Track Day Devil: Donovan’s 2013 Boss 302

Dressed in red and black, AM Customer Donovan’s 2013 Boss 302 is the last thing you want to see next to you in the staging lanes at the track. Powered by a built motor sporting an 80mm turbo putting down a conservative 621 RWHP on 91 octane, Donovan’s Mustang takes all of the hallmarks that make a stock Boss so intimidating and fun, but it dials the power and handling up to a 10. It’s the kind of car that feels like it’s ripping your face off in the corners or the straights, yet you couldn’t be happier while burying the needle. Take a look below at some of the parts that help Donovan’s Boss command respect on the street or on the track and see the full collection here.


1. Hearing the Revs

Helping Donovan’s Boss 302 make its presence known is Pype’s Pype-Bomb Catback. Constructed from 3” 409 stainless steel tubing and completed with 4” polished 304 stainless steel tips, the Pype-Bomb Catback unleashes an incredibly aggressive exhaust note thanks to an incredibly unrestricted bullet style muffler. Adding a small bump in horsepower, the Pypes catback system will give you that race-car derived exhaust note that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

2. Track-Ready Wheels

Giving Donovan’s Mustang show car looks with track car performance are Forgestar’s F14 Wheels. Incredibly light and strong compared to other wheels thanks to a rotary forged flow formed barrel, Forgestar F14s look the part with their race-inspired 14-spoke design while also reducing your unsprung weight at all four corners. Constructed as a one-piece aluminum wheel, Forgestar F14s are one wheel every Mustang owner should consider.

3. Nailing the Apex

Dropping Donovan’s Boss 1.3” in the front and 2.0” in the rear, Eibach’s Sportline Lowering Springs destroy the factory wheel gap on twisty roads. Utilizing a progressive spring rate that helps maintain overall ride quality, the Eibach Lowering Springs drastically lower the car’s center of gravity so that you feel like you are handling on rails. Taking handling to the next level—even for a Boss 302—is easy with Eibach’s Sportline Springs.

4. Feeding the Fuel

Keeping the fuel flowing strong and consistently isn’t an issue for Donovan’s high-powered Boss with Injector Dynamics ID1000 Injectors. Designed for high- performance race applications, the ID1000 Injectors flow 96 lb/hr of fuel (well over the stock 32.8 lb/hr injectors), which means your build will never be starving for fuel, especially on the top end. While you should only consider these if you are building a high horsepower Mustang, these are without a doubt the injectors you’ll want to run to hit those jaw-dropping, Shelby beating horsepower and torque figures.

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