The Menace Lurking in the Shadows: Zay’s 2015 Mustang GT

The S550 ushered in a new era of Mustang performance, bringing with it a sleek new design—a design that AmericanMuscle Customer Zay has taken to a whole other level. Dressed in black with red accent coloring, Zay’s 2015 GT uses subtleness to capture everyone’s attention (a loud exhaust helps too). Using a mix of styling parts and a touch of performance mods, Zay’s S550 is a straightforward approach to an intimidating ride. Take a look at some of the mods that make Zay’s Mustang stand out below and see the full collection here.

Style Shift

Cleaning up the interior of Zay’s cabin is a Roush 6-Speed Shift Knob, boldly engraved with the “Roush” logo. Reverse lock-out compatible, this Roush Shift Knob adds classic muscle car styling in a modern package. Made from gloss black phenolic resin compound (the same as billiard balls), the 1-3/4”cue ball style shift knob from Roush can be installed in minutes and will make every shift an enjoyable one.

Scooping Up Style

Crafted from lightweight, yet incredibly durable ABS material, Roush’s Hood Scoop is a sleek and aggressive take on muscle car styling. The same hood scoop that is offered on the R7 Roush Aerobody kits, this hood scoop is a breeze to install with its 3M double sided automotive bonding tape. Subtle yet intimidating, Roush’s Hood Scoop will add styling to your Mustang that will have everyone staring.

Unleashing the Noise

Having a mean-looking Mustang only goes so far, which is why a set of Stainless Works Long Tube Off-Road Headers is crucial to back up that appearance. Stainless Works Long Tube Headers are incredibly free-flowing thanks to their 1-7/8” design and mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel. These long tube headers will give your Mustang a Nascar-like exhaust note while adding a decent bump in power throughout the RPMs

Smooth Running

Reducing engine sludge and helping Zay’s Mustang run strong is JLT’s Oil Separator for the passenger side PCV Valve. Offering an easy plug-and-play installation, JLT’s Oil Separator works to filter the oil vapors that exit the crankcase before they are recirculated back into the intake, keeping your throttle body clean as well as the rest of the intake. Made from billet aluminum, this is an easy mod that makes a world of difference on any Mustang.


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