Get Out & Drive: Why You Should Drive Your Mustang Daily

Far too often, the same scene keeps popping up on forums as well as classified ads; a mint-looking Mustang sitting parked in a garage or covered up, just collecting dust as it shifts from being a car to a conversation piece. “My Mustang has never been out in the rain, I try not to drive it too much—I want to keep the miles down on it,” the owner proclaims as they stare at it like they would a statue in a park.

Year after year, countless Mustang owners keep their steeds in the stable for various reasons, from potential resale value to it being a “Sunday driver,” neglecting to enjoy their ‘Stang while it continues to age and mitigate the unpredictable used car market. If this is starting to sound familiar, you’ll want to get your keys out and go drive the tires off your Mustang as soon as you’re done reading this article.

To put it bluntly, Mustangs are meant to be driven—plain and simple, and if you aren’t driving yours, you are missing out and doing a disservice to your pony. Make no mistake, I am in no position to judge anyone as I am just another enthusiast like you; I am simply here to offer the flip side of the coin. While there may be a long list of reasons as to why you choose not to drive your Mustang on a daily basis, there is just as long a list of reasons why you should.

Ride All Day New

Experiences Lost

When you drive a Mustang you are not just going from point A to point B; every time you get behind the wheel, you are going on an adventure. People will stop and stare, take out their phones to take pictures, give you a thumbs up as you drive past, tell you to rev it or do a burnout–all because you are driving one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, a car that is appreciated and admired by all different kinds of people.

For many enthusiasts, those aspects of the experience are not nearly as important as simply getting behind the wheel and driving their Mustang. Gripping the steering wheel with your right foot buried into the throttle while you hear the engine screaming and the tires chirp as you hit third is truly a cathartic experience that can melt away all the stress and inconveniences that builds up—it is pure, unadulterated bliss. So many people are cheating themselves out of the best therapy you can experience, all for the sake of not putting miles on the odometer.

Mods Not Used

Considering how you are reading this in the AmericanMuscle catalog, it stands to reasons that your Mustang is modded or you are looking to modify it. Personalizing your Mustang and tailoring it more to your own vision with a mix of mods is the desire and point of ownership for many, but ultimately those mods go unappreciated when they are not used and enjoyed.

When you swap out your axle-back and throw on a new set of wheels, drop the ride height a little bit with some lowering springs, and even add an aggressive look with a rear spoiler, you are not truly getting your money’s worth if you are not driving it. Those carefully thought out and executed upgrades should be experienced and bring you happiness every time you get behind the wheel, which means the more you drive it and enjoy those mods, the more smiles they bring you, giving you the biggest return for your dollar. The difference in the ride and the responsiveness of it, as well as the look, should be something you remind yourself of daily; “this is why I bought this car, this is why I modified it” is a thought that one needs to remember often.

SunSet Parked

Mechanical Deterioration

There seems to be this common misconception throughout the automotive world that the less you drive your car the longer it will last or the better preserved it will be. While yes, the mileage won’t increase, you may be doing damage to your Mustang without even realizing it. Cars that sit for extended periods can succumb to the perils of Father Time as tires and hoses will tend to dry rot, gas and oil will go stagnate and break down, and the battery will die, along with a list the length of my arm of other components that suffer deterioration from lack of use.

When you use your Mustang the way it was intended to be, taking it out for a mix of spirited driving and casual cruising, you are helping to keep the car mechanically sound. The valve train and other moving parts stay lubricated, the battery stays charged, and tires avoid dry rotting, getting a natural wear from regular use, which means that you only have to worry about your normal maintenance instead of replacing failed components.

Rotting Mustang

Racking Up The Miles

Don’t be scared to start racking up miles on your Mustang (an unpopular opinion, I know) because you will be all the happier you did. I have driven and continue to drive my Mustang every single day, through the rain, sleet and snow, from coast to coast—mods and all, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Every single mile I put on it is one I wouldn’t exchange for anything else; my Mustang has taken me near and far, allowing me to see different parts of the country and create memories that will live with me until the end. Ultimately you are going to know what’s best for you and your situation, but just for a moment, entertain the idea of daily driving your Mustang instead of breeding a garage queen.


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