November Hot Lap

Hot Lap: Stephanie Goes 8’s, New Parts, & ’95 Cobra Build

This month’s Hot Lap covers Stephanie getting her NHRA License, some new parts from MMD, a 1995 Cobra Build, and some 2018 Mustang news. Hot Lap is AmericanMuscle’s monthly video capturing the hottest news in the Mustang World, spanning many Mustang generations and communities. We cover everything from the sickest Mustangs around, new parts that we carry, parts we are giving away, news from Ford, and everything in between.

Stephanie Gets Her NHRA License

AM video host Stephanie Wood went to Maple Grove Raceway, home of the AmericanMuscle Car Show, to make some passes down the 1320 and work on getting her NHRA License. Stephanie hopped behind the wheel of a drag car and made 6 passes down the quarter mile, squeezing out a best time of 8.90.

MMD’s S550 Side Exit Exhaust

A collaboration from MMD and Flowmaster exhaust, the MMD Side Exit Exhaust adds a nice rumble and turns up the volume on your 2015+ Mustang. This kit comes with new rocker panels to accommodate for the side exits and also has rear valance covers to smooth out the look of your bumper. This exhaust changes the looks of your Mustang on the sides and in the rear, giving it a sleeker appearance.

The MMD Side Exit Exhaust system uses an X-pipe which is hooked up to a set of Flowmaster straight through mufflers, giving your Mustang a gnarly sound with just a hint of rasp.

Adam’s 1995 Cobra Engine Build

AM video host Adam brings in his 1995 Cobra for some mods and maintenance work. Adam had the whole car repainted a few months ago from the stock black color to a custom white auto-flex color and now he is redoing the top end of the engine, upgrading the exhaust, and some new drivetrain parts.

Adam upgraded his last-year pushrod 5.0 with:

After all the mods were installed and the car was tuned by Bama Performance, Adam’s ’95 Cobra put down a healthy 265 RWHP and 300 RWTQ.

2018 Mustang News

Wrapping up this episode of Hot Lap, Justin goes over some news on the 2018 Mustang refresh. Touching on some of the recent spy photos including pictures of the 2018 convertible Mustang, hood, and lights as well as the introduction of the 10-speed automatic transmission. Checkout some of our extensive coverage on the 2018 Mustang refresh by clicking here.

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