Speed Redefined: Charles 2013 Boss Laguna Seca

The Boss Laguna Seca redefined our expectations of a Mustang as it made a point to humiliate cars well above its price range on any road track. For AM Customer Charles, he saw much more potential to the Boss Mustang beyond its world-class handling—focusing on the limitless potential of the Roadrunner engine, Charles built a Boss to bully the competition in the quarter-mile. With a focus on speed and conquering the drag strip, Charles has modified his 2013 Boss Laguna Seca with the right mix of ‘go fast’ parts to have a mean-looking straight-line slayer.

1. Force to be Reckoned With

Helping Charles’ Mustang to belt out 747 RWHP is Paxton’s Novi 2220SI Supercharger. The centrifugal Supercharger setup can support up to 1,000 HP while completely melting the rear tires. With a custom tune, the Paxton Supercharger can turn any Mustang into a force to be reckoned with just by itself, making this a mod that every muscle car owner should consider if they are looking to hit big power numbers.

2. Locked-In Performance

The real key to success at the strip is not as much power, but rather grip, which is made possible by heating up the tires with a smoky burnout. With the JPC Racing Line Lock Kit, Charles is able to lock up his front brakes while the rear wheels can spin freely, heating up the tires to achieve their maximum level of grip. As Charles knows firsthand, performing a massive burnout couldn’t be any easier than with JPC’s Line Lock kit.

3. Directing the Power

The Driveshaft Shop makes it a cake walk to reduce rotating mass while strengthening the drivetrain with their one-piece aluminum driveshaft. Shedding 20 lbs of weight, this one-piece driveshaft is capable of taking on up to 900 HP and 3,450 ft-lbs TQ, which ultimately means quicker ETs for you. This is a necessary mod for anyone looking to hand out some beatings at the local drag strip.

4. A Bark to Mach the Bite

JBA 1-7/8th Long Tube Headers and an accompanying off-road X-Pipe help to give Charles’ Mustang an unmistakable sound that will have the hair on the back of your neck standing up. Coated in ceramic for reduced under hood temperatures, the JBA Long Tube Header and X-Pipe combo provide dramatically improved power and sound to any Mustang.

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