2017 Ford SVT Raptor Baja 1000

2017 Ford SVT Raptor Completes Baja With Seconds To Spare

The 2017 SVT Raptor that competed in the Stock Full Class at the Baja 1000 finished the race with just seconds to spare, an impressive feat. With just 52 seconds left on the clock, the almost completely stock ’17 Raptor crossed the finish line of the Baja 1000, after which, it filled up and drove 400 miles back to home base.

Completing The Baja 1000

Challengers in the Baja 1000 had just 36 hours to complete the 854.8 mile race, which was a big loop that started and ended in Ensenada, Mexico. The race, which is arguably the most grueling off-road race on the planet, once again destroyed some of the eager participants, however the Raptor bested the course.

The 2017 Ford Raptor, that was only modified with the neccesary safety gear, completed the race in 35:59:08.151, leaving just seconds to spare before it would be ruled a incomplete finish. The overall best time for the race was Rob MacCachren in his Trophy Truck Ford that ran a 17:12:57.480.

2017 SVT Raptor Baja 1000

Stock Full Class Baja 1000 Race Finish

While the Raptor was able to finish with just moments to spare, the competition had mixed results. Off-Road legend Rod Hall piloted his Hummer H1 through the finish line at 32:13:58.914 while the Toyota Land Cruiser that was driven by enthusiasts finished in 32:28:37.068. The two Cummins diesel Dodge Pickups that were driven by Ryan Tureck and Chris Forsberg did not complete the race.

Why The ’17 Raptor’s Finish Is So Important

While the 2017 Raptor’s finish of 35:59:08.151 wasn’t record setting, that wasn’t the point of the Raptor’s run. In a lot of ways, this was more of a proof of concept; the Raptor wasn’t competing in the Baja 1000 to set a course record, but rather to show that a (mostly) stock truck you can drive off of the showroom floor can compete in one of the most grueling races around- that is an astounding feat.

Between the six terrain modes, namely the Baja mode, the world-class suspension, top-notch tires, and everything else going into the 2017 Raptor’s formula helped it to roll off of the showroom floor and plow through the desert- something that not many, if any trucks can do.

Is this the most impressive feat for a stock truck to undertake? Comment your thoughts on the 2017 Ford Raptor below!

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