2018 Mustang Test Vehicle

New Engine Updates For The 2018 Mustang GT

While there has been a lot of speculation over the 2018 refresh of the S550 Mustang, some recent news has confirmed some exciting rumors. It appears that the 2018 Mustang GT will be recieving some updates to it’s 5.0L coyote engine and it is more than just a hybrid offering.

Ford unveiled at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) that the coyote V8 will be receiving dual fuel injection, a combination of port and direct fuel injection. This joins the growing list of other ’18 Mustang updates and is a big step forward in muscle car technology that will help the 2018 Mustang GT be one the most powerful GTs ever offered from Ford. I guess we now know what those mysterious hood bumps on those test mules were.

2018 Mustang ConvertibleMore Power, Better Fuel Economy

While the idea of having hybrid fuel injection for your Ford Mustang sounds awesome on paper, it may leave some enthusiasts wondering what this actually equates to in real world driving. The two biggest benefits that will come from the 2018 Mustang having direct and port fuel injection will be an increase in power as well as a bump in fuel economy.

Direct fuel injection is much more efficient than port fuel injection as it essentially cuts out the middle man. Instead of feeding the fuel into the engine before the intake valve, direct injection shoots the fuel directly into the combustion chamber. This allows for more of the fuel to be used, creating more power while not sacrificing fuel economy.

The Issue With Direct Injection

An issue that can occur in direct injection engines is a build up of carbon on the intake valve and in the intake port, while also causing the temperature to be greater on the valves. By using port injection with direct injection, you can keep the intake valve and port clear of carbon build up while also keeping the temperatures cooler and the valves cleaner. Truly the best of both worlds.

2018 GT500 PrototypeHow Much More HP Will the ’18 Mustang GT Make?

While Ford has not made any sort of claim as to what the 2018 Mustang GT will make with this new engine configuration, we can assume it is going to get a healthy bump up from the already potent 435 HP. It is safe to guess that the revised coyote engine will put down somewhere around 470-500 HP, but realistically around 475-480.

What are your thoughts on the updated 5.0L? Is this going to be the potent V8 engine Ford needs to put the Camaro in its place? Comment your thoughts below!




  1. I was going to buy a leftover 2016 GT. But now with the info comming out on the 2018 GT. I might have to wait until more accurate information comes out. But if some of the roomers are true, like the underpinnings of the GT350 and magna ride and more HP. from the coyote engine, this mustang could be the ULTIMATE muscle car for the average muscle car guy that cant afford supercar prices.


    1. I think the new configuartion is exactly what we need. I left Ford after years of buying GT500s and numerous other Mustangs. The 6.2 in the 2016 Camaro,better handling, and mulitspeed fast automatic was just better.Ford didnt offer the track pack with an auto either. Ford has always hada superior motor but GM with cylinder deactification and displacement was irrestable. Now with the 10sp high speed shift,more horse power and milage, and electronic suspension/shocks similar to GM the Mustang is back where it should be as a musscle/sport coupe. I also have a challanger HC, but if Ford would make a GT500 with twin turbos that would change. Frankly the 2015 Mustang was a great, but heavy car without the punch of the Camaro SS. After 20 plus Mustangs it will be good to get back. Hopefully Ford will get and stay back in the lead in this type of car. I still enjoy driving at 64. Manual shifting went out the door along time ago. Ask Porsche. PS Ford dont decide for us what we want. Give us what we ask for. You would have saved me alot of money with the 20spd and track pack in 2015.


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