One Slick Sixxer: AM Customer Matt’s 2006 V6 Mustang

While the six cylinder Mustang community is familiar with undeserved criticism, Mustangs like AmericanMuscle Customer Matt’s 2006 V6 stand out as a prime example of a tastefully and thoughtfully modified ‘Stang. Packing some extra power under the hood and thought-out style all around, Matt’s ’06 is far from a stock sixxer thanks to a healthy mod list that extends from the tail lights to the intake. Take a look at some of the parts that have turned Matt’s V6 into a pony full of pep below, and see the full mod list here.


Handling the Pony

The S197’s stock ride height can hamper your handling and style with its large wheel gap, which is exactly why Matt went with a set of SR Performance Lowering Springs. Cutting down ride height 1.5” in the front and rear, SR Lowering Springs give any Mustang a much more aggressive stance while also bringing the center of gravity down on the car for dramatically improved handling in the corners. Reducing nose-dive under braking and improving curbside appeal, SR Performance Lowering Springs provide improved handling and looks while not breaking the bank.

The Power Play

The 4.0L factory V6 belted out 210 HP in its stock configuration, but thanks to JLT Next Generation Cold Air Intake and a Bama 93 Race Tune, Matt was able to dial up the power. Adding upwards of 25+ HP, the JLT Intake and Bama Tuner combo helps to breathe more air into the engine, giving you a sizable bump in HP, TQ, throttle response, and ultimately refining the overall drive-ability. Able to be installed in an hour, this intake and tuner combo pack is a must-have mod for any V6 Mustang owner.

Smoked Lighting

Totally changing the look of Matt’s Mustang is a set of Raxiom Smoked Coyote Tail Lights, complete with the sequential lighting harness. A more aggressive and sleek take on the classic tri-bar tail light design, these Raxiom Smoked Tail Lights are 100% DOT legal and come with a full 2 year warranty. Combined with the plug-n-play sequential harness, these lights also provide the added sequential light sequence when you use your turn signals, hazard lights, and when you first hit your brakes. With a straight-forward install, smoked tail lights are functional style that can be added in less than an hour.

Refining the Exhaust Note

While the stock six cylinder 2005-2010 Mustangs came with a single exhaust pipe, BBK’s True Dual Exhaust Conversion Kit allows you to turn up the volume with ease. Using a lightweight and durable aluminized steel construction, the BBK Dual Exhaust Conversion improves exhaust flow by making things less restrictive, giving you 15+ HP and a deeper, louder sound. With the catted X-Pipe in the kit, you will get that raspy race car growl that the stock setup is missing.

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