2018 Bullitt Mustang Rendering

2018 Bullitt Mustang Leaked

Ford’s most recent marketing campaign for the 2018 Mustang has sparked some interesting conversation. A promotional video featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is said to have had a blueprint from a future Bullitt edition Mustang in the background.

Discovering A Hidden Bullitt

One user on Mustang6G.com noticed that, at approximately the 3-minute mark, the camera pans across a board that has photographs and sketches of future Mustangs, along with the stock 2018 model. Among the photos visible in the background is what appears to be a dark green Mustang with a faux gas cap on the back with a crosshairs design.

This particular detail is important because it was unique to the Bullitt edition cars that have not been offered since 2009. The debadged Mustang in question also appears to be sporting a chrome window trim and dark torque thrust-style wheels.

2018 Bullitt Mustang Leak

Another big clue that suggest this is an actual production model is the sketch board to the right of the video with a heading that reads “S550 Mustang MCA”. This is Ford terminology, which translates to “Mid Cycle Action” or a mid-cycle refresh, meaning that the photos outline a car that is projected to be the 2018+ Mustang.

If this is in fact a Bullitt edition Mustang, we wonder if this is a one-off design for a show or a pre-production car that will be offered to the consumer public. In the video, the Mustang can be seen already wearing a Michigan manufacturer license plate, which suggests that this is not a rendering, but an actual vehicle model that Ford photographed for a campaign. I am sure that we all are hoping it’s the latter, especially for those Mustang fans who have missed the times a Bullitt edition was released to the public.

2009 S197 Bullitt Mustang

2009 Bullitt Mustang

This, of course, wouldn’t be the first time that Ford released a Bullitt edition Mustang. The previous version went on sale in 2008 offering 5,808 models, and 816 in 2009. They featured a tweaked suspension, upgraded intake, cat-back exhaust system, unique wheels, higher quality brake pads and a beautiful Dark Highland Green paint.

2001 New Edge Bullitt Mustang

2001 Bullitt Mustang San Francisco

Before that model, there was also a Bullitt Mustang produced in 2001 with similar modifications; 5,582 of these were made. This first Bullitt featured exterior enhancements like a black grille, deleted spoiler, Bullitt badges, and 17-inch Bullitt wheels.

Handling mods included thicker rear and thinner front sway bars and a front body brace. This edition also boasted Cobra enhancements: a new cast aluminum intake manifold and the 57-mm twin bore throttle body. It came in blue, black and dark green – but what other color would we want anyway!

From 1968 to 2018: The Origin Of The Bullitt

Although many have not heard any rumors that a new Bullitt Mustang is in the works, the design and details highlighted from the video do spark some suspicion. It certainly looks like those images of the rendering take after Steve McQueen’s car in the 1968 movie “Bullitt.”

For those that are unfamiliar with the film, it stars McQueen as a detective with a 1968 Ford Mustang GT in Dark Highland Green. The car chase in that movie is still argued to be one of the most epic automotive action moments of all times. A new commemorative edition of the Mustang for its 50th anniversary would definitely be an incredible way to celebrate the car and movie.

Filling The Gap: Why The Bullitt Is Needed

Apart from just paying homage to the film and car itself, another Bullitt edition Mustang is something car enthusiasts want and need. The S550 Mustang only has the GT/CS and GT350 as its submodels.

We can all agree that the Mustang is not lacking in special editions that are faster, rarer and a little pricier than its counterparts. However, they represent a market that is sought after with enthusiasts interested in unique models and ones that will be collectible. We can only hope that the Bullitt Mustang returns for its 50th anniversary and brings back the nostalgic muscle enthusiasts want.

What are your thoughts on the 2018 Bullitt Mustang? Is this a classic fake out or are we getting an updated Bullitt Mustang that would make Steve McQueen proud? Comment your thoughts below!

Authored by: Michelle Marus
Images from: Mustang 6G |Ford Perfomance


  1. Yes please! It looks good in the video, and I bet it only looks better in person. Perfect timing for the fiftieth anniversary for the ’68 Bullitt. I wish I was Dwayne Johnson so I could’ve gotten a closer look!


  2. The c/s option has been deleted, early order sheets show no special editions which is not unusual. The California Special was an upgrade on the GT suspension and some special front and rear trims. Looks like a perfect place to plug in a 50th anniversary Bullitt.
    Driving my local dealer nuts checking for news.


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