Convertible Ford F-150

Open Air Cruising In A Convertible F-150

You can do just about anything with an F-150, which is proven by this one-off convertible ride. Originally reported on by Jalopnik, this F-150 drops the top raises some eyebrows and has created quite a few questions.

A Custom Convertible F-150

This crazy creation came from the folks at Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), who make a living out of slicing the top off of non-convertible cars and giving them the drop top makeover. NCE took a stock 2016 EcoBoost F-150 and sliced the roof off, replacing it with a powered soft top and rigidity bar.

Convertible F-150 InteriorWhile most of a trucks structural rigidity is on the underside of the pick up, one does have to wonder how much if at all the frame rigidity was affected. The added convertible functionality makes this F-150 feel more like a Bronco than it does an F-150.

Convertible F-150 Rear ViewNewport Convertible Engineering put out a press release, stating that there is a “worldwide demand for NCE’s Ford F-150 convertible.” They have officially requested Ford for 5,000 – 10,000 F-150s to build a fleet of convertible trucks to meet the worldwide demand. NCE believes they will create “2,000 – 4,000 good paying jobs” American workers with this project.

What are your thoughts on the convertible F-150? How much would you love to cruise in a drop top F-150? Comment your thoughts below.

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