$5,000 Mustang giveaway

Win $5,000 In Upgrades For Your Mustang!

AmericanMuscle is giving away $5,000 in upgrades for your Mustang; you dream it and we build it. From today through the end of January, you can enter once a week to win $5,000 in Mustang parts for your ride!

One lucky winner will get the stimulus package they need to reignite their build. $5,000 goes a long way in Mustang parts, paving the way for a whole new exhaust system, suspension upgrades, wheel & tire kits, and more. Just make sure you enter to win before January 31st, 2017.

How would you build your Mustang with $5,000 in mods? What would you mod first with that kind of money? Would you just focus on going big with a supercharger or try and mod a few different areas of your Mustang? Comment below with how you’d spend the prize money!


  1. I would definitely go for an all around adjustable suspension package together with wheels and tires. Not a big fan of superchargers but will go for bolt’on power package. (Intake, Headers, Full exhaust and Mufflers.) Love that bolt’on performance.


  2. I would love to fix up my 2005 mustang v6 just got it a couple weeks ago , wanted a mustang all my life and finally got one not a 5.0 but I still love it !


  3. Not sure if the drawing is done, I entered a few times and didn’t hear anything, but what I would do for sure is build up my 2002 mustang GT. The 99-04 style mustang has always been a dream for me since I was 7 years old, I always told everyone friends and family included that one day I’d have my dream car. I worked hard and saved my pennies and got my 2002 and my dream is to build and build on it to have it exactly the way I want and this $5,000 would help me do just that (especially being a parent now lol) I have to replace my clutch and fix my exhaust, could use a paint job but that canalways come later, so why not just upgrade it all with better parts among many other upgrades that I would just like to do! Thanks American Muscle!


  4. I’d like to get a 20in wheels package because lord knows the rentalS550 needs it. Anything to help get my vision up and running. Also new hood because who doesn’t need carbon hoods?


  5. For my 2005 V6 4.0 the first thing I would do is get an exhaust. Then wheel and tire set up, suspension probably coil overs, a couple of body exterior stuff, some interrior stuff then power mods! Or…. Maybe just go all the way and get a turbo. But the question is. What support mods do I need for a turbo or can it just go in by it self.


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