 8.8 inch solid rear axle.

    • Tyler Martin

      I think people forget the the Mustang was created with ‘Euro’ influence. Ford’s just doing what they’ve always done. This time they are just compiling some of the awesome things with each generation. They only thing I disagree with is the IRS, I think it should be optional to have IRS or Solid axle. Have the base cars and 4cyl cars with IRS and the GT with an optional Solid axle.

      • Zach Vaught

        Can’t argue with that.

    • Zach Vaught

      I think more owners are becoming concerned with the all around ability of their vehicles more than the whole straight line thing.

  • Dan George

    I always liked the SVO Mustang. Since I cannot buy a Boss 302 anymore, a turbo 4 would be great!

    • n64kps

      Wait what? So instead of a forged 5.0L V8, you’ll make due with a turbo 4?!? Interesting thought process…

  • Joseph Doby

    Sounds like the 2015 is going to be light like the old fox body Mustangs. I agree with StangFan. I am not a fan of the IRS. Solid rear axle at the drag strip for the win.

  • Carl Ervin

    Sounds like we’re moving back to the SN95 size cars…ride will be sacrificed again for fuel economy…but a muscle car shouldn’t have to comply with fuel economy standards…not really digging the euro styling, but will wait to see what actually hits the streets…

    • Ron

      Aint got no spell chaker , dis aint no gramma board, I have two mustangs and fuel economy 27 with a Shelby 500 and 28 with a Cal Special. Will get a 4 banger in 15 . May be it will get the same milledge as my 59 Anglia 51.2 mpg . Buy cars for fun. Get older and enjoy cars. Note did not buy a 68 cobra gas was 39 cents a gallon. If you want to go fast , rent a mig 29 its cheaper and you do not need to wash it when done. For 2k$+ you get M 1+ it was 10k$ for m-2 on the Concorde Giving a Russian a free gas ticket is worth it.

  • Paul

    A 3200 pound GT with 450-475 horse power sounds like a mid 12 second 1/4 mile car stock. Camaro and Challenger will need to bump up to 525 horses or lose 800lbs just to keep up!!! I’m actually glad I bought 2014 GT. I love the current body style. I think this Euro style is going to eventually ruin the Mustangs looks and be the end of the V8 some day. If they continue to make it smaller to lighten it up for federal MPG laws. The V8 will be a thing if the past.

    • hillboy

      I think we might see low 12s with that combo.The boss 302 does not have that power to weight ratio.Sounds like another Camaro crusher.

      • Bob Bitt

        You guys do know that the 2011-14 GT’s have achieved low 12’s in stock form already… right?

  • Alain Damours

    A smaller mustang again that sucks, they finally had one of the best looking mustang,for years they been struggling with the looks they finally get it right just to loose it again and for sure i do not agree with a mustang that gonna be not as wide sorry il keep my 2005.might as well buy a Mitsubishi evo!

    • Evan

      Mitsubishi EVO is no Joke, Check out one of the top Gear episode where they drove it around the track with a Lambo.

  • Adio Jackman

    I will shave weight off regardless, but I have to have that 5.0….I have been waiting a long time to get a newer one as my 2003 Roush is my daily driver and desperately needs an overhaul.

  • mike

    Wish they would offer both the live axle and the IRS as an option on the check sheet. This would keep everyone happy from the drag strip to the road course people.

  • Tyler Woods

    I like the IRS, but they should offer an option for solid or IRS. The 300+ hp 4 cylinder is awesome, even though i prefer the v8

  • Barrett

    Yes, low weight is the key. Challenger weighs as much as a midsize SUV. Mustang a compact SUV. These are Muscle/sports cars. The Vette has the weight right. The new mustang can dominate if they cut the pork. BTW a corvette weighs less than a focus ST. WTF

    • oneiopen

      right, i destroy challengers in my 04 GT

  • Matt Moore

    I can’t wait to ditch this stupid solid axle. I have a 2012 GT, and I hate the feel of the rear suspension. It’s about time we get a real IRS. It’s also great that the car is losing weight, these current gen cars are huge compared to the older Mustangs. I for one, don’t care the slightest bit about the way my car performs at the drag strip. I’d rather be able to take turns and have a decent ride.

    • origionalwinja

      its funny how the “terminator” cobras had IRS and the solid axle cobras would run circles around them on tight twisty tracks and kill them in the 1/4 mile

  • Vincent A Barela

    Can you say Mustang II…

  • Steve Wilson

    i guess these writers do not have spellcheck as in lose not loose LOL!

  • Cliff Tohtz

    I think a turbo 4 with an IRS is in the correct direction. I’m holding judgement on the looks until I see it in person, but a lighter faster Mustang sounds just about Perfect — and my 03 Stang doesn’t see the drag strip but does cut a LOT of corners — I have been waiting for the return of the IRS ever since 04 Cobra went bye-bye.

    • origionalwinja

      so you are saying destroy an American icon and move away from the muscle car platform, instead of just building a euortrash snobmobile? they already have the fiesta/festiva and escort/focus.

      • Cliff Tohtz

        A coyote engine is NOT moving away from the muscle car — but a lighter car with a more responsive suspension will be a much better sports car than a 3550 pound car with a live axle. My 03 can’t tackle ripples in asphalt roads during a hard turn — I have become airborne as the rear live axle shudders to stay compliant. I like DRIVING my GT — everyone does know what the GT stands for?

  • Jacob Stuffco

    I hope the “interior” designers haven’t “European-ized” the interior “ie disgusting white cloth all the way up to the ceiling!”Yuck! ..utilize the current car’s styling and materials and the car will continue to be a winner ..and that includes at the “detail shop” !

  • Steve Gehrke

    I also don’t like the Euro look, the smaller size, and the 4-banger….looks like I’ll be keeping my 2006, and just updating it..Sheshhhhh!!!

  • Bill T Hamilton

    I’ve got an ’06 GT(stick, V8) and love the sound and feel of it. Always an attraction for me. As for the new design.. yes, Eco-boost pleases me as an option as I am sensitive to the price of fuel these days. Just hope they build in some of the great advances made in recent years with regards to the headlights and nighttime driveability. (Something the S197 has been lacking).

  • John Andrews

    We will all have to wait until the New Mustang is ready to see to make an opinion !

  • Morgan

    Ford will also lose tall guys like me who won’t be able to fit comfortably in it.

  • diehard

    That would make the 2015 Mustang about the same width as the Fiesta. The Mustang is already a Sub-compact car. I doubt very much that it will be losing 400 lbs across all models. Maybe the 4 bangers!

  • irving

    Disgust is awful like a 2011 accord because they did not put that i4 4 doors, even so this totally ruined, maybe it was a cugar or something I would accept!

  • SayWhat

    Needs the F150’s 3.5L 365 HP and 420 Ft. Lbs instead of the turbo 4. Keep the rental car current V-6 as the entry level engine.

  • wayne rhodes

    All you youngsters want is street speed that will get killed if you fail to constrain your self’s around traffic and pedestrians. These are week end rides that you take out on Saturday night and cruise around town and maybe a race from red light to red lite. In my eye the V-6 with a six speed slush box trans is the way to go. With the performance package. With only a hand full of mods and the six will run with the boss 302. If not slightly better 0-60 and 1/8th mile to the end of the 1/4th mile run. It is also quicker through the turns and sasses. By several seconds. This is in my eyes what I personally would choose. They are making the Mustang smaller because the gas mileage and pounds per HP. difference in the ratio. I think the 2015 mustang is beautiful sports car. That was said to be able to sit down in the car rather than on top of the chassis that the older chassis sets on. Visibility may suffer even more, but that is a trait! of a real sport That’s about as cool as a bug on Ice.. 29 mpg or more and 33 or more fuel high way.. Independent rear suspension sigh me up, I’ve got mine on order already. V-6 color race red lite tan interior. Performance package with automatic slush box transmission. That’s it and that’s all I need. I will turn 60 in tow days so I like a little all around performance without manually shifting gears all day long.