AM Car Show: The Movie-Because Reading is Overrated!

Sure, I can make the keys dance like Britney in spandex. But, admittedly, sometimes the power of description can only go so far. Whether you’re talking about the sinuous styling of a shiny Fox body, or a curvaceous contour of an AmericanMuscle Girl, no words can capture it like video. Enjoy!
AM Car Show: The Movie

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  • Curt Wall


  • Matt Blasi

    Awesome event wish I knew it was coming I would have definitely made the drive from VA. Thee video though, next time, slower pans it is all very rushed. Also it could be longer nothing wrong with a 5 – 8 min video for one day show coverage. 😉

    Only down side to that Mach 1 is that I have seen it so many times it is just not worth looking at anymore.

  • Horace Oszefogva

    Watching that video gave me motion sickness!

  • Devon h

    I would have loved to take my stang. Such a long drive from Alberta though, too bad.

  • Joe

    Agree with Horace… got motion sickness watching it

  • USMC21

    I thought the video was great. Could have been a little bit longer for an all day event. I am deployed right now, but I hope you guys, (and am girls), have another car show when I return. I would love to attend and show off my stang as well. Thanx AM, PIECE!!! (Semper Fidelis)

  • Roger Gidley

    would have went for sure. But like most everyone else, I didn’t know about it