The Total Package – Stephen’s Fully Customized 2006 Mustang GT

What exactly is it about a certain Mustang that makes it stand out from the rest—what you might call a real ‘head-turner’? For AM customer Stephen and his 2006 GT, it is his impeccable eye for detail and total ground-up customization of his S197. Stephen created a Mustang with such a strong presence that it appears to be a factory prepared specialty ‘Stang that hits all the hallmarks you’d expect from a pony car—jaw-dropping good looks, tire-melting performance, an intimidating exhaust note, and the right balance of handling to rip around a turn. Take a look below at some of the parts that helped Stephen create his one-off masterpiece and see the full list of mods here.

1. Show-Winning Stance

Shaving off 1.5” of ride height, SR Performance’s Lowering Springs help Stephen achieve that aggressive and dominating stance his ’06 GT has nailed. Utilizing a progressive spring rate that dramatically reduces nose diving and body roll, the SR Lowering Springs bring down the Mustang’s center of gravity, helping you feel more planted during acceleration, braking and cornering. Completely destroying the factory 4×4 wheel gap, SR Lowering Springs are perfect for improving curbside appeal and overall handling.

2. Rumbling and Thumping

Delivering that classic exhaust lope, Ford Racing Hot Rod Camshafts produce a mix of tire-annihilating power and spine-chilling 60s muscle car sound. With supporting modifications, Hot Rod Cams can deliver up to 50 additional horsepower, which you will really notice in the mid-to-high RPM range. Engineered by the same folks who designed the stock cams, these cams are a safe upgrade that will deliver a hefty power bump and the sound of a 60s big block car.

3. Lighting the Way

Bringing a fresh look to the front end are Raxiom’s 2010 Style Black Headlights. Enshrined in a black housing with clear lenses, these Raxiom headlights use a projector style light to provide increased nighttime visibility while also giving you a sinister look in the daytime. 100% DOT compliant and backed by a full 2 year warranty, the Raxiom 2010 Style Headlights offer a fresh look for any ’05-’09 Mustang owner.

4. Turning up the Volume

Working to support the rest of Stephen’s mods while delivering additional power and sound are BBK’s Ceramic Long Tube Headers. Coated in a polished ceramic coating that helps to reduce under hood temperatures, these 1-5/8” long tube headers offer drastically improved exhaust flow which leaves you with an extra 14-22 RWHP. With superb construction and an exhaust note that could wake the dead, BBK’s Long Tube Headers are a great upgrade for any S197 owner!


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