AmericanMuscle gives away FREE 2009 Ford Mustang! Day 9: What could smell worse? & 94WYSP Philadelphia


They say a rolling stone gathers no moss. We’ll let me tell you, three people sitting in a Mustang for more than eight days gather plenty of moss, and other things too. To say that the odor emanating from the new 2009 Ford Mustang is foul, is like saying Megan Fox is easy on the eyes, or that Michael Jackson was a little weird. It just doesn’t cover the dramatic scope of the all-out stench that billows from inside this finely-tuned stink machine.


Nonetheless, three hopeful contestants remain in the AmericanMuscle Live in It and Win 2009 Mustang Giveaway. Yes, I said three. Apparently Awesome Airen got an offer she couldn’t refuse. Her uncle bought her a new Mustang to get out of the car. If that’s all it takes to get a new car, I’m parking butt in the first new unlocked ‘Stang I find until someone shows up with the keys to my new ride, or the police haul me away. I’m thinking it might just be worth the risk.


So with just three remaining, the American Muscle crew returned to check on our friends only to find that their 94WYSP Philadelphia radio shirts have turned from blindingly white to a dingy grey. And because they are not allowed to remove anything from the car for the duration of the contest, every corner and crevice of the winning ride is jam-packed with garbage. For the record, we’re not just talking empty water bottles and a few soiled napkins. We’re talking about the half eaten tuna sandwich they enjoyed last Thursday, and remnants of a once-delicious, now diseased Tony Luke’s Cheese Steak with Wiz and extra Mayo from Day 1, which was more than a week ago. Now that is just rank.

Still, through day and night and overwhelming filth, our pals Joseph, John and Michele remain steadfast in their commitment to live in the car they want so much to win.

Look for a couple videos coming soon as our friends share their thoughts and insights from inside the car.

Until then, I ask you, what food do you think would be the absolute worst to have rotting alongside you in the car? For my vote: Milk. There’s nothing worse. Let me know what you think in our comments section below. You never know what video may be around the corner.

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  • Jon Hantsbarger

    Try a car sitting in a barn for 20 years. We had a car come in and you could not even see the carpet because of all the rat droppings.

    Now that is foul!

  • Anonymous

    Thats the worst handsdown

  • Anonymous

    Nothing says foul like a week old flounder. Still, I had a friend spill a carton of milk under my passenger seat while out on a road trip. Was a couple days before I could properly clean it up. By that time I was driving with head out the window. Probably nothing compared to what these guys are going through 24/7.

  • Anonymous

    Mayo, not mayoooooo!!! Bleh.

  • Anonymous

    Although I hate It fresh I’d say most defiantly SUSHI.

  • Anonymous

    I think papaya. Smells bad already so it may b really bad after a couple days

  • Anonymous

    Make them eat kimchee & milk!

    Nothing like fermented cabbage and garlic.

    Might as well get them some chili with beans while you’re at it.


  • Anonymous

    Egg salad. Or Fish…seriously think about it…