AM Drop Me A Line Deux Contest Winners Announced – $300 In Prizes! Drop Me A Line Deux Contest – $300 In Prizes!
The Winners Have Been Announced!

So you dropped me a line…now you get your fifty bucks! That’s about how it works! We received about 150 entries for round DEUX, and once again we laughed, we cried, and we wept bitterly for the future of mankind.

Thank you once again for making this contest a success…and reminding us that we aren’t the only crazies out there! Just kidding…just kidding…but on to the good part…the winners:

  • Matthew J. of Sarasota, FL
    • “My dog’s name is Bullitt.”
    • Matt…we thought long and hard about this one, and to this day, still cannot figure out why our dog is not named Bullitt! Fifty bucks and a T-Shirt are coming your way!
  • Mike K. of Westampton, NJ
    • “I should win a $50 card because I’m paying Comcast $40 a month to sit here on the internet and dream of parts on your site!”
    • Well Mike, I have just the fix you need to save you from your dream…but maybe not your Comcast nightmare! Fifty bucks, a T-shirt to you!
  • Bryan H. of Bloomington, IN
    • “In April my father passed away and in his honor I want to take his 2000 Red Ford Mustang and complete his mission of making his Mustang the most badass ride that it could ever possibly be so he can ride on in heaven.”
    • A much better reason then these other freeloaders here…everyone else should be ashamed of themselves! A Fifty Cert and T-Shirt in your father’s honor!
  • Jason B. of Canastota, NY
    • “You should give me 50 bucks because my Mom said so.”
    • Who are we to argue with mom? $50 and a T on the way!
  • Matt W. of Wichita, KS
    • “I NEED $50 because I just spent more on an engagement ring than my Mustang is worth.”
    • Spending your Mustang’s money on an engagement ring!?! $50 and a T-Shirt to you…hopefully this will help remind you of your priorities!!!
  • Isaac L. of San Jose, CA
    • “I think you should give me the $50 because if you don’t, I will kill Mr. Bunny; you don’t want Mr. Bunny to die do you?!”
    • …now weeping bitterly for the future of mankind… $50 and a shirt for you…

For original full contest details, click here!

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