Road Trip Rundown

There is so much more that comes with owning a Mustang than just a set of keys to one of the most iconic cars ever created; when you’re behind the wheel listening to the exhaust scream as you cruise down the road, even the most mundane of trips becomes one you revel in. There are four trips that stand out above the rest that every Mustang owner has to experience at least once: a trip to the beach, a drag strip, a car show, and a windy road. All four trips are quintessential experiences that will show off the power and prowess of the Mustang while also providing total enjoyment from start to finish.

Cruising To The Car Show

The Mustang’s design can trace its way from 1964 all the way up to the present model. From the tail lights to the iconic silhouette, the Mustang is a great-looking car that has years of pedigree and a rich history that any auto enthusiast can appreciate and what better place to show it off than at a car show. Car shows, like the AmericanMuscle Mustang Show, offer up the perfect venue to display your car among other cars of the same make, model, manufacturer, or type and to join the shared passion of the automobile, while also offering prizes and awards for the sharpest rides.

MMD Bolt-on Hood Strut Kit – Black

(05-09 All) Item #:41282

MMD Eleanor Style Scoops – Pre-painted
(05-09 All) Item #:71304MMD-sidescoop-001

MMD Staggered 551C Black Wheel & Nitto Invo Tire Kit 20×8.5/10

(05-09 All) Item #:1000764MMD-S51-wheel-001

Carving Through A Winding Road


There are few things in life that can bring as much enjoyment as taking your car out for a blast on a winding road. Feeling your Mustang wrestle through the curves on one of those quiet backroads that doesn’t see much traffic other than the locals is a totally life-changing experience that can only be truly understood once you have experienced it for yourself. With the sound of the exhaust filling the cabin as you cut the wheel left and right, a spirited drive in a Mustang will make you reconsider what is important in your life.

Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit
(05-09 GT) Item #:387013Vogtland-springs-001

RTR Tactical Performance Panhard Bar (adjustable)

(05-09 All) Item #:383778

Whiteline Double Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms

(05-09 All) Item #:54107Whiteline-adjuatable-contolarms-001


Mustang with louvers

Blasting To The Beach

The Mustang was born to be a car that struts its stuff on the coast—there’s a reason Ford made a California Special model. There is something iconic about a convertible Mustang cruising along the beach, rumbling with that classic muscle car sound as people stop and watch as you roll past. Taking a trip to the beach gives you the chance to ride with the windows down, listen to the exhaust, and watch people continuously ogle your Mustang, the ultimate feeling of achievement for any gearhead and even the most casual of car owners.

Flowmaster Outlaw Series Axle-back Exhaust

(05-09 GT, GT500) Item #:18423Flowmaster-outlaw-axleback-001

Matte Black Super Snake Style Stripe Kit
(05-09 All) Item #:26186G05


Staggered AMR Charcoal Wheel & Mickey Thompson Tire Kit 20×8.5/10

(05-09 All) Item #:35515

The Quarter-Mile DashBlue-mustang-quartermile-001

Regardless of how you primarily use your Mustang or what you may have optioned it with, it is still a track-bred performance car that can lay a smack-down to just about anything that squares up with it. There is no better (or legal) way to experience the competition-killing power of the Mustang than by taking a trip to your local drag strip. A trip to the drag strip can be a great way to spend a night and to feel all of the power your pony is packing; however, the more modded your Mustang is, the more fun you will have.

The Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber One-piece Driveshaft

(05-09 GT) Item #:14101CF-driveshaft-001

C&L Cold Air Intake w/ 95mm MAF & Bama X4 Tuner

(05-09 GT) Item#:384016

Race Star Dark Star Drag Wheel
15X8(05-09 All; Excl 07-09 GT500) Item #:32021G05racestar-drag-wheel-001

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