2017 Raptor and Ken Block Snow Driving

Video: Ken Block Hooning The 2017 SVT Raptor In The Snow

Ford-backed rally driver and Gymkhana video series star Ken Block recently had the chance to hop behind the wheel of a brand-new 2017 SVT Raptor and put it through its paces in the snow. There are few things better in life than being handed the keys to a brand new performance vehicle and given free reign to have fun with it, which is exactly what happened to Ken Block. Checkout the video below of Block unleashing all 450 HP from the Raptor’s 3.5L TT V6 in the snow below.

In the video, Ken Block makes great use of the Raptor’s 6 Terrain Modes that help it to conquer any type of terrain. Just a few weeks ago, the Raptor was down in Mexico using “Baja Mode” to compete in the Baja 1000, completing the race with seconds to spare. Now it is in the mountains getting thrashed around by Ken Block.

What type of terrain would you want to romp around in with a 2017 SVT Raptor? Comment your thoughts below.

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