Customer Spotlight: Greg’s 2015 GT

When you’re a gearhead, it’s impossible not to tinker and customize your ride, adding personal touches that better suit the car to your liking. For AM Customer Greg, his 2015 GT is the perfect example of this mindset, with his S550 embodying the looks and performance that are tailored specifically to his tastes.

Making his vision of the ideal Mustang a reality, Greg has modified his sleek Magnetic ‘Stang with a mix of well-rounded parts that leave him with a head-turner that loves to blast through the corners. Check out some of the mods that Greg used to customize his Mustang!

1. Corner Carver Stance

Dropping the front 1.5” and the rear 1.3”, the Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs lower the center of gravity on Greg’s Mustang, giving him drastically improved handling in the corners. Working to also eliminate the stock wheel gap, these lowering springs provide incredible ride quality with their progressive spring rate, while also giving the S550 that extra bit of grip to stay planted in the turns.

2. Venomous Styling

Perfectly complimenting the Magnetic color of Greg’s Mustang is a set of black Shelby Super Snake Wheels. Using a split 5-spoke deign covered in a highly durable gloss finish, the Shelby Super Snake Style Wheels bring that signature Shelby styling to your S550 in a way that will have everyone doing a double take as you roll past.

3. Spoiled with Style

Adding a track-ready aesthetic to the S550, the Roush Rear Spoiler completely sets off the look of Greg’s Mustang. The Roush Rear Spoiler flows seamlessly off of the trunk and features a notched out center that allows for maximum rear visibility. With an easy install, this spoiler is the perfect way to add racecar-inspired styling.

4. Sturdy Shift

The manual transmission of the 2011+ Mustang (MT-82) is a great platform for handling the coyote engine’s power, however its shifting profile has been a sore spot for stick drivers. The Whiteline Transmission Bushing Insert drastically improves shifting by reducing driveline vibration and deflection when rowing thorough the gears—a must-have for manual owners!

5. Turning up the Power

As Greg found out firsthand, one of the easiest and most rewarding modifications you can make to a Mustang is adding a custom tune to your build. Adding up to 30 HP, a Bama Performance Custom Tuner and Tune jumps up the power while also improving drivability and throttle response, making it some of the best money you can spend on your Mustang.




  1. Dissatisfied customer on returning an item. Being a customer for quite a bit, I purchased axial smoked OE cobra headlights and the item was cheap quality which the brackets that hold on to the nose panel broke. Their solution was to purchase a new set. So disappointing! I will take my business else where.


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