Speed and Styling Simplified: Jon’s 2009 Mustang GT

While extravagant and over the top builds are great entertainment, on television or in print, they don’t always capture the true intentions of the owner. That can’t be said for AM customer Jon and his 2009 Mustang GT, which was built to be fast and clean. Using styling parts from the California Special model, Jon stuck to having a very clean, no frills exterior while packing a helluva punch under the hood with a nasty supercharger setup. Take a look at the parts that transformed Jon’s 45th anniversary ‘Stang into the tire shredder it is today!

1. The Power Play

Setting Jon’s build into motion like a cannon is the tried and true Procharger setup he is running. Putting down a staggering 505 RWHP and 410 RWTQ, the centrifugal supercharger setup is able to spool up quickly and push deep down into your seat thanks to all of the boost it is capable of. Sold as a complete kit for your Mustang, the Procharger Supercharger is an easy way to add over 200 HP to your pony—and as an added bonus, you won’t be able to stop smiling.

2. Flexing the Muscle

Giving Jon’s ’09 the means to sound-off in style are Pypes Long Tube Headers with a shorty X-Pipe. Constructed from 409 Stainless Steel, the Pypes header and mid-pipe combo adds a true racecar sound to any Mustang while also helping the power and performance see a big increase thanks to improved exhaust scavenging. Waking the dead at wide-open throttle, these headers are a cost effective way to allow your Mustang’s power to scream out.

3. Setting off the Styling

While Jon performed very minimal modifications to his exterior, he tied the entire look of his ‘Stang together with a set of Vossen’s CV7 Wheels in Polished Silver. A perfect complement to his silver paint color, the 7-spoke design of the CV7 wheels gives them a bold appearance—a subtle nod to the powerplant resting under Jon’s hood. With one-piece aluminum construction, these wheels offer improved strength while not adding weight, making them ideal for any build.

4. Perfect Harmony

Taking the incredibly raw, face-melting sound of Jon’s long tube/mid-pipe combo and refining it into perfect harmony is Ford Racing’s FR500S Axleback Exhaust. Originally designed for the 2008 Shelby GT500KR, the FR500S Axleback is crafted from corrosion resistant 409 stainless steel and is finished off with polished 3.5” 304 stainless steel tips for that undeniable muscle car look. Either as a standalone mod or in combination with a full exhaust system, the FR500S Axleback will deliver a throaty, aggressive rumble that will let everyone around know when you turn your Mustang on.

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