2015 Mustang: 11 Things You Didn’t Know, And Two Things Ford Won’t Tell Us

2015 Black Ford MustangThere’s a lot of “New” worth digesting when it comes to the 2015 Mustang–from the rear axle to the 2.3L EcoBoost, all the way down to a fundamentally different chassis (S550). We’ll walk you through some of the commonly known differences from the 2014 Mustang to 2015, as well as some of the cool features and performance aspects you might not have known about.

There are a few takeaways from key interview with Ford’s chief engineer in charge of building the 2015 Mustang, Dave Pericak. To start with, it’s well known that the newest Mustang was built in a way that’s meant to not only pay homage to the past classics, but also to mark a new chapter in the car’s development as a global vehicle. The 2015 Mustang is powerful, modernly styled and yet, still distinctively a Mustang. It’s everything Ford wanted from their flagship ponycar. The last question that begs an answer is whether or not the S550 is what you, the the car’s existing fan base, desires. There’s little doubt this car will be successful and sell units, but in gaining a new demographic of buyer, will they invaluably alienate those who have stood loyal to the Mustang for so many years?

Here are some of the more noteworthy comments from Ford and other sources over the past year–11 things you might not have known about the New Mustang.

The 2015 Mustang’s IRS & Performance Goals

2015 Mustang GT Convertible 11. Benchmarking against the Porsche 911 & BMW M3:Ford wasn’t very shy about what cars they were measuring the 2015 Mustang against. The known list may be short, but it was certainly an impressive one–the likes of the Porsche 911 and BMW M3 set a specific and aspirational goal, one that Ford intended to exceed. Without being said, it’s fairly obvious that the 2015 Mustang would be measured against the Camaro, but to take on the heavy hitters from Germany required an entire shift in thought and approach. And that’s exactly what Ford has said they’ve done in developing the 6th generation of America’s greatest ponycar.

This new focus around building only “aspirational vehicles” calls for a level of engineering that puts the Mustang at or above that of the toughest competition and, for the time being, Ford is claiming success in this category. According to Ford Chief Engineer Dave Pericak:

Again, not trying to be the 911, but reaching beyond. And we used the BMW M3 (E9X) we beat it with our Boss 302 on the track.

2. The 2015 GT can beat the 2013 BOSS 302: What’s impressive is that the 2015 Mustang GT is said–according to the same interview with Dave Pericak–to have the speed and quickness to beat the 2012-2013 Boss 302 around the track.

3. The 2015 GT uses parts from the BOSS 302: In fact, the new GT has many of the same parts internally as the Boss 302, a on a lighter, shorter and wider platform. Even if the GT receives only a mild bump in horsepower when compared to the S197 Coyotes, there will undoubtedly be a significant performance upgrade over the 2014s, you’ll just have to look past simple power ratings to see it.

2015 Ford Mustang IRS Suspension4 & 5. Independent Rear Suspension and a new front suspension: With that aside, back to talking about the IRS. Early in the car’s development, it became clear to the Ford engineers that the front suspension they’d borrowed from the 2014 Mustang GT was not going to be able to keep up with the abilities of the new IRS. This called for a redesign of the front suspension geometry that resulted in a double ball joint and full subframe construction in the front of the car. This, according to Ford, has resulted in a more precise, accurate feel and improved all-around handling.

6. No solid rear axle (SRA) as an option: One thing not addressed is how this new IRS will fair on the drag strip. It’s been announced that the production 2015 Mustangs will not come with a solid rear axle, not even as an option on anything less than the Cobra Jet.

That’s Right, No More Solid Rear Axle

The IRS has officially replaced the solid rear axle that has been a mainstay for the Mustang since its inception. Despite a temporary experiment with IRS in the 1999-2004 Cobras, a solid rear axle can be found under virtually every production Mustang pre 2015. Those days are over. IRS has replaced the SRA and Ford will not be looking back. They’ve also gone on to say that it would take a “significant tear-up” to try and even get an SRA under the 2015, requiring re-piping of the exhaust and likely cutting of the floor. No worries says Dave Pericak, the 2015 Mustang’s IRS will be battle tested and able to stand up to the demands of the drag strip after all:

we know our customers love to go out and drag race in the weekend and we’ll make sure it’s all durable.

2015 Mustang Cobrajet Rendering7. The 2015 Cobra Jet “could” have an SRA: This still leaves one to wonder about the 2015 Cobra Jet. As a dedicated race car that already has a 9″ rear, it’s highly unlikely Ford will mess with such a proven straight track performer as the Cobra Jet. We’ve also heard rumors of an upcoming “body in white” Mustang from Ford Racing that would be outfitted with a 9″ rear and quite possibly be leading to a SRA conversion kit for other S550s, but we’ll have to wait and see if Ford takes it that far. At the least, they’ll probably throw a 9″ in the 2015 cobra jet.

(4) Improved Driving Modes – Snow/Wet, Normal, Sport and Track

8. New driving modes: The new GTs are getting two more driving modes than previously available, thanks again in part to the Porsche 911. After spending a good bit of time testing the 911, the conclusion was that investing in fine-tuning different driving modes for vastly different circumstances was an important aspect in building a top of the line ponycar. The result was four driving modes–snow/wet, normal, sport and track–that provide peak performance for the given scenarios.

The 2015 Mustang In Fact Did NOT Lose Weight

 9. S550 will be slightly heavier than the S197: It had previously been said that the GT may receive a 200lb weight reduction, though Ford was very tight lipped with anything regarding weight specs. An earlier “leak” had some model losing as much as 400lbs off what a comparable S197 would scale in at. Unfortunately, this was not the case and a 2015 Mustang GT coupe with a manual transmission will weigh 86lbs MORE than its S197 counterpart. Not a huge increase, but disappointing none the less. Ford has since released a complete list of 2015 Mustang curb weights and we’ve since documented their weight increases over the 2014 Mustang.

3 Engine Options

2015 Mustang 4 Cylinder 2.3L Engine Photo 310. The EcoBoost 4 cylinder is faster than the V6: Apparently, the V6 was re-tuned to lose 5HP over 2014 models and the 4 cylinder is set to be the premium model–as revealed early by a leaked Ford survey–and in order to appeal to those other than gas conscious buyers, also had to has to have a desirable amount of power. That power is 310HP and 320ft-lbs of torque for the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang.

11. The V6 will not be sold outside of the US: And this might be bad news for the future of the V6. Ford may only keep the V6 around until they are ready to offer the EcoBoost V6 in its place, or until sales numbers no longer justify building one. Even if Ford keeps the V6 around for the foreseeable future, it will only be sold here in the states, per Dave Pericak:

the V6 will stay in the US, except for some minor export markets. Generically, when we export to Europe and the other countries, it will be the 2.3-liter EcoBoost and the 5-liter V8  ”

The Two Things Ford Won’t Tell Us:

[Update] At the time of writing, both the final weight specs and exact horsepower numbers were not known. Ford has since released both and the information can be found by clicking the links below.

2015 Mustang Horsepower Ratings

2015 Mustang Final Weight Specs & Comparison to the 2014 Mustang

1. Final Weight: While we’ve heard “strong” rumors to the effect of the GT losing ~200lbs and the Shelby possibly losing 400lbs, but these are, at the moment, unconfirmed by Ford. With the Blue Oval engineers still dialing in the final weight specs and the Brass not yet ready to give the public an exact number, we can only hold our breath and hope we’ll see some kind of a significant weight reduction, as many enthusiasts have been calling for.

2. Exact Horsepower Numbers: As of right now, the unconfirmed numbers have the EcoBoost 4 cylinder at 305HP, the V6 dialed down to 300HP and the GT somewhere in the range of 435HP from the factory. Like the weight specs, these numbers have not been confirmed by Ford, but have surfaced in a number of rumors and mentions lately. Like the car’s weight, they’re still getting these numbers finalized before making news.

Photo Credit: JC Design

  • George Keseyan

    F80 M cars are going to have twin turbo I6, rated 456hp and 506lb-ft at the flywheel, M3 arrives to US in early 2015 with M4 date still unknown. Quite an ambitious benchmark for Ford to reach.

    • DMcG

      Shouldn’t be that much of a reach for the boosted Coyote you can be will be in the “GT350” or whatever they call it. It’s starting with 435 HP. Add 10 psi of boost, which is no sweat, and you are looking at north of 550 HP. I think it’ll keep up.

      • Mary Delaney

        I have been a owner of 74,76 64,68,03 Mustangs. I have loved most of the newer models of Mustangs also ,that did not stray to far from some of the important Mustang details that the pony car people love. I dont like the direction in style the 2015 is going,It does not stop my heart with that instant look of true Classic Mustang lines that keep me loving them. I am going back to find the 64-69 mustang that will turn heads with the hearts of Mustang lovers more than this 2015 ever will

        • DMcG

          While I wonder how you can say an 03 looked more like “a Mustang” than the 15, nothing wrong with your decision. But for me, there is no way I would put up with the ride, handling, safety, driveability and amenities of a mid-60’s Mustang on a daily basis. Not only do I like the style of the new car, but it’s just objective fact that it will be by far the best “car” of any Mustang, ever.

        • Michele Erickson Sommers

          Was starting to feel really lonely in my lack of enthusiasm for this model, Mary… nice to know I’m not alone in my disappointment. Got a bit pummeled up there^^^ lol

      • Connor

        If you were to just “add” 10psi from a turbo on a current coyote it would make a hell of a lot more than 550 flywheel hp. Just 6psi from a basic turbo kit on a coyote will make over 600whp, which is closer to 700+ flywheel hp. If the twin turbo 5.0 “voodoo” motor really is made, it’s going to absolutley dominate

        • DMcG

          Not quite. The current Roush “50-state-legal” 8psi blower for the Coyote makes 538 HP, according to the test in 5.0&SF (or MM&FF, I can’t remember). So I am in the right country guessing that 10 psi would get it “north of 550.” 6psi is never going to add 180 hp to the current engine.

          • Connor

            With the provided roush tune the kit comes with which is extremely conservative. So that’s like 460whp. Just getting a custom tune and not changing anything else with that kit wil get it up around 510whp which is around 600HP. Then with the 82mm pulley (9.5psi) thats like 530-540whp, or 625-635 flywheel HP. Swap a much more efficient turbo in place of the blower and its going to make a ton more power. Boost is a just a measure of restriction, a highly efficient turbo can flow way more air at the same boost level as a blower, and the turbo has almost no parasitic loss compared to the blower. Sorry if I’m coming off as an ass, but just google turbo coyote’s and what kind of numbers they are putting down.

          • DMcG

            All true. But I chose the Roush as the example because it’s 50-state legal, as will be Ford’s tune. When have they NOT had extremely conservative tunes? You are not going to get the knife-edge an aftermarket tuner will give you, straight from Ford. They have warranty and EPA and CARB concerns. So my example is pretty relevant to what they may sell. Yours is relevant to what can be done with the car later if you don’t mind voiding the warranty and not being smog legal. I know that’s an option for many, but in the Socialist republic of California, passing smog is a big deal.

  • garrett powers

    How in the world can Ford make a 4cyl have 305hp but only give 300hp to the v6 and only 435hp to the v8? I’m a huge mustang fan! Nothing but mustangs! But that’s crazy to give all that to a 4cyl but give nothing to a v6 or even make a v8 have way more! Why? I love a v8 despite its mpg

    • Changyu

      Just because L4 is bossted. V6 V8 are not. AMG 2.0L 4cyl hit 360hp. 305hp for an 2.3turbo is normal at this crazy time.

    • Nick

      It’s called forced induction, chief. It should have as much or more than the 6, and what HP you want out of the base V8? 500? Come on.

      • Jermaine Directorscut Riley

        Yes honestly, I understand the GT500 ranking scale but 500 would make more sense in cutting a huge power gap hole between the next GT500 and the base GT. Ferrari gets 560 out its 4.3 V8 why not Ford get closer with a higher displacement engine.

        • John Enzweiler

          And your Ferrari cost $150K and the new Mustang GT around $30K.
          Guess what add a simple blower or turbo for around $3k and bye bye Ferrari…

          • Fox Mulder

            Bye Bye Ferrari, and by the looks of it it might be hard to tell which is which…

          • Guest

            don’t worry guys..rumors for the new 2016 GT350 say..it will be 5.4 L V8 with flat plane crankshaft..making around 700HP at more then 7000RPM..BUT AGAIN, NOTHING CONFIRMED..all rumors..

          • Joe

            your “more then” comment makes me sad

          • ricanito

            But those rumors are so kool!!!

          • Justin Pewterschmidt

            “simple blower and turbo for around 3k”…something tells me you’ve never actually built a car and have no idea the costs or work involved to turbocharge a car….a supercharger setup is fairly simple but good luck doing a blower on a a new mustang GT for less than double your 3k price.

          • http://batman-news.com ricanito

            He was just making a point that a few thousand dollar more, (and compared to how much you would pay for that Ferrari it would only be a few thousand dollar), you could blow the doors off that Ferrari.
            “a few thousand $”=5 to 10k.

        • Abdulrahman M Hussin

          don’t worry guys..rumors for the new 2016 GT350 say..it will be 5.4 L V8 with flat plane crankshaft..making around 700HP at more then 7000RPM..BUT AGAIN, NOTHING CONFIRMED..all rumors….

      • Dan Hundrieser

        Why not 500? Ford could do it without batting an eye. Look at the 2000 SVT Cobra R. First Mustang to use the 5.4, naturally aspirated, and usually measuring around 385HP AT THE WHEELS ,stock, which is incredible. Anything more than 1hp per CI is impressive when N/A but that was 15 years ago and Ford has set and reset the bench mark multiple times since then. The Boss 302 is n/a and putting out 440hp stock which is roughly 1.46hp per CI and unlike Chevy, Ford’s stock numbers don’t mean shit. You start modding a Ford engine and forget it, all bets are off, the horsepower achievable with a Ford V8 is asinine. Look at the 2013 GT500 the modular 5.4 bored to 5.8 like was originally intended but never deemed necessary because the 5.4 was putting out 550 at 9 psi boost and the Super Snakes would put out up to 1000 with only a supercharger. You add turbos to the equation and again, all bets are off. I mean think about it, they actually offer the Super Snake GT1000 package with 1000hp STILL with only just a supercharger, dare to imagine turbos? Point being, 500 really isn’t even remotely unrealistic for a Ford engine already putting out around 435 naturally aspirated. Ford intentionally makes their stock engines on the lower end so they can be very long lasting daily drivers. Again, think about the GT500, it is a perfectly feasible every day driver with 662HP and the fuckin thing doesn’t even have to pay the gas guzzler tax because Ford engines are just fucking incredible. The 5.8 in the GT500 is 662HP and it gets better mileage than my f-150 with a 5.0 that has somewhere around 200hp.

    • DMcG

      Uhh . . . . if you had a 15-18psi turbo, you’d make more horsepower, too.

      • kerrdog21

        True, but it puts quite a strain on the rods and bearings, not to mention the Mains. Still great though if Ford has done their homework, and strengthened these assemblies, this little brute should do just fine. Can you say SLEEPER.

        • Bill Bradsky

          Technically the mains are weaker on a V6 because it has one less journal. When comparing the mains on a V6 to an I4, think of the mains as similar to an I3, and it then follows that an I4 block should be stronger than a V6 when producing similar amounts of power. The rods you’re correct on though because you have 2 fewer rods on an I4 making similar power, so the V6 rods should be able to take more abuse all else equal. Bear in mind though that this puts more stress on the crank itself because you’re subjecting it to 1/3 more power and it needs to be a wider span for the rod journal itself to accommodate 2 rods, weakening that section of crank further. Personally, I believe that for strength, the inline design is almost always stronger, block and rotating assembly included. It shows with the old-school push-rod Ford engines. The Ford 240/300, inline 6 engines were the most reliable engines you could get at that time. These engines often saw 200K and even 300K miles before needing rebuilds while the V8s were junk after about 80K or so.

          • Joe

            “1/3 more power” – it’s 50% more
            600hp V6 = 100hp per cylinder, 600hp I4 = 150hp per cylinder
            But for the same total price, u could make, each of the 4 rods, 50% more expensive than 6. Bonus, 4 quality rods weigh less than 6 standard. Bonus Bonus 4 rods are cheaper to assemble than 6.
            Expand that logic to bearings, valves, springs, rockers or tappets, etc. and you’ll get a powerful little engine.
            only parameters you can’t “fix” with higher quality parts are piston speed, rod/stroke ratio, square and overall dimensions. Piston speed limits stroke or rpm, R/S ratio requires taller engines for longer stroke, Square, bore should be close to stroke b/c small bore limits valve size & small stroke limits torque (unless turbo’ed). Overall dimensions require a balance of all factors to create a package that will fit

          • Bill Bradsky

            600hp V6 = 200hp per 2 cylinders (which is what each rod journal must carry). Using the 150hp per cylinder number you got (and therefore per rod journal) in the 4 banger, you have an addition of 50hp per journal in the V6, which is 1/3 more than what you see on each journal in the 4.
            On the other hand, you’re right about the individual rods. Each rod itself carries 50% more load in the 4-banger. Which, as you pointed out, is easier to manage with bigger rods for a still-lower rotating mass.

          • Dan Hundrieser

            This is one of the most in depth and intelligent comments I’ve ever seen on the internet except for that last part about engine longevity. I don’t know what you’re basing that on, but experience, ownership, and real world data say otherwise, which kind of makes me slightly apprehensive of everything you said before it. I have an ’89 F-150 XLT Lariat with a 302 and it has somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 hard miles and runs better than my dad’s van with a Chevy L33 Vortech 350 that only has 80,000. In fact, my engine has never had any significant issues or maintenance other than oil changes and it runs like new. It is literally the best sounding engine I’ve ever heard. My uncle also had an E-150 with a 302 that had over 400,000 miles with no major engine problems whatsoever and still ran, drove, and sounded perfect when he got rid of it for cash for clunkers. My family owns a business that employs a fleet of E-350 work vans that are constantly way overweight and also tow more than rated capacity and the V8s last just as long as the straight 6s both the older 302s and 351s and the newer modular 330s. While I would agree that inline engines are generally more durable and longer lasting than Vs and the Ford 300 was undoubtedly one of the best engines ever made, in terms of longevity, it still wasn’t that much better than the similarly purposed V8s. I think it’s one of those classic cases of having no replacement for displacement i.e. the larger and more powerful V8s had less struggle when strained thus lasting as long as or longer than the I6s which are, as I said, usually stronger engines in terms of longevity and reliability. Not to mention that you can search craigslist any day of the week and find a slew of old F- and E-Series with V8s with mileage always above 100k and often over 2 or 300k even sometimes having over 4 or even 500k. Usually, with Fords, the entirety of the rest of the vehicle will wear out around the engine and the engine will still be running strong whether it be a V or an I and regardless of number of cylinders or displacement. Like I said, I do agree that straight engines are usually stronger/longer lasting, but with Ford engines, I would always take a larger V over a smaller I. Honestly though, I think the comparison is kind of pointless. Ford engines are always so solid that really all that matters is what you want. The Ecoboost I4 may be a stronger block with more output than the V6 but the V6 might still last longer because of it’s larger displacement and lack of boost. Either way, you’ll be happy. Ford engines are the best. Carroll Shelby knew it, Saleen knows it, Roush knows it, and I know it.

          • Bill Bradsky

            That’s not my experience with the Ford V8’s. My brother and I have had 3 different cars from 68 & 69 with the 302 in them, which were all ready for a rebuild by 80k, started blowing oil and significantly down on power. My uncles got similar mileage from their 289’s that came in the Mustangs and Falcons before that. They were amazing, torquey, revved nice, and powerful , but went downhill fast as those miles ticked into that territory. My father had an old 60’s dump truck with a 390 big block even, and that one needed engine work at like 60k. He also had a couple late 70’s trucks with 351M motors with similar results. The 351M’s would lose oil pressure and start their death rattle with wrist-pin knocks. You couldn’t tell before then either because they didn’t come with actual oil pressure gauges and by the time the idiot light came on, it was too late.
            Anyone I knew with the 300 I6 however would get 250K+ out of them. A lot were old-timer farmers who would change their oil maybe once a year. They leaked oil so bad usually that they often ran low to the point they would use the resulting top end clatter as an indicator to dump another couple quarts in. One guy I remember used to buy firewood from us, and had a flat bed with really high racks built on it, and he’d load his F150 to the point that the frame would be touching the axle. That thing still ran when the cab finally rusted off the frame and you could see the interior panels through the doors’ rust holes. I never saw someone kill one of those I6 motors.
            My mother also had a couple Crown Vic’s with EFI 302’s, and they were better, but I always chalked that up to her driving. She was never very hard on vehicles. But maybe the materials Ford used and their QC improved that much by the time the 80’s rolled around, I don’t know. Regardless, they still didn’t make it much past 100k before they started to blow oil and lose compression.
            I definitely agree with you on the Mod motors however. My mother kept buying the Crown Vics and we would see 200K+ out of the 4.6L, and the body would rust off the frame before there were any engine problems with those. They have some really inherently strong design elements with the cross-bolted mains and the fractured-cast rod big ends that made them super reliable. I will contend, however, that if they built an I6 with all the same design elements that make the Mod motors so strong, it would be a one-up on the V-design for reliability, especially with the kind of abuse you see in truck applications.
            All that said, I agree with you about Ford engines. They’re the best manufacturer in my opinion too. I’ve driven a lot of other brands, and worked on even more, and there’s just a more complete package with Ford than any other manufacturer. That includes their V8’s as well. I just personally have a tender spot in my heart for the inline engine design, and I do think it’s better all else equal.

          • David Tavares

            The 85-89 302’s had a forged bottom end factory, and ee very reliable, most reliable years at least for 302 engines

          • Bill Bradsky

            Wasn’t that just the H.O. motors with the roller cam in the Mustang?

    • Fox Mulder

      LoL, remember those numbers are stock… Those numbers fall within super safe parameters…

    • Connor

      Just wait until they phase out the v6 and the whole lineup ends up being turbo cars. Ecoboost 2.3L base model, ecoboost 3.5L v6 GT, and then the SVT car having a twin turbo 5.0L v8. Not saying it’s going to happen but I definitely could see it going that way. Also I don’t like the term ecoboost for a mustang’s motor, doesn’t sound very muscle car-ish.

    • Thomas J.

      High HP is easy to get from a 4cylinder, but it will assuredly have much less torque.

      • Justin Pewterschmidt

        False, with the small turbo charger I’ll bet it has much more low end punch than the V6 model.

    • Harvey Bedard

      I doubt that the V8 will only make 435 HP, to many changes to it for 15HP. Unless there sandbagging!! The EB2.3 should be fun…just wondering about that 4Cyl Buzz that I can’t stand hearing!!!

    • Justin Pewterschmidt

      Its called boost…..when you go and add 15 psi to a little 2.3L you are essentially adding an additional atmosphere…kinda like having a 4.6L NA V8 instead of the 2.3L 4 banger.

      So it makes perfect sense to a see a 300+ hp 2.3L with boost…id imagine there is a lot of hidden potential in that little 2.3L and it may even be under rated at those numbers if you ask me.

  • Dean Waynee

    DAMMIT… I’ve always owned black Mustang’s, and until I seen this, I was not liking the new one’s.. LOVE the headlight, and fog light’s in this configuration too over the projector’s… I surrender Ford… this does look pretty cool, especially in black…!!!

    • robert martin

      hate 2 burst ur bubble but this is only a photoshop render.

      • John Havens

        The person above is talking out of their ass and just likes to naysay. It wouldn’t matter what color or shade the car is, they’ll always claim it was photo shopped even when you’re standing directly in front of it looking at the window sticker.

        • robert martin

          I am not talking out my ass. i have followed this car since before it was revealed. here is the original picture of it. also stupid if you look here you will see that it is just a render done in photoshop. http://www.mustang6g.com/?p=1326

          • Yooooooo


        • Mike

          Lol bet you feel dumb. The black “render” is exactly that. An advanced photoshop

          • John Havens

            You know, Ill never feel dumb even when I’m wrong, and I was wrong. That being said, other than the light in this rendering and what will be seen in the production version, black will still look amazing, if you’re a fan of this new model.
            Long live the Ford Mustang!

  • Bill G.

    Stopped reading after ”Porsche 9/11”.


  • Jeff M

    wtf is a Porsche 9/11?

  • John C. Williams

    You did not just type “loosing 200 lbs” and “possibly loosing 400 lbs”, did you? Ugh. Fail.

  • dubbreak

    Loosing?! I hope you mean it’s losing weight (or does it have a bunch of free weights rolling around in the trunk?). Hopefully Canada is one of the minor export markets that gets the V6. With the IRS it should make an interesting competitor for the FRS/BRZ, wonder what solo class it will end up in.

  • Michele Erickson Sommers

    Ford lost THIS loyal Mustang fan. Since when does a Mustang need to be anything like a Porsche? If I liked Porsches (I don’t), I suppose I’d buy one. My 07 Mustang will be my last, unless Ford brings BACK the Mustang. So sad… when you live the Mustang lifestyle and this happens, you just feel lost.

    • Fox Mulder

      Still got a big ass Engine in front of you… I think you’ll change your mind when you see it on the road… Plus you have your pick of affordable Past Mustangs, take your pick… Since ford went Mustang crazy in the last 10 years.

      • Michele Erickson Sommers

        True… but I still have to look at it in my driveway. And I have no trouble smoking anything but a GT (hubby has an 01) in my “measly” 6 cylinder. It’s only part what’s under the hood, but the hood’s gotta look GOOD 😉

    • Kevin

      ^^^ Probably never owned a Mustang in his life…

      • Michele Erickson Sommers

        Hope you mean Mr Mulder… I’ve had 3 (currently an 07), and hubby’s had 2 (currently an 01) 😉 I don’t think many people understand that when you’re an enthusiast, and you live and breathe Mustang, seeing this car is such an emotional blow… why would Ford leave it to a Croatian Artist to design the exterior? I’m so confused by their lack of empathy for those of us who have loved this car since its inception. I’m 44 (old to some, young to others), but I love every Mustang ever built, except for this one. I was really hoping to have a brand new one (preferably one that was an updated classic, man were they HOT, and I hardly ever see anyone say otherwise, except the ricers, who seem to be LOVING this version) to ease my mid life crisis (lol), so it’s a particularly hard blow to see it change in ways that I cannot stand behind.

        • Kevin

          Nope… Meant you…

          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            Well then, you were incorrect twice over… female who has owned 3, married a guy who has had 2… first of which was the reason we met 😉

          • Kevin

            Well then you are an idiot twice over. You’ve been so ‘dedicated’ to the Mustang that it’s how you met your husband and you’re going to throw it all away because of a car you haven’t even seen yet and whose details have not been finalized. Sound like an idiot to me…

          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            Lol… again hon, you really should read before you post. I am not throwing anything away. Lemme uppercase it for you… read slow… I AM KEEPING MY 07 MUSTANG until Ford makes something a true Ford enthusiast feels is worth buying new. Not buying something that veered so far from what Mustang has BEEN for 50 years that they should have just called it what it is… a 2 door Fusion. It hasn’t managed to survive for 50 years for no reason. If it ain’t broke, they shouldn’t have fixed it. I’m sure it manage, I have 50 other models to choose from… just hoped for a new one before I need a cane to drive it. 😉 How many have/ do you own?

          • Kevin

            Let’s see now… 1968,76,86,94,05… I’ve owned a few here and there. You are acting like a spoiled child. Veered so far from what it’s been for 50 years? So the Fox bodies where what the 65 was? 1971-73? Those boats couldn’t get out of their own way. Not to mention 1974-77. Mustang has gone back and forth over the generations and even comparing one generation to the previous in ANY case is futile. Guess what? Most every FORD ENTHUSIAST I have met if falling in love with this thing. It sure has captured the styling of Mustang a lot more than either the Fox bodies or the SN-95’s ever did. In case no one has clued you in, the retro craze is over and it’s time for the Mustang to go forward, not back. Personally, my son is getting my ’05 Convertible when he turns 16 because by then I’ll be driving a 2015 or newer.

            This a return to what Mustang was not a departure. Total Performance… Do you even catch that reference?

            You are a moron.

          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            Wow… I stand corrected. I pegged YOU for a spoiled child, hahaha… Seems Mustang folks USED to be laid back, down to Earth and friendly… approachable even. But the younger generation is less so… and I must say neither are you. I have not personally attacked you once… I stated my opinion. I don’t like it and won’t be buying it. Never said you shouldn’t…. knock yerself out, chum, enjoy your European sports car… the Pony Car is no more. My OPINION… and many of MY enthusiast friends admit they are trying to let it grow on them… but a Mustang shouldn’t need time to “grow on you” (that’s the job of a fungus, not a Mustang), it should make you weak in the knees and it should not be mistaken for ANY other car, especially European or Japanese ones.. The 2015 looks like at least a half dozen. Admit it to me or not, you KNOW it’s true, which is why you’re being so defensive. It kills me, too, and I’m angry about it. But I prefer NOT to get in stupid arguments with fellow Stangers. Sad when someone resorts to name calling when someone gives them proper information (telling you I was a woman and I have owned several Mustangs). I’m so sorry if I bruised your tender ego, but your ASSumptions were wrong. For that you come back calling ME an idiot? And now I’m a moron for not personally liking this body style? I have every right to my opinion. You, sir, are acting like a jerk, and I sure hope I never have the displeasure of meeting you. Please tell me you won’t be at the 50th celebrations. I will be, celebrating the past 50 years :) And to quote YOU from 4 months ago, “Who asked you to respond to anything I said in the first place?” Have a nice evening :)

          • Victus Valorian

            To both of you, even though I am responding to you, this argument is rather dumb, and should not have started. To each their own, because no two people are the same themselves. We all have our opinions, and instead of arguing, should see where the other party is coming from and avoid conflict. I am a big Mustang fan, driving my first car, a 90s hatchback 5.0 Mustang and it is a great car. In my opinion, I can see where it has and has not lost it’s Mustang pride. Yes, the body lines and maybe some of the openings look rather European or Asian, but that still does not take away the fact that it is a Mustang. It carries the classic three bar lighting style and the fastback look of a Mustang. Both of you should put this argument to rest. All of us here like our Mustangs, some preferring certain models over others, but all the same we do enjoy the American sports car that is, the Mustang.

          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            I agree completely, Victus. I have to admit I was surprised to be verbally pummeled and called names because someone disagreed with my opinion. However, I am not one to shrivel and not defend myself, either. I’m so glad to be part of an awesome Mustang community who doesn’t berate me for not liking this body style- many even agree with me…. and I can honestly say that it makes me even sadder that people can be so hateful over a difference of what they like and don’t like in how a car looks. I don’t think I said anything wrong. And if Porsches are considered Pony Cars, then I learned something new today (I really don’t think they are, but hey, I’ve been wrong before, and I can admit it). I’m ALWAYS learning. I’ve just personally never even given them a second look, as I find them wildly unattractive, and I would have been happy never making the slightest comparison between it and my beloved Mustang. For me, the Mustang was love at first sight, when I was 12 and fell in love with the 80 fox… then my passion grew to all that had come before… and I readily admit I don’t like what I see now, based on all the videos, and photos from every angle (some Pony Pals went to the Philly show this weekend- I had to work :/). But to each his own. If people like it, buy it. I’ll wait and see what’s next 😉

          • Victus Valorian

            To be honest I am always wanting to see what is next for any model car, but mostly ones like the Camaro or Mustang designs and latest bodystyles. So I hope for your sake that the next they make will be for your taste. In my opinion, I do have some likings for modern styling, and that is why I have come to accept the new ones, but other than that, I am pretty content in the previous models. Good luck, let me know if you add a new toy to your collection!

          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            Oh there WILL be new toys added to the collection. Was hoping it would be for the 50th,

          • Tena-na Boutang

            i have bought 5new challengers since 2008 and after driving the new 2015 gt ,i bought my wife one for her birthday and people always want her to show them the car ,what a head turner .now that said i traded my 2013 challenger with 406 miles on it for a ruby red one for myself. and im a mopar die hard fan. it weighs less than an rt and has more horse power .win win. we own two brand new 2015 gt mustangs, never thought i would say this but we both love the new mustangs.

          • http://www.sommersend.com/ Michele Erickson Sommers

            So you admit to not being lifelong Mustang fans, and therefore proving my point. The Mustang now appeals to die hard Mopar fans and Lexus/Toyota fans. I feel much better now lol

          • Alan Dallas

            “In case no one has clued you in, the retro craze is over and it’s time for the Mustang to go forward, not back.”
            ^^ That right there is why I never bought an S197 platform Mustang. Too retro and portly for my tastes. If I wanted retro I’d go buy a 66′ – 68′. The Mustang is supposed to evolve and be a small sporty car. Guess that’s why I own a 1990 and a 1995 still. To me the Fox Mustang and the SN95 with a 5.0 were steps forward. I skipped everything with a 4.6L Mod motor in it. Nearly bought a 2013 because of the 5.0 Coyote but there was still that over done retro thing.
            I’m totally buying a 2015 however. First time I laid eyes on pictures of it I fell in love. More modern looking with just a small hint of it’s heritage looks. Still a bit too portly looking for my tastes but it’s overall lines blow me away.

          • Josh Gilman

            Your posts are silly. This was written a full year to even seeing/driving the new Mustang. You said “if I wanted a porsche I’d drive one”. Really? They bench-marked stats/capabilities vs. a Porsche and you’re complaining? Would you rather have had them bench-mark against a Chevy Malibu or Fiat for performance/capabilities? What a ridiculous comment.

            There is always a drama queen out there somewhere just waiting to wail away at…nothing. This is a great looking car. I know, I bought one. I’m a Lexus/Toyota guy all the way…this is the first Ford I’ve ever bought. That should tell you a lot. I receive comments from ALL folks of EVERY racial background and both sexes. I receive stares in every city I’m in; maybe it’s because it’s the ‘race red’ color or maybe it’s just because it really is a beautiful car. If Ford didn’t do something to bring it into this century, Chevy would beat it to pieces with their next generation based on the Cadillac chassis.

          • http://www.sommersend.com/ Michele Erickson Sommers

            I wasn’t even going to reply to this since, as you said, it’s been over a year since I originally commented. But my view still stands, even after trying to like the 15. I have driven 3 so far, all different trims and engines, and all experiences were underwhelming at best, boring at worst. The GT manual was enough to put a small grin on my face, but nothing compared to my 07 or hubby’s 01.

            You being a self-admitted “Lexus/Toyota guy all the way” does nothing but prove my point, so thanks for reinforcing it: Ford sold out (killed) the American Icon that WAS Mustang to appeal to a foreign audience . They had another option, one that would have gained them a fortune. Remaking that “First Five” (65-69) with all the current mechanical, safety and comfort features would have been a fitting way to honor 50 years. I, and many others I’ve spoken to about it, would have begged, borrowed, murdered, or stolen to get our hands on THAT.

            Regardless, I’m still not a fan of the new Mustang. I actually considered buying one anyway (lightly used, because Ford has lost me as a customer), and just running the hell out of it as a daily, which would give my 07 a break– and hopefully a longer life span, since it’s likely to be the newest Mustang I’ll own. But I would still have to eventually get out and LOOK at it. That’s where the real problem lies with me… I am self admittedly shallow in that respect. One of the best things about previous Mustangs is how sexy they are, and how well they stand out as different from pretty much every other car on the road. I cannot say that about this one. As a matter of fact, I saw one yesterday, and didn’t recognize it until I saw the Mustang emblem on the grille :(

            As for comparing it to a Porsche as being a good thing, as I said originally, if I wanted (or even LIKED a Porsche, which I do not), I would save up and buy one. A Mustang, however, should NEVER be compared to a foreign sports car. It’s a completely different animal… or at least, it USED to be. And I suppose if the European market screamed for a Mustang, my guess is that they wanted something OTHER than another European sports car. I’m a little lost as to why we made such an iconic American car so much like what they already have.

            So by all means, enjoy your car. I never said anyone shouldn’t like it. I even know a few people who have or want them. I’ve pretty much run the gamut of the stages of grief with it. I personally STILL do not like it, and it’s only a Mustang in name to me.

          • jonathon

            I like tacos. Just wanted to change the subject from the idiots arguing. Haha I’m staying with my 2014 v6. Cheap (28k with procharger) good gas mileage (24-27 mpg) and insurance is 70 a month. With 409 whp @ 8lbs. Sounds good to me. Unless ford comes back with sra then might be my last mustang. I have never been a fan of irs but that is just my opinion.

          • Harvey Bedard


          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            And it’s a good idea to read someone’s post first… I did say my 07 would be my last…

        • Mike Goory

          You are a false enthusiest. Goodridenc and enjoy your new Camaro. TRADER

          • Michele Erickson Sommers

            Sorry you feel that way, not even knowing me and all. But I won’t be TRADING my Mustang for anything, thanks for the offer though. I prefer to smoke Slomaros… you can keep yours 😉

          • Joe

            Porsche 911 is only a bench mark of PERFORMANCE. And has nothing to do with looks, layout or price. It’s like a mediocre football team saying next year we’re going to out perform this year’s champions. It’s a freaking goal nothing more.
            Plus, I’m not sure where this hatred towards a Croatian Artist comes from. As long as the man works hard & produces a product his employer wants he cool, heck I’m happy he’s working on our side… the side of law, builders & teachers and not thieves and destroyers. What business is it of you to judge his private life? Including where he was born. You seem very close minded.

          • http://www.sommersend.com/ Michele Erickson Sommers

            Lol… you seem to know me not at all.. but thanks for caring enough to comment 😉

          • Joe

            and childish

          • Kevin Jones

            Joe was pretty spot on with his comments. Ford used porsche and bmw for performance benchmarks. Ford has no intentions of turning the mustang into a porsche. It will always be a mustang.

            Which, if you were a true mustang fan as you claim to be, you would have noticed that it was the mustangs big departures that saved it. Just look at the mustang II. No one likes talking about them, yet they were some of the best selling mustangs of all time and saved the mustang from the chopping block.

            And you did come off as a bigot with your comment about the designers background. Its actually quite repulsing someone would say anything like that. Ford wanted the next mustang to look like a mustang, yet attract younger buyers (or as you like to call them ricers). Mustang sales are hurting, and the average age of someone who buys a new mustang keeps getting older. If Mustang is to survive it must attract younger buyers. I believe Ford hit their mark. It is a beautiful car that is instantly identifiable as a mustang. Anyone who calls it a fusion is being ignorant. It stays true to its heritage.

          • Andy Lea

            oh jeeeez…..its a mustang, its been in production for 50

            friggin years.thats says something.i had an 08 gt, and i modified it, i loved it, untill it rained one night and dumped 16 inches of rain into the car park in 6 hours,,,,,,good bye mustng and 40 other cars. insurance paid out and i had some savings,looked at a lot of cars but always went back to looking at mustangs, i personnally dont like the 10- 14 rear end,,,,,liked the motor but not that back end…..im english from the minit i saw the 05-09 look i thought it was hot……so i looked for a low mileage one,,,,,,nowhere,,,,,then up popped a roush 427 r,,,,low miles and i wonjt have to spend dollars…….well ok maybe a little,,,,,,,,i also love porshes….but for those that have owned them you either love them or hate them…..the 911 is the best and most succesful sports car of its ilk……its a bench mark….thats why ford bought one…..now im looking for a winter car…..am actually looking at porshe 924 or 944……dont want the turbo, this is a winter/2nd/work car thats gonna have a ‘my other car is a mustang’ bumper sticker…..english humour, if you dont get it…….dontt dwell………you never will.point is……..its opinions,,,,,everyone has one,,,,,,incidently as far as the croation designer…..one of the top engineers at mustang is english……….so what…..ford can and will hire the best for the job……i dont care where they come from…..as long as they are good…….as far as the new mustang,,,,,its obvious that ford want to sell the mustang worldwide,,,,,,,,,,anerican cars have never been that popular in europe ….mpg/size/gas guzzler tax hikes/ being behind euro car makers etc etc…….but now things may change………AMERICANS ARE NOT BUYING AMERICAN CARS ANY MORE ,,,,,,,,,,,see to many .proud to be union, bumper stickers on japanese cars……..so ford have to expand their market…..its simple commerce remember there are 3 arguments that never end…..politics….religion….and whether the mustang is better than the camaro……lol………peace out people…..

    • Harvey Bedard

      Better Handling and racing performance of a Porsche but much better looking ;), more HP and 1/3 of the price. WTF more can we ask for?

      • Michele Erickson Sommers

        Hi Harvey, my 07 is a daily driver… I don’t race her (professionally anyway 😉 )… hubby’s 01 is the race car 😉 I will fully admit that when it comes to Mustang, I am shallow… I love them mostly for their looks lol… but I can assure you, the only car that has come out ahead at a stoplight or street race (not that I ever engage in such illegal activity, wink wink nudge nudge) is my hubby’s. I am sure that when I test drive the 2015, my heart will flutter… but being the shallow gal I am, the looks will not thrill me enough to buy. Not knocking any on else who wants one, seriously. I keep getting attacked by a select few for not liking this thing lol… everyone chill… it’s just my OPINION. I feel so flattered you all care, really, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t like it. No skin off my butt (which, incidentally, is the only part of the 2015 I like… just wish it was flat instead of that weird slope that makes it look like it’s stick in it’s butt up in the air).

  • Don Falloon

    Funny, I never read a reference to a “Porsche 9/11.” There was reference to using a Porsche 911 as a benchmark, though…

  • Kevin

    That Cobra Jet is a nasty looking beast…

  • mr305

    probably that 4 cylinder is going to be more expensive than the v6 , wow 4 cylinder more power than the v6 that was just plain dumb

    • Connor

      The ecoboost is boosted with a turbo, hence the name ecoBOOST. Its the next step up from the base v6, so of course it will be more expensive. If you think its dumb that the little 4 banger is making more power than the v6, just wait until the aftermarket gets their hands on that boosted motor. Just a simple tune will put it way ahead of the v6. Also I bet ford severely underrated the ecoboost’s power, it definitely wouldn’t be the first time the have underrated a motor.

    • Joe

      1985 SVO 2.3l turbo were 205 hp @ 5000 rpm & 248 lb·ft @ 3200 rpm
      same year, 5.0 V8 was 165hp & H.O. version 210hp.

  • Harvey Bedard

    I’m speechless. I hope though that FORD didn’t hold back and give us at least 300 Lbs lost and at Least 475 HP Coyote. I feel it should be fairly easy knowing the Aluminator is available with that HP rating and more. Look at the internal specs and their not far off the Boss. Please include the SCJ for the street and make it Evil looking like that one on here.

  • Randré Wright

    I found a small typo… “The last question that begs an answer is whether or not it is what you, the the car’s existing fan base, desires.”

  • Luca Ariani

    S550 will be really 15 inches shorter than S197 moldel ?

  • James Jenkins

    I’m loving this new mustang at first I thought it looked horrible but it grew on me quick I’m 18 and have owned 3 mustangs a white 94 V6, blue 96 V6, and a red 00 GT. I’m am excited to hear how it handles with the snow mode, cause I live in South Dakota where it snows a shit ton. One thing I am not happy with is the 4 cyl especially with it having more hp than the V6. I will be buying the GT this summer.

  • Connor

    I didn’t like it at first, but DAMN just changing the headlights, fog lights, and wheels made a huge difference. Actually looks like a mustang now

  • Jamo11

    Where the heck do people get an extra $40,000 to spend on one of these things? I’ve been looking at a nice, one owner 40th anniversary V-6 convertible for $6,800. What do you think of that?.

  • Gil

    is this the new 2015 Hyundai tiburon? lol :'(

  • sirrepairsalot

    Sports car made by Porsche, 911 is the model.

    • Jeff M

      I know what a Porsche 911 is I asked what a Porsche 9/11 was.

  • D’Markus Jones

    Its crazy how just options can double the price of a car. With that said, good work Ford and best luck making it though a more dynamic global market.

  • Paul Chaples

    As of right now there will be no shelby planned

  • David Belk

    I agree with some of the previous posts that more horsepower could have been achieved in the ecoboost model, but I suppose that was a small sacrifice to appeal to the eco-friendly buyers. Also the little 5hp drop in the v6 shouldn’t phase the car whatsoever, with the minimum of a 200lb reduction in weight and a more aerodynamic body I believe it will be just as fast if not faster.

  • Harvey Bedard

    I have to say, I’m 55 Years old in June and so in love with this car and what potential it has. Even doing nothing but a set of rims and ordering a GT Black. One mean looking machine that I can pull up beside a Z28 and give him a run for his money. The Z has never been played fair, Chevy only made a 302 that competed and that was a long time ago, seems like they can’t even make a 5.3 to compete with the Ford 5.0. Either way the win is ours, thank you FORD.

  • Tim Yarborough

    I have always LOVE the Mustang, but If Ford drops the supercharged 600+ horse power Shelby or Cobra Super Snake. I will switch to the Chevy Camaro LT1 supercharged model. Ford if you drop your high horse powered vehicle you just gave EVERTHING to Chevy!!

  • Joe Mariano

    Every Mustang hood I have checked ( 2010 till now ) even at the Homestead #ford displays, if you own one look at the front of your hood. Oxidation? ill bet you have it.

  • Ragen Cobra

    Why is the 4Cylinder Quicker than the 6Cylinder. Is that how you make people not buy the middle version motor? I think I would get the 6, and dial it back up.

  • Lucixir

    In my opinion, as a long time Mustang enthusiast and owner (currently own a 2012 GT Premium) feel the new Mustang is focused on overseas market/sales and left the entire US base behind with this redesign.
    All the talk from engineers and majority of writers, describe this car completely different than the fan base here in the US. They actually describe the new Mustang as being more “Muscular and aggressive” where as I and many others see this car as barely a Mustang anymore, it looks like a fusion/focus blended into some left over Mustang Parts. I do not see this version selling very well in the US, not only on looks but also from the secrecy of leaving out details about the cars other than the focus on the 4 cyc specifications, and the GT is rarely talked about. (Even if you boosted the stock from the 425hp to the 435*Speculative) current is underrated and can push out much more with mods/tunes)
    After owning some 96/99/01/06/09 and now 12′ Mustangs, I can say this last era 2011-2014 has been my favorite and I am extremely satisfied with it as a whole. The looks, handling, power, interior… it all came together perfectly for me. I feel the new 2015 loses touch with the greatness of this era and if anything, is a huge step backward from the positive direction they were going with the Mustang but that is just more evidence to support their main focus on overseas sales.
    I cannot see myself wanting to consider upgrading to the new era yet alone having any incentive to do so. With all the great things I see with the Mustang culture (which I am also part of, the Mustang clubs) I can’t see this being part of that anymore. Good luck Ford with your endeavors overseas… I won’t be part of that.

    Only future I see is eventually trading in for a 2013/2014 GT500.

  • peter

    what are those rims called


    i think they fucked up the 2015 mustang. its a american car with import headlights. i have nothing against jdm or kdm cars. the mustang has been around since the 60’s. well damn it was one over the first muscle cars.AS I SAID THEY FUCKED IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saved Forever

    This stupid rendering looks too much like a Camaro. Several of the brass at Ford need to be slapped and then fired. No 2015 GT500? No monster burnout king with 600+ horsepower? What a bunch of dumb asses. You can’t find a new 2014 GT500 because they sell like hotcakes. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Why kill the monster that sells out ever time? Damn morons!

  • ddearborn


    Wow Ford finally decided build a 2 door Fusion? What made the Mustang so appealing and enduring was its uniqueness within the Ford product line. There was never, ever any confusion about the Mustang’s pedigree. It didn’t just drive differently, handle differently and look differently than every other Ford, everybody KNEW it was different! The “new” chassis looks to have many common components with their sedans. Isn’t the “new” rear suspension directly derived from the AWD Fusion? And the “new” front end could be mistaken for at least half a dozen cars from a distance. It seems to me that the design of this car was overwhelmingly driven by global manufacturing and marketing priorities (read maximizing profit). In short; while it may have a “new” face on the outside, it has lost it’s muscle car soul.

    This debacle is right up there with Subaru’s decision to replace the WRX. The “new” version of that car never came close to recapturing the magic. And I am willing to bet that Ford will ultimately regret the decision to drop the Mustang in favor of a 2 door Fusion even more than Subaru did when they killed the WRX. Time will tell. This “new” car may actually sell in numbers, but that won’t make it a Mustang.

    • http://www.sommersend.com/ Michele Erickson Sommers

      Thank goodness, a voice of reason. I agree completely, and a year plus later, the Fustang fungus hasn’t grown on me 😉

  • Alexandra Marie


  • Rachel Collins

    Does anyone know what rims these are?