Yellow Fever: Scott’s 2015 GT

If it wasn’t for his bright triple yellow paint and aggressive black super snake stripe, you might miss AM customer Scott’s 2015 GT blow past you at the track. Taking the stock foundation and tweaking it with a handful of mods, Scott has transformed his triple yellow ‘Stang into a jack of all trades—one part cruiser, one part show car, one part track toy, one part daily driver. With a focus on handling, Scott has turned his Mustang into a race-ready stallion that is just as home on the track as it is commuting to work. Check out some of the parts from Scott’s build and see the full collection of parts here.


1. Super Snake Styling

Adding visual dominance to Scott’s Mustang while complimenting the triple yellow paint is a Black Super Snake Stripe Kit. Running the length of the car, the Super Snake Stripe spans 12″ wide with two 1/2″ pinstripes running parallel to it. Made from premium cast vinyl designed to last, the Super Snake Stripe Kit is a breeze to install, thanks to everything coming pre-cut. Carrying over the intimidating looks from 800+ HP Shelby American Super Snake, styling this sleek is just too good to pass up!

2. MBRP Exhaust Note

Thanks to MBRP’s Street Catback Exhaust paired with their H-Pipe, Scott’s Mustang sounds like a screaming banshee at a wide-open throttle and a 60’s muscle car at idle. Constructed form 3″ mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel and topped off with 4.5 polished 304 stainless steel tips, MBRP’s Street Catback gives you the volume and presence of a race car, without that (love it or hate it) rasp that can be common. Improving exhaust flow while also adding horsepower, MBRP’s Catback is perfect for the enthusiast who wants to be low-key while cruising, yet also wants to grab everyone’s attention when you step on it!

3. Eibach Lowering Springs

Dropping the ride height 1.1” in the front and 1.0” in the rear of Scott’s Mustang is a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs. Using a progressive spring rate that helps to maintain stock like driveability, the Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs drastically lower the center of gravity while also giving the 1-2 punch to the factory wheel gap. With these Eibach springs, your Mustang will feel like it is on rails as you rip up the next set of turns.

4. Easy Engine Access

Thanks to a set of RedLine Tuning Hood Struts, Scott can quickly and easily access the engine bay of his Mustang. Completely removing the cumbersome factory prop rod, RedLine’s Hood Struts use a progressive, slow release system that is made possible by custom-valved gas springs that allows for a smooth and fluid lifting process. Dressed in a sleek black powder coat finish, RedLine Tuning’s Hood Struts are ideal for any enthusiast as they make it easier to strut your stuff at a car show, but will also make it much easier to work under the hood of your pony.



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