The Mean Green Tire Melting Machine: AM Customer Errol’s 2013 GT

For many, the “Mustang” name by itself is intimidating, striking fear into all the rivals of the legendary pony car—but that wasn’t enough for AmericanMuscle Customer Errol and his 2013 GT. Crafting an appearance that is as equally sinister as its performance, Errol has transformed his Mustang from engine bay to exterior to be a stealthy, yet aggressive ride that clearly says it’s not to be messed with. Check out the equal mix of mods that have made Errol’s Mustang a head-turning tire melter below and see the full collection here.


Refining the Clutch

The stock clutch line on manual 2011+ Mustangs are made from plastic, which can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to clutch engagement. SR Performance’s Braided Stainless Steel Clutch line replaces the flimsy stock design, adding improved feel through higher heat and abrasion resistance. Keeping the pedal feel firm and consistent, the SR Performance Braided Clutch Line makes a night and day difference over stock and will have you wondering why you didn’t make this modification sooner.

Rotating Mass

Dropping 20 lbs of rotating mass from the driveline on Errol’s Mustang was possible thanks to The Driveshaft Shop’s One-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft. Designed to hold up to 900 HP and rated for 3,450 ft lbs of TQ, this one-piece driveshaft is much lighter and stronger than the stock setup. Using precision balancing machines, this one-piece driveshaft is good to rev up to 9,500 RPMs with zero issues. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, this driveshaft is ideal for both street and track oriented cars as it can take launch after launch without breaking a sweat—a must-have for any
Mustang owner.

The Roush Roar

Waking up the dead with a hearty rev are a set of Roush Axle-Backs. Utilizing a unique open-chambered muffler design, Roush Axle-Backs add a distinct and unmistakable growl to any coyote motor through their 409 stainless steel construction. Crafted to be drone-free, the Roush Axle-Backs are finished with 304 stainless steel tips for that muscle car look to match that undeniable muscle car sound.

Splitter Styling

Made from highly durable OEM quality thermal plastic olefin (TPO) material, Roush’s Side Rocker Panel Splitters infuse race car inspired styling to your Mustang. Featuring a grained texture and installed with 3M automotive tape, these rocker panel splitters add a subtle, yet aggressive appearance to your Mustang and can withstand the perils of daily driving. A direct take-off from Roush Mustangs and made in America, this rocker panel is designed to have an OEM look with an aftermarket resilience to rock impacts. A true head-turning mod, Roush’s Side Rocker Panel Splitters are a quick way to up your style.

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