Flexing in Blue: Stephen’s Procharged 2011 Mustang GT

The Mustang is arguably the greatest ‘blank’ canvas car you can buy, given that you can modify one to look and be anything you want it to. For AmericanMuscle Customer Stephen and his 2011 Grabber Blue GT, he turned his stock stallion into a muscled-up racecar that looks like it’s trapping in the 10s even while it is parked. Outfitted with a mix of go-fast goodies that would make any racer giddy, Stephen’s ’11 GT is about laying down fast track times while looking stunning and intimidating at the same time. Check out some of his mods below and the full build list here.


Decked Out Styling

Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic and finished in gloss black, the RTR Decklid Panel gives you a sleek look in a simple package. Taking RTR’s signature “Ready to Rock” styling and bringing it your Mustang, the RTR Decklid removes the faux gas cap on the back of your Mustang, helping the body lines flow better. With some minor modification to your factory trunk lid, the RTR Decklid panel goes on with ease, leaving you with a stealthy appearance.

Pumping Power

Allowing the coyote engine to rev up to 8,000 RPM—making power throughout the whole RPM range—is Ford Performance Boss Intake Manifold. Original equipment on the Boss 302 Mustang, the Boss Intake Manifold is designed to channel more air directly into your engine by using shorter runners, with the main hit of power coming in the mid to upper RPMS. Average gains with a Boss Intake Manifold (and the supporting mods) yield about 61 RWHP and 43 RWTQ, helping you light up the tires and smoke the car in the lane next to you.

Feeding the Power

Feeding Stephen’s Mustang with all the fuel it needs to put down some serious, supercharged power are Injector Dynamics EV14 High Impedance ID1000 Injectors. Flowing 96 lbs an hour, the ID1000 Injectors are the ideal way to power your pony when you are aiming for high horsepower. Specifically designed for high performance applications, ID1000 Injectors will give you all the fuel you need to keep you out in front as you cross the finish line.

Sounding the Part

Giving Stephen’s Mustang a sound that matches its look and performance is Magnaflow’s Competition Cat-Back. Using mandrel-bent 3” stainless steel tubing with 4” polished tips, Magnaflow’s Competition Cat-Back has been dyno tested to add up to 19 RWHP and 18 RWTQ while also giving you a thorough-bred racecar sound. More free-flowing than stock, Magnaflow’s Cat-Back is the perfect exhaust for someone who wants that authentic muscle car sound without doing long tube headers.



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