Carey Price F-150 Special Edition

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Forget Eddie Bauer or Harley Davidson edition F150’s. There is a new special edition player in town, and he is a stud. I’m talking of course about the Carey Price edition Ford F150.

**Editor’s note: In case it is not glaringly obvious a Canadian wrote this article, the same Canadian that duped an AmericanMuscle Employee out of their Mustang and drove it cross country. Although the AM blog is run by a couple of die-hard Flyer’s fans, our writers run the spectrum when they aren’t driving across the USA in an S550 Mustang.

Who Is Carey Price?

Oh, you don’t know who he is? He’s only the greatest hockey goalie in the National Hockey League. Not only is he the best goalie in the league today, he also plays for the best team in all of NHL history, the Montreal Canadiens. Being a Ford fan and F-150 owner himself, Carey has teamed up with Ford to produce a custom edition F-150 bearing his name and signature.

What Is The Carey Price F-150?

Available in the classic bleu-blanc-et-rouge colors of Les Habitants (blue, white and red, which also happens to be the same colors featured on the American flag), this special edition Ford F150 is being produced by Olivier Ford in St-Hubert, Quebec (a small city just south of Montreal).

There will be two levels offered: the Special Edition and the Ultimate Edition. The Special Edition comes with a custom paint job featuring Carey’s number on the side (for the record, his number is 31), an exclusive embroidered interior and a custom tailgate. The package would not be complete without a personalized box set featuring a hand signed Canadiens jersey, souvenir booklet and a certificate of authenticity.

Carey Price F-150 Tail GateUltimate Edition Mods

The Ultimate Edition Carey Price F150 comes with everything the Special Edition truck has, plus a few more choice upgrades that bring it more in-line with the characteristics of a professional hockey player. Already a tough truck, the Ultimate Edition gets even tougher by jacking it up with a 2.5″ lift kit so that a set of beefy set of 305/55/20 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires, wrapped around aftermarket XD Rockstar mag wheels, will comfortably fit under.

To deal with the wider tire, larger, modified fender flares are also part of the package. It’s a truck where by day you can slam it through the mud and by night, load it up with the boys and their gear and head to the rink.

A strong, durable poised truck that stays cool, calm and collected under all circumstances, which also happens to be the definition of Carey Price. I mean, how many other sports feature a guy whose sole purpose is to stand in front of a little rubber puck that is coming his way at speeds that occasionally break 100 MPH? (And actually, Shea Weber, Carey’s teammate, features the hardest shot in the league at around 105 MPH. It’s one thing to have to face a shot like that once every ten games, it’s entirely another to have to face that shot at every practice, multiple times over.)

Carey Price Ford F-150 Special EditionWhere Can You Get a Carey Price F-150?

Despite being produced in the hockey-obsessed province of Quebec, Olivier Ford has so far promised delivery to anywhere in Canada. Seeing as Price is from Vancouver and has a huge following there as well, it is more than likely a few of these trucks will end up working the west coast. I’d also bet that some of these trucks end up in Florida too.

Try and catch an NHL game where the Florida Panthers are playing the Canadiens in Florida. You’ll see what I mean. Most times, the Panther’s arena has more snowbird Canadians there cheering for the Habs then they do actual Panthers fans. It’s really quite hilarious.

Although I suppose the ultimate question is, will Carey Price himself buy one of these trucks? Nonetheless, step aside King Ranch and King Henrik. There is a new ruler of the F-150 and the NHL, and his name is Carey Price.

What are your thoughts on the Carey Price F-150? What NHL Player would you like to see come out with a special edition F-150? Comment your answer below!


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